3:57 PM

Make every one happy:)

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Decided to try to please girls with a theme for them. We are still working on the color scheme and the plasmas theme is really just a svg idea right now, but any way I decided to share it with all of you boys and girls.

link to wallpaper (mail me if you want the svg)

7:49 PM

What I do for a Living :)

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Some times people ask me what I do.
My answer is .... well I'm a Civil Engineer. I do bridges an stuff like that mostly scaffolding.
But in reality I'm more of a Resources Manager.
But as i spend so much time in front of a computer making artwork I must call myself an Artist or Designer.
So hi from a Civil Engineer/Resources Manager/Artist/Designer. :)

You would not believe the places were I have drawn icons :)

12:02 PM

Making it an svg!

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Vlad EOS wallpaper became default, one of the things that was keeping us down from doing that was moire problems we might have wen scaling it, but has we hade versions for every size in this world, it was only a mater of the selector in plasma getting the wright one, ruphy will take care of that.
the other problem was making it an svg..... so we could use it inside icons in order for people to relate the icons to desktop.
So today i decide to try to push inkscape to the limit, and so i did and in doing so i created this.
Had to remove the decorative lines in order to have no moire problems but i guess its pretty simple and similar to Vlad original work.
svgz Yes only 3.8 kb :) use latest inkscape compiled from source.

10:30 PM

Not the final ones, but...

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I don't have the final wallpapers to announce today, only tomorrow. But I will let you have, totally for free, one I did today. ;)

6:43 AM

Introducing the first official Oxygen wallpaper.

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Vlad from http://www.vladstudio.com was one of the contestants to great oxygen wallpaper contest, and provide us with great wallpapers, not all of them got in the final list that will be publicly announced very very soon (we got all the ok's form the creators).
One of his submitted wallpapers was, this great image , we didn't considered it much of a KDE wallpaper, but its a kick ass oxygen wallpaper, So we decided to ask Vlad if even not making the final cut, if we could use it?
So click on the correct link to get your first official Oxygen wallpaper.


2:10 PM

Right to Reply.

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Nathan Willis decided to do an article on Oxygen, and decided to make some innuendos about the"closed oxygen"....
He based that on David's blog about it ... David just expressed some very inoffensive opinions on the usage of oxygen, it's unfinished nature and the fact that it was being badly repacked for gnome. (bad, being considered one of the pillars of kde4 and all)
I guess nothing extreme or closed, in fact it's rather open to be stating his view publicly, I have the same exact opinion.
To make things clear, we don't care all that much I mean, if we did we would use another license, dahhhh. The only thing that I personally dislike is the novelty effect one might lose on the release of kde 4.
Several people decided to do the same thing, repack the oxygen theme and make it widely public. Normally after we have a talk with these people and explaining it's for kde 4 and that some marketing value might be lost by their doing so they agree not to release it. We say thank you and its fine, other times we get no reply and that's fine 2.
We know the license we choose so dahhhhhhh, cmon.
But what realy disturbs me is that before publishing that article Nathan Willis asked us nothing, so what was that??? Making news out of nothing? Cause we know the license we chose so unless we are very dumb we can't be all that upset with it, can we? but did Nathan Willis asked if we were? answer no!
Maybe Nathan Willis should give a little time reading the Five golden rules for a journalist DIGG
As a purely oxygen artist I'm happy to know that people use Oxygen (after all, that's the whole point ) as a kde-promo guy I cant help having the feeling that it is bad for KDE4. But hey it's Lgpl as free as it gets. So if you want it than please go get it.

12:46 PM

Decisions…decisions…decisions. So many decisions!

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So in oxygen we have 2 currents the ones that like an 1 pxl outline and the ones that like something a little bit bigger.

1 pixel outline

more than 1 pixel outline

Personally I like 1 pixel outline for lighter colors and more than 1 for darker themes.

But what do you think?

9:07 AM

More on Raptor

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Lately I have been researching a lot on usability and mostly the merits of Fitt's Law, the more I studied this law the more I believe that Raptor's approach to the issue is fundamentally correct.
Being a menu an appearing were ever a user might want to, one can not make usage of side infinite space, so what one might only use is the infinite space that is the space under were your mouse is.
The good thing about Raptor is that it can do that, put the thing you want to click right under your mouse,
Because 1 It knows were you mouse is, 2 it has a good idea on were you want to go.

But imagine it did not guessed entirely correctly, well it might be the second best answer or third, the ones that will be next to the mouse againg very good according to Fitt's Law.
Another good thing about Raptor is that its the next best thing after a pie chart in terms of clicking what you need, the number of pixel in a straight line are the ones that count, I believe that the fundamental difference in Raptor navigational system helps a lot giving a much bigger hit space that conventional menu systems.
screenies that exemplify.

2 images showing Raptor and another well know approach that as similar ideas....

I tried 2 common mouse movements in each solution (note that the span of the mouse movement in raptor should tend to be smaller cause of the placement of icons according to mouse zero point and usage database)

"T is the average time taken to complete the movement. (Traditionally, researchers have used the symbol MT for this, to mean movement time.)
a represents the start/stop time of the device and b stands for the inherent speed of the device. These constants can be determined experimentally by fitting a straight line to measured data.
D is the distance from the starting point to the center of the target. (Traditionally, researchers have used the symbol A for this, to mean the amplitude of the movement.)
W is the width of the target measured along the axis of motion. W can also be thought of as the allowed error tolerance in the final position, since the final point of the motion must fall within ± W/2 of the target's centre." (in wikipedia)

So the only 2 things we can play with is D/W ratio, since all other aspects do not depend on the actual positioning of the objects, and the smaller it is the better we are, so results: case 1 =3,44 case 2 (raptor) = 1,91. meaning Raptor clicking is almost 50% faster.


2:58 AM

So what do you miss?

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After losing a lot of time doing stuff that I was not supposed to do any way , I decided to get back to what I am good at, if good at all, doing icons. :)
This is what I should have done long time ago cause we are missing a lot of icons, so i ask all developers to see if we have done the icon for your app, and if the answer is no please go to Oxygen/Missing_Icons and fill in the missing icon please chose an appropriate name for it, describe its usage, and the type of icon.
I will try to do as many has i can so we can get this in to shape before KDE 4.0 comes out.

6:31 AM

Move lets move!.

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People have been blogging lately about KDE 4.0 and their experiences with it.
I must say that I still find it a bit unusable, but one can clearly see the potential for greatness it has.
This week we should be seeing lots of nifty new artwork going into kde4.0 And we have an adjourned meeting with plasma pannel people :).

3:35 PM

Its your turn to Oxygen!

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This is not one more of my rather useless mocks . This is an actual screen shot , its still not perfect but we are getting there , but we need to get there faster and to do so we need your help, and how can you help? Bug report, yes bug us in http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Oxygen/StyleWinDec there you can add your favorite thing you think should be fixed one the theme. so we can catch as many bugs as we can.

11:07 AM

Raptor! join the fun.

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What is raptor? Raptor is a an amazing project i have been working in the last few days. It trays to be a fresh new way of finding your desktop applications, and interacting with its users.

It should be very easy to configure it to be in the way you want it to be.

And it will display more info about the application, what does it do and what for.

You can find more images here and the ground base document here.
Join us at #raptor to know more about thsi wonderful project.


4:28 PM

Yes Oxygen does icons 2!

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After a rather big period without actually making icons, cause I seem to have dispersed myself into several other areas of oxygen work, today i decided to actually do some icons.
And decided to do the icon of one of apps i use the most in KDE, akregator...Hope every one likes it, I do!


5:43 AM

One more extention to the clock

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One thing that we in in the open source world have some problems with is the bad concept the round globe is, different hours around the globe and that developer you need is sleeping, and you have no clue wen will he be up. without doing some world time zones math.
So and in the spirit of "I'm to lazy to do that" we are creating another extension to the clock so you can with ease find hot wen the blasted ping will work. :)
Now the pretty picture.

The border might be a good idea to be adjustable in size, specially in the panel and wen an app. ix maximized.

PS this are plasmoids not actual windows

5:08 AM

Shaping up the time for KDE.

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Just some more images of the work done so far on the extensions for the plasma clock, that i have been working on with
Riccardo Iaconelli. Right now i´m working on a time zone extension.
The one you can see here is the date extension... Basically, what you get when clicking the date area ;).

And a more integrated version.


12:29 PM

Ok its time to show something more.....

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On the last months people have been complaining a lot about the lack of contrast, and the "all white" issues on the oxygen style, I have said also lots of times that it is mostly a pallet issue. But the message is not getting out, so... i will do what i always do... Show pretty pictures.
The following images are just my vision of KDE 4 and I have absolute no guaranty it will be like this, but as the oxygen style goes it is in this direction we are working, sure there are open issues thats the main reason i have several versions of the same element but i think the "all white" and no contrast is the easiest thing to fix has our mocks clearly state.


another one DIGG

P.S. No its not a Vista clone has a mater of fact i try not to look at Vista so i don't copy it. Not that i would any way: Anybody that knows my work knows that I'm a black fan guess that is the biggest contact point with Vista.

1:11 PM

Oxygen style shaping up.

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Today Matthew Woehlke made the radio buttons look like this.....
Evidently I'm extremely happy more work being done in more areas of the style like the check boxes.
Tomorrow we hope to have the final list of wallpapers done, so Sunday we can unveil the big winners.


7:07 AM

Info extra! last day to submit your wallpaper...

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This is the last day you can submit your wallpaper to the great kde oxygen wallpaper contest, until now we had 510 entries with more than 1000 different wallpapers, some of theme have extreme high quality I'm pretty sure kde 4 will ship some of the most beautifully wallpapers ever.

Remember http://pd.ruphy.org

11:43 AM


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Scribus is an open-source program that brings award-winning professional page layout.
Its also a pet project of mine to integrate it in to KDE in the best way possible, having that in mind i asked Lee Olson to help me create a new Scribus icon.... here you can see the result of this team work :) i must say i am really happy.

11:15 AM

I double dare you!!!

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Yes this is a challenge, you know those extra nice pictures you took last time you went on a photo conquest that looks so sweet as your wallpaper? yes?
Well then please share them will the entire world in the great KDE 4.0 Wallpaper Contest.
So the rules are simple, free open source photos LGPL, or similar big sizes ones 1900x1220 almost a minimum required , different aspect ratios is a bonus, and... well the rest is in http://pd.ruphy.org/
were you can upload and get all the info you need commits close in 20/8 00:00 GMT. The Juries are me, David and Ken to act as president.
So take your best shot, give us your best and good luck.

3:52 AM

Nothing to see, move along, its just an wallpaper.

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As i Said just an wallpaper, think it will be included in the next beta.
Talking about which if you have what you think is a really good candidate to a kde 4 wallpaper with please bug me or ken about it, we are now choosing the ones to be included, and we have still not reached a good conclusion on the default one.
I would love some rely nice banana leafs. Or nice underwater image.


12:11 PM

Something different 2.0

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Ok, has promised some new images for your avatar needs.

Now were should i put this ones?

4:22 AM

And now for something entirely different :)

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Just for fun i decided to make some nice avatar images completely off style, not oxygen at all just for your amusement and mine.
I think i will do a couple more, and upload them somewhere.

I had the idea to do them wen i was trying to find some demo images for a plasmoid I'm working on with Andred. Its looking fantastic.
i found one that is kite similar to the green one, and kinda motivated me to do some more.

4:48 PM

Fixing and fixing, everything..

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Just another example of oxygen work, hope you guys like it...
Lots of developments in the last days in the style front, it seems we will be getting more help in the code making and usability front. I hope we can work all the issues the style seems to have right now..

3:29 PM

New world! New experiences...

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Oxygen is getting more and more exiting, well at lest I'm getting very confident on all the work we are doing .
Today Riccardo and Casper shown me some nice screen shots of the state of the theme and i must say I'm beginning to rely like, it its getting there.
Also in the plasmoids front lots of work done and a brand new vision for k4, hope we are able to implement it.
Also had a glimpse at the new Oxygen site David and Ricardo are working on, it is amazing it will be much more collaborative than the one we have right now, and also updated ;).
Seams everybody is going to Glasgow for Akademy :( i wont be able to be there. Hope i can next year.

11:53 AM

Oxygen style is coming to town!

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Today Casper Boemann, should be moving the oxygen style into the k4 branch of playground, its still much a work in progress but the last week development started to work really well with everybody sharing ideas of what was working and what was not working and how could we fix it.
Oxygen work this last days is going on like crazy, the sound theme is nearly completed and we should be committing it in the coming days, we have also started to work in mock 's for plasma widgets,and a couple of kde sites such as discoverkde .
In the icons front we will start to tackle the applications icons has the mime types are nearly all done.

So all goes as planed in what i think is the biggest open source artwork project in existence.


2:49 PM

Back to Portugal !

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So after some really productive days in Italy with David, Casper, Riccardo, and Thomas, i must say I'm much more confident about the entire widget project, the ideas that are in the table right now are pointing all in the same direction, and that is desktop integration the style will start to reflect in the coming days all the ideas we talked about in this days during the meeting.
There are only some minor things that we need to fine tune in terms of what we want.
And we talked about all sorts of cool ideas for the next kde cycle, like visual integration of plasma and the widget theme, what is good and bad right now with the icons, target group users, and life in general.
Its wonderful to work with people like the kde people, we might not agree always but share the same goals.

So its good to be home again, its great to be a part of kde.

Thank you so much!!!

4:25 AM

Making pretty pictures in to code...

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So this days in Milan we been working allot making interaction code , that is making Casper Boemann head go nuts making allot of versions so we achieve pixel perfection. Its a hard road but one we must cross.
things are improving so much, and i must say I´m falling in love with the theme.

2:10 PM

Moving along

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Small Small icons are important we know that. KDE apps are important. But also important is desktop integration with non kde apps like scribus.
So having that in mind i started a new set of action icons staring from the smallest icon to the biggest one, so have a look at some of the ones we made so far.....

The best part is that most of this icons are usable in all sorts of apps like koffice and openoffice.