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Week report 0

Hello every one in the KDE planet and beyond, this is the progress weekly report on O².So The week surprisingly started Monday and after the initial chock and accompanying usual work day at KDAB, I decided to do a little bit of progress on  O² style mock ups... Started with progress bars in both radius variants tan bowth sizes variants as well and bowth color testing variants.Its ok IMO but need to test and implementation in QML to be more sure about it. specially on the white variation it looks off. Tuesday was....  labels and drop boxes days, show in to way to layout labels for boxes and the acompaning multiple sizes colors and radius variations.
Wednesday was  first test/mock day with a spinner/ more on that Saturday..Tuesday was the day I started to experiment with old desktop style check and radio boxes... WIP. they dont "Pop" much and it was intentional but need to balance it with the other elements... Another one that needs to be in QML
Friday was the day I worked on s…

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