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Congrats KDE

 So first things first... Congrats KDE we rock... 25 years fantastic...  Now I was resting after some rather busy work days and came to an article on phorinix about KDE ...  And I get to this user comment on the comment section.. " And it's still ugly as hell by default. How difficult is it for KDE devs to create a nice and polished default theme? They invest a lot in bug fixes, new features, new functions etc, but they forget about the interface theme ...." Witch is fine I used to get this sort of thing all the time back in the day...  But on the discussion that follow a lot of confusion started to appear..   It's not new confusion, but... Somehow, now that I'm not as involved into the day to day design of it, it really made me angry... If you you like open source you embrace it fully and embrace that it is about freedom, and part of that freedom is to make a desktop for people that don't mind options.. you like a different desktop with less options?, great w

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