Do you like code? do you like art? Do you love KDE?

Yeah do you want to help us create O². Most of the design concepts are done, but my C++ QtStyle foomagic is lower than zero ;) so muhhhh heee... do you want to help? Janet extraordinaire yesterday helped a bit and adjusted the old Oxygen painting to do a preliminary implementation of the noise O² needs for its background, but that is only the very beginning of what is needed. Also if you have experience in kirigami/plasma, styling. Designers are welcome as well...   If you do...... Just made this for chatty chatty things.

Congrats KDE

 So first things first... Congrats KDE we rock... 25 years fantastic...  Now I was resting after some rather busy work days and came to an article on phorinix about KDE ...  And I get to this user comment on the comment section.. " And it's still ugly as hell by default. How difficult is it for KDE devs to create a nice and polished default theme? They invest a lot in bug fixes, new features, new functions etc, but they forget about the interface theme ...." Witch is fine I used to get this sort of thing all the time back in the day...  But on the discussion that follow a lot of confusion started to appear..   It's not new confusion, but... Somehow, now that I'm not as involved into the day to day design of it, it really made me angry... If you you like open source you embrace it fully and embrace that it is about freedom, and part of that freedom is to make a desktop for people that don't mind options.. you like a different desktop with less options?, great w

When you get stuck you give it time...

                              Hello good KDE people. So not a lot of progress in the last few months, main reason being that wile I'm really happy with the style direction and art. I'm not so happy with the icon style.. its nice and all* but not great so i took some time to  let ideas coalesce a bit better...  *(don't ask me to show it in typical Nuno fashion I deleted all traces of it) Unfortunately I'm still stuck and we need to move forward at least with the QT/Plasma Style  so for now I plan  on using Oxygen classic icons. Maybe some art epiphany comes and saves-me.. 

Design done...

Hello again, so I believe I am 90% done with the base style direction and main UI components for O², and am currently struggling with my not so bright idea of dinamic QML colour pallets.  Still overall I'm happy with the general visual direction of the UI style, it's IMO clearly derivative of Oxygen but today.  Now having done 90% of the design and doing the serious work I know that the solemn work that will take far far more time is upon me and us..  So in the next week's I will be mostly focussing on the qml implementation that as already started and implementing a kinda Oxygen-demo UI showcase. After that I have to do something even more difficult... That is to find a a icon style that does the same that the UI style above did.. bring to today oxygen of yesterday. And fix any of its issues...

Week log O¹

 week report on O² In a nutshell, did some stuff, then done it again was happy with parts of it, and finaly ended the week on a positive note with a talk on QtCon brazil 2020 Highlights. New version for light Bg's using extra noise generated from the 2 active colours. Made some progress in the internal rules for palette generation, as I have said on of my prime objectives is to be able to create extremely simple palettes with no more of 5-7 colours that area able to be translated in to fully working pallets. something I'm planing to start testing in qml next week.  In that note more work on the  QML components that test the mock-ups and animate the features, notice the progress bar deal with small values   here you can see a zoomed version of the UI 2x notice the outline on the progress bar that changes the colour, flowing the edge of the progress all the way to the end.    Finally Saturday I had the pleasure to participate in the QtCon brazil were I could use my native Portugu

Week report 0

Hello every one in the KDE planet and beyond, this is the progress weekly report on O². So The week surprisingly started Monday and after the initial chock and accompanying usual work day at KDAB, I decided to do a little bit of progress on  O² style mock ups... Started with progress bars in both radius variants tan bowth sizes variants as well and bowth color testing variants. Its ok IMO but need to test and implementation in QML to be more sure about it. specially on the white variation it looks off.  Tuesday was....  labels and drop boxes days, show in to way to layout labels for boxes and the acompaning multiple sizes colors and radius variations.                     Wednesday was  first test/mock day with a spinner/ more on that Saturday.. Tuesday was the day I started to experiment with old desktop style check and radio boxes... WIP. they dont "Pop" much and it was intentional but need to balance it with the other elements... Another one that needs to be in QML Friday w

In case you are interested in dayly updates

 I been posting then on Instagram and Twitter @pinheirokde in both cases Small videos are posted there of what I did  with my 2 hour a day budget...