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Small update.

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This is almost a identi.ca "dent" just to show the progress on the optical-media-video.

I hope I have all of the k3b icon set done by the end of this week.

On the fonts front i had a lot of positive feed back on this issue but its not easy convincing every one so please if you have a little bit of time try my proposed settings... and share your opinions. One major advice i want to give distros is to make sure sub pixel RGB aa is off. IMO its very discuss-able if it does produces better results and you are not sure your user is using a RGB vertical TFT.


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Anonymous said...

They look very good, it is grate!

The small icons are a bit odd, but I know it is difficult to draw such small things :)

I don't know if the Kid3 developers like there icon, it has still this old KDE 3 / crystal style.
Would you like to make an oxygen icon for Kid3?


Anonymous said...

Two things:

-Please make the smallest icons look slicker---ex. places panel icons in Dolphin: they look jittery which makes it very ugly. I don't see why you can't make it. If gnome made it, why can't KDE/Oxygen if it is sporting high definition icons...

-Please improve the oxygen's context menu look and feel. It looks fat and clunky...

BeCe said...

I second that (about small icons) and I wanted to thank you for fonts tip, they look much, much better. But despite what you said, it's important to use Liberation Sans, because it has good hinting and I get much better results with Liberation Sans than I got with my previous DejaVu Sans fonts. It took me a hour or two to get use to new fonts, but man, my eyes loves it:].
Thanks for all good work (altough I still cry;) for better small icons, especially trash icons)

Johannes (litb) said...

I like them, and also the small icon. First though was "damn, even the smallest icon, it immediately looks like a video cd". Keep up the good work, you rock dude :p

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