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4.3 Is arround the corner! I need you!

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Do you take great pictures? Does every one says that you rock as a photographer? Do you love KDE?

If your answer was yes to this 3 questions you should be sending me 1 just 1 of what you believe is your best wallpaper photo, so that we can include it as one of the new wallpapers included in Kde 4.3.

I will be selecting 2 of them to replace some of the old ones we have from 4.2.
In this release I wont include nothing from me only remove some of my old ones. (there is to much nuno in kde as is)

Only 1920x1200 or bigger wallpapers will be accepted.
Only wallpapers containing the full name of the photographer and a reference stating the license (lgpl v3 is beter) will be reviewed.
I wont release the ones that don't make the cut! (the original creators keep them and can reevaluate the license as they see fit.)
The criteria for selection is purely mine, I will ask for opinions from the oxygen crew and the kde marketing people.
Dead line one week from now :)
I will show the winners here 3-4 days after the dead line.
Finaly no vector nor abstract work, we have a pretty good set of those already...

last thing
my mail nuno at oxygen - icons dot org, and best of luck!

P.S. I will not replay to the emails its hundreds of them and just sorting it out will be a pain :)


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derive said...

Nice Idea! Kde 4.3 Will Rock the World!

elvis said...

i should really try to convince my friend azin to contribute some of his photos to KDE. he's a great photographer (http://blog.azin.se), but i'm not so sure he's so keen on doing it pro-bono as he does it for a living. maybe i can convince him at a weak moment over a beer or something ;)

Dass said...

i've sent a photo :-)

Jens said...

... so did i :)

Anonymous said...

I suggest to people that will send a wallpaper to use HDR in your photos ... the web has several tutorials to do this.

Khashayar said...

I'd like to submit a picture, but I'm not sure about this sentence: "Only wallpapers containing the full name of the photographer and a reference stating the license (lgpl v3 is beter) will be reviewed."

How is the image supposed to contain that information? As part of the email or embedded in the file somehow?

Also, which file format is preferred (I take pictures in RAW so converting is not an issue)?


Pinheiro said...

@Khashayar prefer jpeg please :) dont kill my mail :) the reference in the text is more than enough :)

Khashayar said...

Photo posted. /K.

great blog theme Nuno.
aint jpg to much lossless?
rather get PNGs.. eheh

Jorge said...

Hi! Thanks very much for the iniciative, I've just sent my actual wallpaper, I'd be really pleased if it goes to the next 4.3 release! :D

Good luck to all of you out there!

We'll konquer the World ;)

Can i send more than one photo?

Andreas Demmer said...

So no official KDE 4.3 wallpaper? :( To bad, you 4.2 "Air" wallpaper looked stunning"
I hoped you would crown the great new "Air" plasma theme with a great new wallpaper...

Dass said...

have you choosed some photo?
mine? ;-)

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