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More icons for KMix channels.

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We had the device microphone already done so all I had to do was some minor adaptations.


Mic front

and LFE “Low Frequency Effect”, which is a special audio track which is usually sent straight to the sub-woofer.


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ManagementBoy said...

the mics look like radio towers or icecream. the icon on the back of most PCs looks more like an "old" mic. cool work though

Wolfgang said...


I like to comment on the LFE icon. This seems to inherit from your surround icon proposal from yesterday. Since I like this icon for surround I think for a sub-woofer icon this one is not well suited, because a sub-woofer is not at all a surround device.

Perhaps this idea is too technical and too frumpy, but what about a wave with a label <25Hz?

Hope you like my comment, anyway, I like your icons.
Cheers Wolfgang

Pinheiro said...

@Wolfgang yeah the surround is not apropriate

Anonymous said...

The mic looks old-style...
Please make it simil "3d-style" like Low Frequency Effect icon..
Great work!

The LFE may be represented by something wich naturally does slow frequency sounds. An explosion comes to my mind :-/

Fri13 said...

I can not recognize difference of those two different mic-icons.
The front should be something different. Usually it is headset if something.

Pinheiro said...

people before you coment can you please go an look at the chanels kmix as so you dont have to make comenst like that last one :(
@Fri13 if you go an look at kmix you will notece that there is a headset chanell aswell. curently they are the same.

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