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Korgac icon, new version.

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The last version of the Korgac icon was not making most people happy for it had a Warning feeling to it, the "!" was not working dough it seamed like a good idea wen I was making it. The bell was the way to go, but I had some bad experiences making realistic bells in the past.
So the idea popped out in my head to make the bell in a more figurative way using the usual information signs we use in Oxygen icon set...

Btw I hope all of you have a very happy Easter, with lots and lots of chocolate


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Tomasz Dudzik said...

You're always creating something amazing. These are beautiful, too. Especially the bell :D

ComputerDruid said...

Beautiful. How long until this is the default in trunk? It's definitely ready.

Angel Blue01 said...

That bell looks like the old Bell logo (from the AT&T monopoly) I'm sorry to say. Maybe color the bell yellow?

The rest of it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Well, I like the blue. It matches the green wonderfully. But then I don't know the At&t bell.

Great work, Nuno!

Carlos Lange said...

Nuno, you may want to correct your text to say "the idea popped out". Nice icon.

Pinheiro said...

@carlos thanks :D pooping ideas is nice aswell :D

sandsmark said...

Thanks for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Make the back rounded line of the bell thicker?
It's difficult to see, especially at smaller sizes.

- dannya

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