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Burning the small icons

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Today's post is a very quick one to show yesterdays icon in the small sizes..

Hope you like it, 22x22 still needs a bit of tweaking and maybe oxygen master David Miller will pull some of his usual magic. but for now I'm going to get back to KMix and the rest of k3b icons and theming... I will keep you posted.


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cumulus007 said...

I think the icon is too cluttered at such a low resolution. You can hardly recognize it.

martinzz said...

I don't agree. I think it looks quite fine in 16x16. It's definitely much better than "show dashboard", which looks terrible in 16x16, small version of trash icons (horrible!) or "device-notifier".
BTW: Nuno, do you know what happened with oxygen icons in KDE SVN? I cannot find them:/.

jstaniek said...

martinzz: the icons are now in trunk/kdesupports/oxygen-icons/

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that the disc is so pale and the red is so bold while breaking up the outline, that you very quickly lose having any recognisable disc shape.

Without an easily recognisable disc, the whole point of the icon is lost.

The older K3B icon had flames on the disc, but only on the inside of the disc shape, so it was clearly a circle with a hole in the middle. This is easy to recognise.

The shade of red is really nice, but right now, even the larger versions of this icon are difficult to make out (although this may be better on backgrounds that contrast more with the disc).

Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous the current one IMO is worst in small, I made it and I think its not very good in 16x16 small

Anonymous said...

If you resize this: http://gawed.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/ghostbusters3.jpg at 16x16, you'll end with the same result :)
Ghostbusters was the 1st thing that came to my mind

Anonymous said...

Just leave half of the flames on right or left of the icon,and cd needs stronger outline/contrast. Or just leave flames

and my idea to add originality to this icon is to make flames more neonic/laser like

P.S. I love this icon already, wonderful work

no said...

Personally, I would prefer to see a little more yellow or orange tones as it is supposed to be fire not blood. Besides of it, that's nice.

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