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Nothing to see, move along, its just an wallpaper.

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As i Said just an wallpaper, think it will be included in the next beta.
Talking about which if you have what you think is a really good candidate to a kde 4 wallpaper with please bug me or ken about it, we are now choosing the ones to be included, and we have still not reached a good conclusion on the default one.
I would love some rely nice banana leafs. Or nice underwater image.



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Anonymous said...

Hey nuno, nice wallpaper, haven't been in touch with you for a long time :(, but been pretty much idle on the Kde-front recently.

However I hope you and the guys and get some decent 'Oxygen Approved to the highest standards' wallpapers set into KDE 4. As the ones in KDE 3, well painfully bland and any wallpaper I download just seems to go stale, after a week.

Icons and the Window Deco, looking great, on behalf of the Oxygen Team, keep up the great work :)


Anonymous said...

One thing I forgot to ask, which may be not in your knowledge. Will these wallpapers be nativaly rendered through svg (for ones that are), as I presume corona in Plama should handle that.


Anonymous said...

sorry I don't like it

Anonymous said...

I think this wallpaper is quite nice, it looks good... though I think it might be a bit too dark, as I generally use bright ones... Maybe a brighter version of it?!?

Anonymous said...

Looks good as is alone. :)

But will it fit to the rest? The default Plasma style, the Oxygen icons and style? Using the color palette is one thing, form another, no less important factor IMHO.

chrisk said...

Hi. I don't like it that much. But the wallpaper I'm currently using comes from close to here :-). In my opinion, that one should be the default KDE 4.0 wallpaper.

Pinheiro said...

Honestly i realy like this one,
Maybe its the size of the scren that helps, im not sure you guys are using the big one if you are you should crop it to your screnn couse its a wide scren wallpaper and will lokk wird on a more conventional screen.

Anonymous said...

I think this wallpaper is really exciting!! Maybe you can add contrast between the foreground (brighter) and background (darker) stripes, why not?

Anyway: can you make another with the words "Is Coming.." after "KDE4.0" ?? This is great marketing material!!
Or maybe "Coming soon to a place near you" !!
I'd love to show everyone this exciting wallpaper!!!!!!!

Bernhard said...

sry guy but i don't think that it will fit so great in with the oxygen style... hope it'll be delivered with kde4 but not as default

Pinheiro said...

Na not defoult, im thinking a nice photo would be alot nicer and humman to.
There is no guarantie it will be included in the final selection.

Fabien said...

If you are picking wallpapers, why not looking here ?
(wallpapers from kde-look ordered by rating)

About this wallpaper, I think the colors are too saturated and contrasted. It should be less eye catching imho. However, this is a good job :)

Anonymous said...

It's too dark and too plain (the default of SVG wallpapers) to my taste.
Life is more colorful and brighter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the label spoils it all. What if I like the wallpaper and I am on a Mac or Windows? What if I use Gnome or just want "breathtaking beauty" without a reminder I am using KDE?

Branding wallpapers is a bad bad thing.

Pinheiro said...

That one is an svg wallpaper so removing the labell is extremly easy.
But i gess i will take your coment as a compliment :)

lightoze said...

Hmmm, IMO, it would be much better without thin horizontal line.

Louis said...

I would like to see some nice KDE4 wallpapers in widescreen format. Standard sizes look "stretched" on my widescreen monitor. Any chance some of the cool ones like this could be modified for widescreen and bundled in? Thanks.

Darryl said...

I don't care much for this wallpaper. The contrast in the stripes is distracting to me. I much prefer the style of the black one in Sebastian Sauer's latest blog entry to this.

Timahawk said...

It would be nice to have some really beautiful (and stunning) wallpapers of nature scenes etc. Flickr is a great place to look, if the photographers will let you use their pics.

Also, most of the current KDE colorschemes are rather dull and could have some more life in them. It would be nice to have oxygen color-palette based colorschemes in all the colors of the rainbow with gray and black(?).

Tobias Pfeiffer said...

In general, I like the style of the wallpaper. Some remarks:
* Is it "KDE4.0" or "KDE 4.0"? I believe, while "KDE4" is a commonly used thing, I'd add a space between KDE and 4.0.
* The font glow effect is nice.
* Is it possible to use a less boring font? Whatever font this is you used, it seems to be as if it was the Default Font (TM) and not very creative.
* I think this is a bit too linear, i.e. no curves or the like.
Otherwise, great work!

Anonymous said...

hey since it's being drawn by plasma would it be possible to make it animated? Say like drawing an svg that changes colour over time. For example, you mentioned an underwater wallpaper, is it possible to make a wallpaper that went from black (midnight) to reddish orange (sunrise) to bright blue (day) to dark blue (sunset). Sorta like one of the games in the DS game Electroplankton.

If you can't make an animated wallpaper (or it takes up to much CPU) maybe you could do it as a slide show, but with long gradual transitions. So you have maybe 24 images that change every hour, and the change itself takes about 10 minutes.

Anyway it's just an idea. With all the sexy animated plasmoids on the desktop I think the wallpaper should look cool too :)

Pinheiro said...

interesting thing sbout the coments is the thre seems to be lots of opininons pointing in rather difrent directions.
I gess that proves the need for several walpapers :)
Any way this one is just one more wallpaper. I personaly love it but im aware its not main stream at all.
Im actuly trying t find one that is a good comon denominator for every one, a good photo one. some one mentioned flicker yes there is wosome work there, i have ben contacting artis from there to try to get some but they do like theyr copyright alot.
One actuly asked me to pay 3000 euros for a foto so it would give away its rights on the photo.
But im prety sure we will be able to get some frist class photos there.

Anonymous said...

Nice wallpaper!!

I like the transparency of the strips in the foreground, but I think the 'sharp-to-blurry' contrast looks a little unnatural. I'd make the strips behind the foreground fade/blur gradually into the background in layers to give the image some more depth and make it more interesting. Maybe (if your SVG renderer supports it) you could also add some detail using some noise/fractal filters to fill in your shapes (this would satisfy the "too plain default of svg" :))...

Keep in mind though, that this is coming from a guy who knows nothing about art :). Again, this is a really nice wallpaper.

This is totally off topic, but how much of the svg specification does/will KDE 4 support (e.g. vector blur)? Sorry I'm asking here, but I don't know where else to look...

Benji said...

sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but i created this background and wanted to share.


full resolution

-benji korsak (http://rubbervir.us)

Pinheiro said...

About this walpaper, its that kinda work that wen you are doing your mind tells you its done. Dont play any more, its done..... :)

@link about svg suport, has far has i know qsvg has the best svg suport around it suports lots of nifty stuf like animation, and other quirks that no one else does, Zack Rusin is our qsvg hero, and he has blur implemented in qpainter i think, but not in qsvg, my gess is couse of the incompatability betwin cpu usage animation and blur....
i know for a fact that if i had blur and animitin i would use it :) and stop your cpu :)
Also i dont know many renders that can provide the efect you sudgested dough a double mask might provide somthing similar maybe using 4 or 5 masks it would de good enough.... i still have to play with such kinda of efects to see if they work. Is there a kinda gradient blur filter in the svg specks?


It is a great Job! I like your wallpaper!

I just tried a green version.

No so good, i see.

Ark_mage2 said...

Pinheiro, I took some photos that I think would make good wallpapers in KDE4. I posted the link on IRC, but you weren't there at the time, so here it is:

Pinheiro said...

We are seting up a way to let everybody contribute with theyr stuf so in the end we can decide the ones to be shiped with kde 4.

More news in the coming days....

Anonymous said...

i don't like it

Tscherwis said...

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Tscherwis said...

I like this one, especially the little glowing letters are great detail. It pleases the KDE brand I am sure, just like seeing silver "Pininfarina" on a red car.

I'd rather see some graphics or other work of art than a photography as a default wallpaper. The Desktop should be like a poster, well thought graphics with beautiful typography. A photograph can sure suit this purpose well, but it mustn't slip to anything like portraying a waterfall or sunset... please don't allow that.

It might be even good to speak a message with the wallpaper, may that be unobtrusive help introducing new user to KDE or a little KDE advertisement.

Maybe it was said here, but shouldn't the resolution be 1920*1200? I have one such display but I haven't yet seen one with 1900 pixels horizontally.

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