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Discovering a new desktop

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Since last weekend i have a running kde4 desktop on my computer. Many thanks to Riccardo for setting it up you rule.
What i found missing was a nice wallpaper that matched my brand new almost working KDE.

So today i decided to play a bit with the new features of inkscape, the end result was this 1920x1200
and 1280x1024 the only problem is that the rendering time is about 3 hours :) this means one of 2 things inkscape is slow with big images with lots of filters or i need i new CPU :) I bet it is the second.


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You are a hero! That wallpaper is sooo beautiful! It's going to be my default for months!

Hopefully this wallpaper can get the default on release!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the nice wallpaper. even if it doesn't make it as default one with the release, it could at least be the default one during beta stages.
I wish you the best of luck ;)

Anonymous said...

the problem is also with inkscape. it IS slow. just compare it with Xara Xtreme for example, inkscape starts getting all clogged up really fast.

Anonymous said...

Could you please consider making 16:10 aspect ratio resolutions also? (e.g. 1280x800)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Looks a bit like a stylised curtain, which seems quite fitting. (Waiting for it to drop, revealing KDE4. :-))

TreviƱo said...

Really Cool!

However when will you make us discove the new Oxygen style on this desktop? :)

It's still on svn :P

ScislaC said...

It's probably a combo of CPU and inkscape's speed. We're currently wanting to change the renderer over to cairo, but, they have a few bugs that need to be fixed before the switch can be made. The hope is that when we're on cairo we get performance enhancements for free, plus, if one has the hardware an accelerated backend could be used to greatly speed things up too.

Oh, to the anonymous guy who compared inkscape and Xara... for the record, Xara doesn't have Gaussian blur, so it's a moot point in this case.

BTW, I've been a fan of Gnome for a while, but I have a feeling KDE4 will hook me in. ;)

Romain said...

This desktop background is really perfect, very pro and make me very impatient to use KDE 4!. Great work!
Juste a question : is it possible to have the png without any text or KDE logo on it? I like very clean desktop backgrounds and maybe other user want this also.