The magic that we do :)

We do icon themes, we do Qt themes, plasma themes, sound themes, cursor themes, color themes, website themes, we do themes for KDE, so what themes might be missing for the KDE user?????
Hum.... what about, GTK themes..... yes I know you use GTK apps in KDE, I do...., so and because its Xmas time and all and, "santa" HUGO is so nice, we give you OXYGEN-GTK have fun :)


Woah :D you rocks guys!

By the way, do you know who is maintaining the jointhegame website?

As you can see in your screenshot there is a ugly horizontal toolbar on bottom - an user could be browse the page using the toolbar instead of clicking the links in the menu

The code could be fixed by simply changing the body style to "overflow-x: hidden;"

Thanks for everything
Anonymous said…
is this the same work presented here?
Pinheiro said…
@Anonymous yes it is, its in the links
priomsrb said…
Great work by everyone involved!

Is the non-radial background of firefox intended or a bug?

So far it looks great. A big test for this new theme will be openoffice and eclipse though.

PS: Is that the new default wallpaper for 4.6? Looks very nice.
Pinheiro said…
@Shafqat unfortunately firefox is not the best gtk app out there, firefox ha is how opinion on what gtk can or can not do soo we couldn't get it better than that... is even worse, not even sure one can call openofice a gtk app, think it just mimics the gtk look.

You guys have outdone yourselves. That is amazingly added value in consistency!!!
Punky said…
This is the best oxygen gtk theme ever...I used until now oxygen-molecule, but this is way better...Thank you! ;)
J Janz said…
Let me understand one thing: is this that new gtk-engine already (first item mentioned in decisions pointed out at , second paragraph)? That is, will it work with themes other than oxygen or is this basicly just an oxygen-looking theme for GTK apps?
Anonymous said…
Is the new wallpaper for KDE SC 4.6??
Actually, neither openoffice nor eclipse are good test case for any gtk style (nor firefox for that matter) because they both really really mis-use Gtk.

If you look at any gtk theme, it is full of hacks around gtk so that it does not look too ugly for the application aboves, but no matter how hard you try, they all do (including ours).

This is because these applications are crapy (and should not be supported at all, in my oppinion), both UI wise, and code wise.

To the point that no matter how good a coder you are, there is no way your code will work right with the above (trust me, I digged into their code).
Pinheiro said…
@J its a reimplementation of the oxygen style using gtk cairo, cairo is relativity similar to qt internal painting engine Arthur.
Many things we aka Hugo could not accomplish, many will be developed later, the objective is that the default experience of kde users improves as a result, a side efect is that gnome users and other gtk users can now use oxygen gtk theme, being honest I'm not sure that will work very well since oxygen need the oxygen deco to look cohesive..
"That is, will it work with themes other than oxygen or is this basicly just an oxygen-looking theme for GTK apps?"

Yes this is the first item on the blog post. But on the other hand I'm not sure what your question mean.

It is an oxygen-only gtk-engine for gtk apps. More precisely: it is a new unique engine, which you cannot theme (or very little), and this is not a new theme applied on an old engine.

Does that answer your question ?
Chris said…
as it looks, you also dont like the kde default start icon as me :-)

it would be cool to change the default here please
Pinheiro said…
@ Chris giii its just the mandrivas one, don't think is better. What else from the KDE logo should it be....?
Chris said…

i dont know, i think the default kde start logo does not look consistent.

i always change it to the oxygen icon (the O' one)

but thats only my opinion so perhaps does not matter really....
J Janz said…
@Hugo Pereira Da Costa @Pinheiro That answered me in some points but maybe I didn't make myself clear for the rest.

Trying to be quite straight, I mean: is it the other way around to QGTKStyle ( ), that is, makes GTK apps under KDE look under whichever theme I'm using (as GTK-Qt-Engine , QtCurve and also seem to try)? Or is it just a regular static GTK theme (like ClearLooks itself, that is, regular GTK theme -- possibly only reading a few KDE settings as when running under KDE) staticly making GTK looking exclusively like Oxygen (simply as

Now, did the examples cleared up any confusion or made it worse?
Anonymous said…
How do you make the Konsole to look so nice? Do you removed the border, right? But how do you put the (resize?) triangle at the right button?

Are all those monochromatic icons from the system try new in KDE SC 4.6, or already from 4.5?
Pinheiro said…
@J Well if you read our answer you will understand it :) but any way no it wont work for any qt theme its just for oxygen, its not a static (pixmap) theme dough, its a Cairo theme that means that any change you make to oxygen-Qt theme reflects on gtk one, for example example the the icon size on toolbars, the color setings etc etc.
Pinheiro said…
@Anonymous well its all things you can do with konsole options and kwin/oxygen options, just look around for them, I'm sure you will find them all
Unknown said…
What Distro do you use?
Unknown said…
Does this also touch some Gnome HIG stuff like for example does it force OK | Cancel button instead of Cancel | OK ?

Having KDE file pickers instead of the gtk+ file picker would also be nice ...

...but from the looks of it very good job... I'll be sure to switch from oxygen molecule to this one :)
Ficou muito bonito Hugo!
Pinheiro said…
@Anderson Hugo does not speack Portuguese very well, Think that the only thing that is wrong with him :D.

@ João, Mandriva but I'm not religious about it, its works for me it might not for others....

Anonymous said…
I thought it was Kate editor! This is magic indeed.
Pinheiro said…
@stikonas even I got confused I actually tried to change the language in the help menu of gedit :)
Unknown said…
Looks amazing! After getting the repo however:
wget -c
i have no idea how to continue :( No icon sets (that I can see), no './configure' script, no image files. Any tips?

I'm excited for this to be properly packaged for Debian Sid :)

I also second the request to have GTk apps user KDE file picker (open/save dialogs) for awesome sftp:// file access when stuck on a GTk app...

Big thanks for the new icon set!
Anonymous said…

All of the KDE applications by the KDE team use CMake instead of Autotools (./configure) to compile the sources. Here's how to compile CMake-based sources:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. (equivalent to ./configure)
sudo make install
ComaWhite said…
Oxygen-Gtk does a good job, I have only noticed a few issues:

1. Pidgins status changer drops below the app rather than the combobox
2. Some apps have too much margin space in the menus.
3. Doesn't seem like web pages uses KDE's text editor, combo boxes.
McGuire said…
Is this available in a PPA on for (k)ubuntu users ?
Yes we change the dialog buttons order to match KDEs. (we actually hack many more things, like for instance the tree lines and expander, or the combobox).

Now for the file picker, I have no idea how you do that inside a gtk style.

The incorrect spacing in some apps menus (notably for separators) is a bug with the app. (at least for xchat it definitely is).

For web pages, I'm confused. Mine (inside firefox) use the right text editor in most places (as well as buttons, checkboxes and radiobuttons, sometimes with insufficient spacing, but thats an issue with the web page which forces a too small size for them). For combobox I do not know.
Feel free to post bug reports on bugzilla.

For pidgin status changer: not our fault. Thats how pidgin implements it, with no way for the style to hack.
Anonymous said…
this is just awesome! Gtk-apps look so much nicer now! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Just one question: Most apps work great with your theme, just conkeror (yes, not konqueror, but this one here: causes problems.
When I'm trying to scroll a page with the gtk-oxygen theme activated, the image rests (only at the outer edges you see that there's something rendered).
conkeror is based on xulrunner, so i thought maybe the bug is the result of one of the "firefox hacks" Hugo talked about...?
I totally see that conkeror might not be a priority application, but maybe it's an easy to fix bug so I thought I'll just mention it here. :-)

regards, keep up the great work! ;-)
concerning conqueror. Its now fixed in git repository (both master and 1.0 branch).
One needed
1/ to blacklist xulrunner (that fixes the scrolling)
2/ to "tag it" as a mozilla apps (this fixes other color issues.
Anonymous said…
Indeed, it works now, awesome! Thanks a lot :)
Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.
Anonymous said…
Mandriva desktop with latest KDE? How?
I really like Mandriva's Control Center, but their 2010.2 version is in KDE 4.4...
This cannot really work, I feel so.
It can't actually work, I believe so.
All people are magic...and we can do lots of kind things which will be magic or others.
Unknown said…
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