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This post's are getting boring no?

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I come here I do a "dent" like post were I show something I have done, and the progress of the work, get some feedback, and we move on....

So in order to not brake the cycle I'm forced to show a couple of icons, here they are :)

Then I will make some comments on them like "this are 64x64 icons" Dohhh :)
Next I will say something like .... "made 95 of this icons".
And in the end leave a positive remark about the future "tomorrow I hope to do 50 more".

This would conclude my post.

I'm booooooring :D.

P.S. Its great fun to do the work and show its progress here, but I noticed that my last posts were kinda similar, sorry about that.... We are working on many different things for the 4.6 release. And I'm confident it will be our best one ever.

P.S.2 see I have done it again, ending the post with a positive line about the future. I'm really boring. :D

take care


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Nost said...

We never get bored of your posts, Nuno. Keep up the great work, please ;-)

mofux said...

i love you... in this very special way

Anonymous said...

you rock!

Anonymous said...

However, our comments are gettinging boring too like:

great work, amazing job, that/you rock(s), incredible, fantastic ...

But all this is simply true ;-) your work is amazing, keep on working.

Peter said...

You are doing an amazing job. Creating so many icons is not an easy job, keep up !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you're worried about this blog getting boring, you could always make less pretty icons, then you'd get more criticism and heated discussions in the comments... ;-)

(PS: In case you're incapable of making ugly icons, adding controversial imagery such as nudity or Microsoft logos to the icons will also do the trick :-D ...)

Anonymous said...

Excellent icons as usual :)

It sounds like you might make good use of http://live.wipup.org/ - it's open-source and right now working on integration with KDE via it's OpenDesktop OCS API.

Harsh said...

You're awesome, Pinheiro.

gcala said...

Really impressive, yes. I have a request for you: an icon for chm files. I have some of them alongside pdf and djvu and the ? is weird.


Pinheiro said...

@gcala done and commited ;)

gcala said...

Very thanks

Anonymous said...

finally a chm icon,i had to manually apply kchmviewer icon every time to those files,
thank you..