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Just like before!

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Just like some days ago, I finished another set of mime-types now in size 128x128, and have already started with the 64x64 size, as you could see in the previous post... so 240 icons done 240 icons to go :)

I'm sure there are all sorts of little and big errors in them and wen I'm done with the lot I will try to fix them..
Have fun!


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alvanx said...

I bet all you see when you close your eyes is icons, icons, icons... :-)

Good work, keep'em coming!

martink said...

Great job - I really like your work!

One little suggestion, though:
Maybe align the second plus in the C++ icon sideways - right now it kinda looks like C#.. ;-)

Maybe its worth trying it to align it "superscripted" - in line of the perspective?

Anyhow - your icons rock!

Anonymous said...

The icons look really great. However, I have a little request:
Could the Oxygen icon set be branched along with the SC? I now have a SC 4.5.3-based desktop with revamped and old icons mixed which causes weird icon inconsistencies like the one described in https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=256465

Anonymous said...

I agree with martink: I also mistook the "C++" icon for "C#" (with a weird "#") on first sight.

However, maybe just spacing the two plus'es further apart will already be enough to prevent this ambiguity...

supra footwear said...

well done.
keep'em coming!