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A couple of days!

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A couple of days, well the last 2 at least I think have been the most productive of my life, yesterday I committed way over 100 128x128 mimetipes in to svn (only 75 missing), also today I mostly finished a concept for a KDE website, and I am now working in kolab.org refreshed identity, that I think as some good potential.... we will see.... as usual the snapshot of yesterdays work... Crazy as it may be, I love it, KDE is a product of LOVE, the love of many many crazy wonderful people.
And thankfully there are a couple of days wen everything just works(TM).
Have fun!


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Anonymous said...

wow, nice!

Diego said...

you rock!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, as usual. KDE SC is shaping up really nicely :)

Anonymous said...

"I mostly finished a concept for a KDE website" Could you clarify, the oxygen website, the main page or the whole website stack? That got me truly interested :d

Anonymous said...

Wow... You should be awarded a medal or something... :-)

Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous well you will see it soonish, but I'm also working on a new Oxygen site.

Anonymous said...


Thanks to share!

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