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The magic that we do :)

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We do icon themes, we do Qt themes, plasma themes, sound themes, cursor themes, color themes, website themes, we do themes for KDE, so what themes might be missing for the KDE user?????
Hum.... what about, GTK themes..... yes I know you use GTK apps in KDE, I do...., so and because its Xmas time and all and, "santa" HUGO is so nice, we give you OXYGEN-GTK have fun :)

4:09 PM

33 years old!

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Today I am turning 33.
Its one of those classical ages, were you have to think about what you have done so far and what you are going to do next.
So what did I do so far?..... nothing much except having a lot of fun, for example today I managed to get the 32x32 icons below 200, 198 to go :)
And this points me to what I'm going to do next, yes 198 icons :)

Hope I can keep having fun with KDE, and make it fun for you to use it as well, .....

7:31 PM

Its the end of the world, and KDE!

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So KDE is coming to an end :).

I think they got it all wrong, what was finally finished was the 48x48 mimetypes not KDE.
So today I started to kill KDE a bit more :) 32x32 :) enjoy!

Only 227 icons to do in this size :)

11:50 AM

We have work for you!

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So first things first, last post i mentioned something about 48x48 icons and a promise is a promise.....

Ok as I said in last post the improvements to small sizes should be less visible, still as you can see in the side image they are real....

Its all about Elegance (yesterday I could not remember the blasted word ,sorry Gamaral), elegance is accomplished in the details, we are still very far away from a truly elegant icon set but we are getting closer :).
As you can see its really small details that make the difference, but then again it is in those small details that may reside the differentiation of what we do and what every one else is doing...

There is one problem though, this is a lot of work, and by alot I want to say something like 2-8 hours each day for the past month or so and I'm still in the middle of it... Have I mentioned that there is about 1200 icons still to do ?

Had that to all of the other KDE works, and I have a problem....
I need help :)
I'm completely aware that learning to do icons, specially, doing good icons is a trade that takes some time to master, and if I want some help I must be willing to spend some time teaching new people on how to do it....

So with that in mind I would like to invite you (well not you, just the "you" that are eligible to enter the Google Code-in 2010 :) ) to accept the initial challenge I propose that is to do or update 3, just 3 icons in one week of work, I will mentor you, the only thing i request is that you have some basic skills with a vector drawing tool such as inkscape karbon or illustrator... if you successfully finish this task i will create new ones with increasing difficulty...

So have fun!

You can find out the open tasks at http://www.google-melange.com/gci/program/list_tasks/google/gci2010 and the dot story at the dot, :), any doubts about how this works ask Lydia, she has more details here.

5:17 PM

Bye bye 64 hello 48.

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The size 64x64 took me more time that what I was originally expecting, not because they were particularly complex to make but simply because I was to busy with other more important KDE related things, with a new release of our desktop in its 4.6 incarnation coming out, we get extra amounts of work to do, plus given the relative success of the oxygen project all projects want to look good and request our assistance, so I end up juggling a lot of subprojects at the same time.

I'm not complaining or anything, its great, and very different from the way things used to be not so long ago, think this change is probably the greatest accomplishment of the oxygen project.

But getting back to the subject of this post, yes 240 icons later the size 64x64 is done and next (now) we will move on to size 48x48., so i think I'm still on time for 4.6.

They look much better than they did IMO but the improvement for the sizes 16x16 22x22 32x32 will be less pronounceable as the ones we had were made for size 32x32.... still its worth the effort.....

In 4.6 i hope we can improve the animation of scaling the icons is rendered in dolphin its just a nitpick but I think it can be better...

Because of my modus operandi now I need to leave a positive message...... so here it goes......

My next post should have icons in size 48x48, lots and lots of them.

incredible no? :)

Cheers, and remember, have fun!

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This post's are getting boring no?

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I come here I do a "dent" like post were I show something I have done, and the progress of the work, get some feedback, and we move on....

So in order to not brake the cycle I'm forced to show a couple of icons, here they are :)

Then I will make some comments on them like "this are 64x64 icons" Dohhh :)
Next I will say something like .... "made 95 of this icons".
And in the end leave a positive remark about the future "tomorrow I hope to do 50 more".

This would conclude my post.

I'm booooooring :D.

P.S. Its great fun to do the work and show its progress here, but I noticed that my last posts were kinda similar, sorry about that.... We are working on many different things for the 4.6 release. And I'm confident it will be our best one ever.

P.S.2 see I have done it again, ending the post with a positive line about the future. I'm really boring. :D

take care

6:13 PM

Just like before!

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Just like some days ago, I finished another set of mime-types now in size 128x128, and have already started with the 64x64 size, as you could see in the previous post... so 240 icons done 240 icons to go :)

I'm sure there are all sorts of little and big errors in them and wen I'm done with the lot I will try to fix them..
Have fun!

1:58 AM

Someone asked?

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"Anonymous said...

I’m not sure whether this is the right place for this, but may I request a mimetype icon for Lilypond? It’s a music sheet engraving program very similar to LaTeX (www.lilypond.org)."

Well no, its not the best place to ask for icons, the best place would be in oxygen's SVN playground were we keep a series of lists of required icons.

But in this case and since the icon was already made I decided to show what we had done to it :)

Hope you like it (I know I liked it since it was the first time I did decorative typography) I'm not unhappy how the clave looks .... 128x128 is a bit cluttered.... but well "this" icon thing is fastly becoming the art of what we can do in less time possible to as many icons you can . With time it will get better. :)

PS the over contrast is a result of a quick montage in inkscape that resulted in sup pixel problems that I solved in gimp but ended up looking to sharp the real ones in svn look better...

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A couple of days!

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A couple of days, well the last 2 at least I think have been the most productive of my life, yesterday I committed way over 100 128x128 mimetipes in to svn (only 75 missing), also today I mostly finished a concept for a KDE website, and I am now working in kolab.org refreshed identity, that I think as some good potential.... we will see.... as usual the snapshot of yesterdays work... Crazy as it may be, I love it, KDE is a product of LOVE, the love of many many crazy wonderful people.
And thankfully there are a couple of days wen everything just works(TM).
Have fun!

10:14 AM

Done with 256 hey 128.

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Today I mostly finished the 256x256 versions of the mime-types, and already started with the 128x128... only 161 to go meaning that today I made (scaled) about 80 icons, a complete record for me.

11:10 AM

Only 32 to go :)

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Small update on the status of the new mime-types I'm getting ready for the 4.6 release of Oxygen icon set for KDE. As you can see we have some additions to our collection like the Qt-quick qml mime-type, or the color profiles one. Only 32 are missing now :D

4:37 PM

As long as the last, but better.

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Just another small post to show progress on the new mimetypes for the KDE 4.6 :).
I have done about 150 in the 256x256 size and there is about 87 to go....
My original idea was just to update the "paper" but ended up doing a bit more. Hope you like the result.

1:45 PM

A small long post.

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The last few days i decided to start refreshing the mime types of oxygen... started with the large ones that were looking really old by now.
I hope you guys like them, I'm only half way there :)

10:21 AM

4.5 is free!

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KDE is a lot of things, today we give you new versions of the KDE Development Platform, the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, today we give you 4.5.0.

There are as usual many small, and big improvements that you can read on www.kde.org. I feel honoured to be a small part of it.

Its wonderful to see that, the efforts we engaged few years back are starting to pay off, that Artwork and Branding cooperation with the distros is really shaping up, special kudos to OpenSuse, Kubuntu, Mandriva, and many countless other distros like Caixa Mágica, for sharing the work, cooperating and becoming part of KDE.

I would like to send a special thanks to the people at Mandriva, (neoclust, and mikala rock!) for providing-me and others, with constant builds of the most recent KDE in trunk that I could test and work on, there are many ways we can work together and help each other mutually, this is one of them, thank you :), grab your build now from one of your kde mirrors.

8:46 AM

KDE Pim Mobile

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So for the last months we have been working really hard to, port our great PIM software to the mobile world, and I must say it is a challenge, the rules all change and most of what you know does not fit the specificities of the interaction methods, the size and dpi of the screens, or even how something as simple as a gradient does not work as you expect.
Had that, to learning new exiting technologies like QML and starting to do working mock-ups with them that developers can interpret much better, and in some cases implement directly. (ok this was only a problem for me, but hey if I can do it any one can :) )

And wen you try do a no compromise, solution for the software, meaning that no major feature is removed, you find your self with a monumental challenge.

The good part is that so far we managed to overcome all major problems with what I believe in some cases are really innovative, new interaction paradigms, example the folder selection method we created. Also good is that we now are starting to do the polishing, and theming part, that will make the app prettier, and more appellative . one example of that is the splash screen we created that now shows up Wen you boot the application. In the near future we will show a progress element and some notifications on what is going on.

(This is a scaled down version of the splash screen (the real one is 4 times bigger), notice the background noise is there to avoid weird effects normally seen in subtle gradients on mobile screens)

11:45 AM

Akademy 2010

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It as passed a long time since I last blogged, but the reason for this is the best reason of them all... I really cant find the time for blogging as I'am very busy with all the fun stuf we been working on.

As a kind of resume.
1. KDEmobile PIM work is great, the applications are really shaping up and its fun to work with such brilliant people.

2. Oxygen work as done yet more fundamental steps into provide a immersive and polished experience to the end user. (tons of bug-fixes in oxygen and a lot of pixel polishing gives me the confidence to say this is the best oxygen ever)

3. Preparing a lightning talk with my old great friend David, about some really easy and simple tips about UI design, and how to make applications a more fun experience to the end user. Also we will do a BOF were we hope to do some real app's Ui's improvements (every one is invited)

4. Helping the KDE e.v. foundation along with Eugene (Eugene did most of the work :) ) in the great join the game. Its a great idea and I hope all of you join the game as-well. Also provided a bit of help in the artwork for Akademy.

5. Doing icons, (yes that never stops), and I found again the pleasure in doing them. After spending the last years of my life mostly doing icons I have to say that for a moment I was fed up with them :)

The last icons we did (yesterday and today) its a couple of status user icons in regard to meetings.

So see you all in Finland

2:30 AM

I'm going

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This Friday I should be going to the Oxygen meeting #3 it is a joint event betwin, Kwin Plasma and Oxygen a sort of "all your rotten eggs in one big big basket" :).

Personally I think this is one of the most important meetings for Oxygen. As i think that oxygen in 4.5 will reach maturity on the set of goals we decided a few years ago (5?).

Oxygen set up to be a great number of things in what could be considered a silly over ambitious project. That would be...

  • A complete icon theme for KDE and the KDE ecosystem. ( we ended up doing a bit more than this)

  • A windeco theme. (that blended in perfectly with the window itself)

  • A qt theme that would blend in, and was coherent, yet innovative in a classical non obstructive way, that was fully animated not because we could but because it creates a more polished experience with more intuitive and natural flow of information.

  • A cursor theme.

  • A sound theme.

  • A plasma theme that should never be confused with the qt theme but yet retain the important similitudes that create a coherent desktop.

  • A complete revamp of the websites designs.

  • A general design platform for KDE, that could prove that open source can do good design.

And we did all of this and more, we did more than a plasma theme we did 2. we remade the designs for the websites more than once (must repeat kudos to Eugene for is wonderful design work on th most recent incarnation of kde.org).

Not all is done for example the icon set is something that should give me work for about 3-4 more years, the windeco still needs some work on the shadows so we can get them more configurable and 100% perfect. the qt theme still needs some more adjustments and there are a couple of things I'm still not totally happy with, others that will get better with improvements on the qt front. Plasma theme is still a exiting WIP we keep on coming up with new ideas to make the user experience more polished and enjoyable.

But the bulk of the work is done I would say that from the original goal we reached 80% done (apart from the icon set) and those reaming 20% are the really hard part that need's time and testing and sometimes that bit of luck that comes with a creative process.

So what I'm taking to this meeting is mostly questions, what is next?

I can see 3 possible paths:

  1. Create a new qt theme, something with a more "wow" factor that could appeal to a different kinda of user, a theme that used the full potential of qt animations in a very rainbow experience that would make you happy just from looking at it, something that would make your productivity drop by at least 50% :).

  2. Start taking care of the individual apps UI's, KDE as made huge progress in this area, apps are way less clustered than what they used to be, but just like oxygen is not finished, some apps have their UI's in need of a "closure" a touch of design and usability, that would match the oxygen experience.

  3. Just do icons and focus on finish Oxygen.

A few months back I made a poll right here asking what should we put more effort in, and the bulk of the requests were to finish the windeco and Qt theme, tanks to the Oxygen developers we are getting really close to having that "todo" mostly done. So i ask again what should we focus on next?

As promised in last blog post here is a couple of pointers from Hugo Pereira (one of our main developers) on the stuff that you can tweak in oxygen style but is not present on the UI. (no I'm not a fan of all you can do in a UI, I think its a good way to hide the simple stuff and scare most people away from playing with it we hope we can bring in more options to the UI in a "less boxes and check's and technical gibberish" way, and no we are not happy with what we have now there we hope we can provide more options on the future as i said)

so a word from Hugo

for the style, most animations can be turned on/off independently one from the other, and their duration can be tweaked.The non UI options are following (with hopefully self-explicit names):

// this goes under the [Style] section of the oxygenrc file

AnimationsEnabled=true // this is the global flag, present in the UI

GenericAnimationsEnabled=true // all buttons/editors hover/focus










StackedWidgetTransitionsEnabled=false // tab transitions, also present in the UI








For the decoration: // this goes under the [Windeco] section of oxygenrc

UseAnimations=true // its a non UI unfortunately

AnimateTitleChange=false // this is only for title smooth transition when window title changes


UseNarrowButtonSpacing=false // reduce the spacing between buttons


Have fun playing with the values :) personally i made the animations much longer than default, the values are in mseconds.

3:22 PM

It is done!

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KDE s.c. 4.4 is out of the door, I think its by far the most polished version of the KDE desktop we have released, plasma is looking very nice, there are lots of new features and one can feel more integration between all the pillars of KDE.

But what I'm truly happy with is with our little baby, Oxygen. Specially the kwin decoration and the qt theme, we have jump in terms of end user experience by at least one order of magnitude, almost all elements have animations that are unobstructive to the user, a HUGE number of bugs have been closed, I was trying to remember all the improvements we introduced in this release of oxygen and I lost count, honestly have no idea, its more than 50 of that I'm sure.

In the next few days, and because i know some people like to have more options we will share with you guys ways to extend the number of options in oxygen theming and animations ;).

Oxygen icon theme goes on as usual we now have over 5000 files that cover something like 1300 different icons. The HI def icons really shine providing 256x256 pixel icons that are very useful for marketing, and website presentations.

We made over 6 usability studies on the icons that then resulted on several icon changes and refurbishment, also got us valuable information about our icon user base and their expectations. (more will come)

We now have a proper WWW team, this is not a Oxygen thing but something that we are involved with, results can be seen in the great new kde.org site Its an amazing statement of the power of our community, and what can be done wen different people with different skills sets can do wen pushing in the same direction. Think we can expect great things from this group.

So today. is a day to have fun and experience what is IMO our best KDE s.c. Desktop version ever.

6:29 PM

A bit more contrast and the smaler versions.

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So flowing the feedback from yesterdays blog post here is an update on the status of the icon.

Did not made the arrow green or blue for several reasons, most of them that have to so with the over usage of arrows and the fact that the green one already have a more document local browsing meaning to them.
Plus I think that this one that pop up from the envelop itself makes sense to me at least, and avoid hading unnecessary visual clutter.One thing don't judge a icon contrast by the way it looks on white background specially if this contrast is made with alpha shadow, the white tends to fade it off.

The same icon on actual oxygen use...
Might still play with the 22x22 version a tad bit but overall I am happy with it...
For 16x16 there is a option to just use the arrow like we do in many mail icons, we could just use the tiny arrow that is the defining element. Maybe....

2:20 PM

Time for fixing :D

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Today Björn Balazs published the results from the last survey an the results point out that I should do a new "send mail" icon, the old one was very nice IMO it avoided the use of an arrow, that we end up using in action icons way more that I would like to. But against facts there is no possible argumentation. :)
So I think this might work a bit better.So, better? worse ??? What do you think?
I would like to avoid mailboxes and stuff like that as they scale pretty badly.

# P.S. in the last days I have been working on encrypt document, sign, and lock, type of icons (as you can see in my identi.ca thingy) and probably the icons in Kmail that deal with that issue will be a bit restyled mostly encryption that right now uses the same metaphor that "lock" does and causes some confusion.

4:32 PM

A very small post!

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So KDE S.C. 4.4 is almost out there, and we in oxygen are very happy with our work, there is a lot of polishement in it and we think the its one step closer to what we hope to be a complete experience.
The drawback of it is that "busy" is the word we most pronounce in a day to day basis, and it as been undermining my attempts to blog or even to make more icons for oxygen.... Still here is a couple of icons made in the last days, it is mostly koffice icons.

Oooo and Happy new year :)