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Random icons

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This is just a really quick post to show some of the icons i been working in the past few days, mostly kdevelop icons and office like ones, also made a couple for Kontact. And made a new overlay for unmounted devices.

Hope you like it, couple more done, an uncountable number to go :-) .

In case you are wondering the first ones are part of a group (kdevelop) were the particular theming uses special green, and they can be showed out of context so the context part is needed...


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Bille said...

I was wondering, actually - the palette definitely stands out and that paler green is reminiscent of a certain other free icon set.

jstaniek said...

The gears are great. The only what makes me unsure are the arrows: their gradients - i'd say they distract me - it takes some time before I even recognize there are arrows (not good since the arrows seem to be the essence of these icons anyway).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work!
I wanted to use the occasion and tell you that i agree with:
>The only what makes me unsure are the arrows: their gradients - i'd say they distract me...
The first thing that i didn't like in kde4 calendar where the arrows (http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/446/arrowscalendar.png - in red circles) - they a green (don't fit into color scheme) and with gradient and their shape is not good.

Also the calendar itself still looks very messy (http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/5871/calendarg.png). Could you please sometime work on it? Something like this (http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/8476/sunbirddayview.png).
Don't get me wrong - i just want kde4 to be better. I would do it myself - but don't have experience.

Anonymous said...

>Also the calendar itself still looks very messy
Well, not messy but cluttered.


Anonymous said...

They look good, but as e kde beginner I would be more condused by 30 bright icons on a bright window. For my taste there is a bit too much glossy reflection. Though I do like those icons.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :)

Btw, the arrows are very obvious to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nuno,
Would you ever consider sharing some of the inkscape magic with us? Maybe a tutorial how to best create an icon and some tips on design? You might get more people into designing icons and maybe create some competition for yourself ;-)

Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous the inkscape guys have some pretty good tutorials, but like i usually say the first thing you should do is learn how to draw with crayon and some basic composition techniques, vector is just one way of drawing, if you know how to draw vector is just a tool.
There are some specific rules to icon making that I guess could make up for a course but wen you are into this type of thing you will learn that in no time.

aan said...

This a cool icon..
How I can add this on my ubuntu?

Sharing ilmu said...

great icon, i like the gear.
hmm i save image as for my collection

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