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Fixing a bug, some icons and working on the test.

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Firstly the icons, its nothing special just some not so exciting icons, I did for the office set,connect and unconnect text bits nothing much, there is also a new eraser for the CD I just committed.
We also managed to fix some visual bugs in air task-bar theme that were making the inactive buttons much to similar to the active one, think its much better now, and it was backported into 4.3 yey for notmart. Also made some minor changes to the decorations in air plasma them, its prettier now... (screenshots as soon as I get a working trunk here.)

Last, managed to show a preview of the upcoming test to the people at kdevelop people and I am currently waiting for the review. (this time we will have German, English and Spanish versions...more coming)
So as my friend Guilhermo Amaral says TTFN (tahhh taahh for now) :) see you guys tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't get the eraser. To me (german, that is), an eraser looks like http://www.solarnavigator.net/images/rubber_typical_english_school_eraser.jpg
with the reddish-blue color.


Porfirio said...

In my time at school i used those that Anonimous said on beginning but later those new ones came out:


More expensive but allot better!

Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous; Porfirio and this is the resn I didnt wanted an erraser on it but seams to be a better metafore than the x.
@Anonymous ofcourse that rubber looks like a batery in a small icon, yes I tried it :)

Anonymous said...

Nuno, i apologize for sending a comment to this post, it's quite OT, but i can't find your email in any way.
I think it should be fine, if you have some time, to help kradio mantainers (http://kradio.sourceforge.net/) to have better icons design for their useful software.


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