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Sharing a brand.

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After reading many of the comments, on Aseigo blog I reached to the conclusion that most people did not get the idea.
We don't want to kill each of the distributions own branding, we want to share, I would not slap a KDE logo on top of your distribution logo, nothing like that.
What we are after is creating something that is recognizable across the room something people can see as recognizable, a "hey that is pretty and I have seen it some ware else". I would do my best to keep a strong visual connection to the specific distro brand but in a way that one brand doesn't kill the other.
I see distros having no problem on using the icon theme, that is a huge part of the branding part, distros do in that remark little to no modifications to it, same goes to oxygen widget theme, usually the major modifications are done on the "easy part" the wallpaper, splashscren and kdm.
So if a distro can share a huge portion of the branding value with KDE, how come we can't do the same for the easy stuff as well???

Don't think this is a totally innocent move from us, more than the making the co-branding of distros I am interested I'm making bridges between the downstream artists and us, so in the future we will be all working together improving and creating a myriad of desktops and brands that people can perceive as one and many, as unique but also versatile, as one experience that comes in many flavors.

This can only be achieve if we all talk and have methods of sharing problems, and propose solutions. There is allot to gain and nothing to lose out of this experiment.


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Anonymous said...

I think is not an easy task, but i think it's a great idea have a consistent desktop across all distros for kde.

Greetings from Spain

Anonymous said...

sure, this is a very good idea.. I mean, Kubuntu uses the default KDE look exept the colors, they would need a Kubuntu kinda theme to recognize its own brand though... But if I look at Mandriva or even Opensuse it is just not the KDE 4 flair, if you know what I mean... Just my opinion, nothing against those Distros!

Javi said...

Maybe you should show some examples made on your own of this idea to the distros managers, so they can make a better idea of what you are planning.

Rezza said...

To understand my point of view - I'm not against cooperation! I hope in more coop between you and us (and I think there's no you and us, but we! ;-)
I'm glad when I can see some desktop (screenshot, LCD etc.) and even from quick overview I can say - great - it's Fedora running KDE! I'm really proud then! And now - the question is - where is the line between it's Fedora (or other distribution)! It's KDE! Or it's Fedora running KDE? Or KDE running on Fedora? I think for now it's our first task to define this.

Couldn't we set-up some IRC meeting or I have to look for KDE design team mailing list. Thanks for this blog post, it was my plan for today to contact you!

PS: Yes, we're using Oxygen icon theme for now, as Echo theme is not yet production ready ;-)

Thomas Thym said...

Just to make sure, I understood you right:
You want to offer distros to work together on branding the KDE versions of their distros.

In that cooperative design there are elements to recognize the distro and common KDE elements to recognize KDE.

Parts of the design are wallpaper, themes (plasma, kdm, ksplash, ...), icons, cursor, color-schemes, ...

The advantage for us: Increase the visibility of KDE (the brand) on standard desktops.
The advantage for distros: Less work (and perhaps a better design).
Risks for us: More work.
Risks for distros: Loos a little bit of there desktop branding. (Even if a blinding green wallpaper is not beautiful and will not last many minutes on the desktop, it is remarkable.)

Did I get the idea right?

@solard3ity: You are right. Design is not the strength of every distro. I love OpenSUSE but the design (esp. the wallpapers) definitely does not suit my taste.

Florian said...

Maybe it would help to get the idea across, if you provided some sample wallpapers of what it would look like, instead of trying to describe it in words.

Just a suggestion, though.

Pinheiro said...

@Rezza I'm always at #oxygen.
R.P.S. oxygen icon theme toke 5 years to get to its current state, and we are only 50% done.

@Thomas Thym something like that + build bridges between distros artwork people and us. Get them and us to "sing the same song".

Today we might be able to work on their wallpaper tomorrow the Open Office.org oxygen icon theme.

"It Takes A Village To Raise A Child"
And believe-me that artwork for the OSS desktop is one hungry child.

@Florian the idea is not us doing their branding out of the idea we might have about what a particular distro marketing values are, but rather work together with them so the package makes sense and that the experiences in it are coherent. It's not a one men job.

Rezza said...

to Pinheiro: thats why I don't believe in Echo theme as replacement for Oxygen :-) and even for Gnome...

Rezza said...

to Pinheiro: could you ping me when you will be online? jreznik @ freenode


Anonymous said...

I don't like your bulb so much, the orange color is not so nice for them.

You should try to make it more photo-realistic, see these images for nicer lamps (specially the color).


Please don't take this in a bad way, you are a great designer, I just don't think the orange color suits well for lamps.


Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous there is another light-bulb in oxygen that is transparent and more photo realistic, but this one is an icon needs to work in smaller sizes in fact its a rework on top of the realist one that did not worked at all in smaller sizes...

Transparent stuff has all sorts of issues...

Anonymous said...

Can you give a link of the photo-realistic one?

Unknown said...

i like the idea of this your trying to get it so it is very recognizable and people can tell what it is from across the room at the local cafe like ox x or windows instead of how it is with most Linux distros where you cant really tell what it is untill you find a logo

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Unknown said...

sure, this is a very wise decision.. I mean, Kubuntu uses the standard KDE look exept the shades, they would need a Kubuntu kind of concept to identify its own product though... But if I look at Mandriva or even Opensuse it is just not the KDE 4 sparkle, if you know what I mean... Just my viewpoint, nothing against those Distros!