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Working on some last icons

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Today was a really busy busy day with lot's of work, but at least I managed to pay all of my most pressing bills and I feel much better with that taken care of.
But on the not so good side that left me with not so much time to work on the several icon sets I have pending. Means that I did not managed to finish K3B, or Mameexecuter, just found the time to do some more size versions and a new hidef device icon.
Some side notes....
The blue ray logo (bb-logo) people answerer my email with an ok to use the logo if I have blue-ray player...
But to be on the safe side I will make unbranded versions of this icons and upload it as well so people can chose which one to use....
Im completly impressed by the quality of the wallpaers submited im my litle quest and I am actualy considreing doing somthing I usualy dont do that is changing the rules in the midle of the game that is choose more than 2 wallpapers, yes they are that good!!!


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gp said...

but the default wallpaper for kde 4.3 will a photo or vectot\abstract image?


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