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wallpapers that are wosome...

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This is just a small post to show a small preview of the extremely narrow down wallpaper short list.

The kde people sent me some of the best stuff I have ever seen, and I had a really hard time narrow them down to this 12.... that im only showing in small sizes so the original creators can still do what ever they want with them after we chose the 5 that will go it to replace 5 old ones, (yes 5, 2 would be soooo unfair to everybody that submitted his wonderful pictures .)

And this means we have now 5 wallpapers that are going to say goodbye to the default set.... And in your opinion witch 5 should those be??? This means witch 5 wallpapers should in your opinion be removed from the default 15 we ship today in 4.2???

They are in total random order....

P.S. Many many thanks to everyone that submitted wallpapers the little competition was of extreme quality, and I'm very sorry to the ones that did not made it to the final 12. This does not say anything about the quality of your work.

O and BTW..........;)


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Meisterer said...

You should put numbers below the pictures so it will be easier to say which one you mean.

I'd choose the one with the yellow grass and the one depicting a cloudy horizon next to it as well as the cool red-yellow makro picture, the sunset and the one with the red leaves.

Pinheiro said...

Im asking wich ones to remove from the defoult set :)

Un Mundo Libre said...

Totally agree with Meisterer. Adding numbers will make election process easier. I really like starting from above left: 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10

Pinheiro said...

As I Said Wich ones to REMOVE :)? coments on thos ones are ok just sort them by number :)

Duane said...

I would remove the bottom four, and the one with the twigs. They are all nice, but those five just are not as nice as the rest.

Jan said...

They are all wonderful. But as are asking which to remove, the 6 top ones are the best.

Pinheiro said...

ok there is a huge mix up here.... :) the ones i want to remove are from the KDE set today, the ones I'm showing are the ones that will replace 5 of those :)

Anonymous said...

Best would to have some diversity in the colors in the selection. By that I mean: have a reddish, a blueish, a greenish, a yellowish, a blackish, a dark and a bright wallpaper.

BTW: My favorites are 3,4,5,6 and 11.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean all of the above are going in? That would be awesome.

Pinheiro said...

NOOOOO :) 4 maybe 5 are going in, and 5 of the ones we have now are going out, my question is which ones should go out and witch ones should go in???

Anonymous said...

Hi! That's my opinion:

You're asking wich ones to remove from the default set: Golden Ripples, Green Concentration, Skeeter Hawk and Leafs Labyrinth in that order (anyway Leafs Labyrinth is nice).

But please, don't touch: Air, Emotion or Colorado Farm!!!


Pinheiro said...

@MetalByte thanks...

Dread Knight said...

Most of them are not that great, too much stuff going on, too many details, too many points of focus.

Which ones i like a lot:
-the lake
-the city
-the red+yellow color things

Can't tell too well, since we're only provided with some thumbnails...anyway, numbers would have been good!

Pinheiro said...

@Dread Knight my main question is witch one will we remove from the default set. But thanks any way.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, at least at that size. =)

I'd personally remove following photos, starting from top left: 3, 6, 7, 8, 11

Dread Knight said...

Ok, sorry about that. Here's my proposal for wallpapers to be removed from the default set:

-icy tree
-default blue
-vector sunset
-leafs labyrinth

BurkeOne said...

I thing the current pictures in KDE 4.x are much better than these. I wouldn't replace them with those. They more look like normal holiday pictures, IMO.

JontheEchidna said...

I would like to note that Icy Tree is part of the WeatherWallpaper set, and is used by the weather wallpaper for the freezing rain condition, so it'd be best not to remove it unless a suitable replacement can be found. (And I think it looks very good :D)

That being said, several of these look like they could replace wallpapers from the current WeatherWallpapers set.

Personally, I would like to see the following go away:
-Golden Ripples
-Skeeter Hawk
-Red Leaf
-Curls on Green
-Fields of Peace (The weather wallpaper uses this for sunny, but it could be replaced by the first pic in the blog)
(I don't like those ones that much...)

These could be removed from the kdeartwork/WeatherWallpapers set if the wallpapers in the blog are added:
-"At Night" (replaceable by the 8th picture in the blog)
-"Blue Sun" (replaceable by the third picture.)

Wallpapers that the Weather Wallpaper plugin is currently using from kdebase/kdeartwork (and not from kdeartwork/WeatherWallpapers) and that I would like to see stay are:
-Colorado Farm (Used for cloudy/partly cloudy)
-There is Rain on the Table (Though it'd be neat if we could get a better rain picture)

And wow! Those wallpapers are sexy!

Pinheiro said...

The weather wallpaers will be fine tuned for that propose so wen you install the weather thingy you will get all the wllpers you need.

Anonymous said...

as it's about voting some of them out.....
i choose...1, 5, 7, 12...

Sujith H said...

I liked the 2nd row, 2nd column wall paper very much :)

Sayak Banerjee said...

Personally, I love the mountains one (3rd from top, left col). Very good clarity, and I like the skyline.

I also seem to love images that focus on on this and blur out the rest (4th one from top, left col). For example, I use this one as my wallpaper:


It's pretty good as the stones appear sharp. So my vote goes to the mountains and the blurred out (sticks) one.

And to point out the one I like the least is:

That may be removed, IMHO.

jospoortvliet said...

From the default set of wallpapers you could remove vector sunset - I don't really care about that one.

Golden ripples and default-blue aren't very special either.

smihael said...

i vote for:
forest light
"abstraction" - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/__JNFVYfijS4/Sh3KP2e_8RI/AAAAAAAAAm0/mB4E2zvz_Ac/s1600-h/image2916.png

and this ... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/__JNFVYfijS4/Sh3J3p8ximI/AAAAAAAAAmc/oK-kuFPyReA/s1600-h/image2832.png

Dirk said...

They are all really good, but i'd vote for
2(the forest), 3 (the lake), 4 (leaves), 5 (the beach) and 11 (mountains).

I would remove lady bugging, vector sunset and the old default wallpaper.

Than you for your good work on the look of kde!

Dread Knight said...

I agree with jospoortvliet, those images are really awful.

Anonymous said...

Wallpapers that are not my favorites today:

Colorado Farm
Leafs Labyrinth
Skeeter Hawk
Vector Sunset

But, *please*, keep my favorites: ;)

Curls on Green
Fresh Morning
Red Leaf
Finally Summer in Germany
There is Rain on The Table

Pinheiro said...

vector sunset is not that bad :)

any way one side note if you used any of the defoults wallpaer it got copied to your local folder so it wont be removed wonce you upgrade your machine to kde 4.3, at least I think it wont, and they are not going away they are just beeing moved to kde artwork.

Anonymous said...

Do not touch Fields of Peace, please.

Anonymous said...

Why not ship 20?

Thomas Thym said...

Where can I find those 15 default wallpapers of KDE42? At http://websvn.kde.org/branches/KDE/4.2/kdeartwork/wallpapers/ I only see 6.

IAnjo said...

I'd remove:
Flower drops
Read leaf
Vector sunset (sorry :|)

(Btw you can see the wallpapers at:
http://websvn.kde.org/branches/KDE/4.2/kdebase/workspace/wallpapers/ )

Ivan Čukić said...

Although I like the picture, I'm not sure that the 'Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe'[1] in Berlin is a fitting theme for a wallpaper (the sixth image).

As for the current ones to be removed, my vote goes to:
- High Tide
- Plasmalicious
- There is rain on the table
- Vector sunset


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_to_the_Murdered_Jews_of_Europe

Thomas Thym said...

@IAnjo: Thanks for the link!

My votes (inkl. order of priority) to remove those wallpapers:

1. Plasmalicious
2. Vector_Sunset
3. EOS
4. HighTide
5. Ladybuggin

Fatih said...

Totally offtopic but why can't Dolphin have thumbnails like the ones you have in your post? I hate how they look right now.

Btw. you can remove anything but EOS :P

Dread Knight said...

EOS is one of the best images in the set. There are others way worse :P

twolfy said...

Hey Pinheiro,

which photo-plugin do you use for that nice gallery?

The wallpapers are really great!

Best regards


Jakob Petsovits said...

Yup, Golden Ripples and default-blue are the prime candidates to go. (Wasn't there a specific reason for default-blue to stay, like once being the default for kdm?)

Vector sunset doesn't seem as intriguing at first, but makes for a great unobtrusive & stylish background - most of the photographs and other backgrounds put a high "information load" onto the user because they're so full of details and colors. Vector sunset doesn't do that, and gives a nice alternative for people who don't like the above.

I find Green Concentration too bright, I couldn't work on it for a longer time.

Also, there are probably too many blue vector backgrounds in there currently - EOS, Emotion, Blue Curl and Air. They are all brilliant, but might still be too many for the limited number of backgrounds that can go into the set. Probably Emotion should vanish here.

Personally, I find Plasmalicous too fill my screen, I'd drop that one too.

JK Bridge at Night is very unexciting, as is At Night and Lightning. I would drop whichever ones from those you don't need for weather background auto-switch purposes.

Anonymous said...

what about having something like a kdeartwork-extras package again and moving the 2nd rate wallpapers there? That's better than removing them (you will always remove the favorite wallpaper of somebody).

Anyway - wallpapers you can remove without doing ME harm:
- vector sunset
- colorado farm
- plasmalicious
- golden ripples

But please, please keep "curls on green" and "ladybuggin"!

Pinheiro said...

@Jakob Petsovits yes defoult blue is not one of the defoult 15 its a kdm thing :( think we will remove it.

Pinheiro said...

@twolfy its something I made. the thumbnails and the scaling.

aarthi said...

2nd row 2nd column is best, in my view :)

g said...

Please keep (most beautiful are first):
Code Poets Dream
Vector Sunset
Blue Curl
Fields of Peace
Fresh Morning
Actually, I find these images (and also Flower Drops and Finally Summer in Germany) better than any that you listed in this post.

You can remove (ugliest first):
There is Rain on the Table
Red Leaf
Curls on Green

For clarity, I checked the wallpapers that are in svn trunk.

In the list that you posted here, I don't like:
in the left column: images 4 and 5
in the right column: image 2

and I definitely like:
in the left column: image 3
in the right column: image 1

Kristof Bal said...

You can remove the following in my opinion (so the ones in kdebase, and should be moved to kdeartwork, right?) :
Vector Sunset
Red Leaf

And I'm sure you'll pick the best to include in the new ones. ;)

PS: Can you upload all the selected wallpapers (also the ones that aren't going to be included)?

Pinheiro said...

@Kristof Bal to question number 1 yes they will be moved to kde artwork
second question... no that is up to the wallpaper submiters the licence is for them to decide..
Im sure most of them will end up on kde-look.

uniq said...

My less liked wallpapers are:
- Plasmalicious
- Ladybuggin
- Vector_Sunset
- Red_Leaf
- There_is_Rain_on_the_Table

A word about the wallpaper proposials. Picture number 6 is the memorial to the killed jews in the Third Reich. I don't have any problems with this fact but it might be to political or religious.


Anonymous said...

From the pictures here i think the yellow one is like too wierd, and the one with the two sticks and the blured background is too amateur.

As for the ones in trunk:

At night
vector sunset
default blue, this one is 5 years old

Hans said...

- High Tide
- Plasmalicious
- There is Rain on the Table
- Vector Sunset
- Flower Drops

(Woah, it's almost identical to Ivan's list).

By the way, seems like I don't have Golden Ripples, Skeeter Hawk, Green Concentration, Leafs Labyrinth, Icy Tree or Default Blue.

I would also like to see a minimalistic wallpaper for KDE.

Anonymous said...

I would remove

- default blue
- there is rain on the table
- green concentration
- golden ripples
- code poets dream

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say "keep my favourite" (which is Fresh Morning), since I know I can just grab that from svn. However, what I will say is that you should keep the same breadth of colour - don't remove all the red ones, or all the green ones, for example.

I would suggest removing two of the blue desktops, and one green one (maybe Curls on Green, since there is another one that is brilliant green). As for what the other two should be, I don't know.

david said...

Very very nice, congratulation!

Tian said...

These are great and would fit well with KDE graphics :)

Will you still be accepting photos? I was not able to send you some of mine on time.

Pinheiro said...

@Tian no .... but 4.4 is in 8 months ;)

Thomas Thym said...

@Tian: But you could share your photos on http://kde-look.org. Many people are looking there for good wallpapers :-)

Dread Knight said...

Hmm... Emotion is very cool but generally a very bad wallpaper, because it's way too dizzy...

Anonymous said...

These are the current wallpapers that I like less:


logixoul said...

Hi :)
I think you should remove those:
- Blue Curl
- Vector Sunset
- Curls on Green
- Flower Drops
- There is rain on the table

Anonymous said...

To play the devil ^^. I tend to like basic wallpapers better because they tend to fall to background, highly detailed actually draw attention. In the future it be good ifmore time could be given for people to be able to develop wallpapers. Anyways, these are very very nice pics.

tomCorbin said...

I'd remove the 3 ones with lots of yellow in them and the city lights one.

Anonymous said...

To remove:
- Flower drops
- HighTide
- Vector Sunset
- Blue Curl
- Fields of Peace

My favourite new wallpapers is 5, 6, 11, 12.

What about this wallpaper which won't be include (will it be accessible)?