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Its your turn to Oxygen!

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This is not one more of my rather useless mocks . This is an actual screen shot , its still not perfect but we are getting there , but we need to get there faster and to do so we need your help, and how can you help? Bug report, yes bug us in http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Oxygen/StyleWinDec there you can add your favorite thing you think should be fixed one the theme. so we can catch as many bugs as we can.


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Hans said...


Did someone else take the screenshot, or do you know Swedish? :D

nuno pinheiro said...

You got me there :)
Casper Boemann did.

v¹n©ënt said...

Wow, looks fantastic, but:

- I don't like the separators, are too solid.

- The "free space on disk" bar doesn't fit.

- There is no differences in the window theme, i mean, it's everything in the same style, in the same color... Thats makes it seem apart from the context (that wold be the files that are inside that big white form).

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Really fantastic. glad to see there is some more contrast now. The only nitpick I have is that I can't tell which window is active..

Anonymous said...

can we make oxygen somehow colorize inactive window or something? having only shadows to tell the difference between active/inactive window is not enough I'm afraid...

Bruno Miguel said...

O interface está muito fixe, mas aquele delimitador superior da barra lateral do Dolphin não me parece que fica muito bem. Mas pode ser só um primeiro contacto menos positivo. De resto, está muito muito bom!!

v¹n©ënt said...

What about active and inactive "minimizing, maximizing and close" buttons?

Anonymous said...

can you share your blue waved wallpaper,please?

fantastic said...

Good work with this.

Things I noticed.

Border for the places side bar is broken.

I don't like the "grippy" on the icon bar. Maybe that should only appear mouse over?

The corners of the windows aren't truly rounded and look jaggy.

Places label needs to be padded or centered because it's running into the border

Icons are all stuffed to one side of the window. How about making icon spacing flow, so as to not leave a big empty area. Think how the icons in dolphin behave when the window is resized.

The icons on the places sidebar don't appear to be as dark as those in the titlebar.

Try making things lineup and use consistent padding for a smoother feel.

Why is the internal border orange on the dolphin window? The one used in writer looks better, though maybe a little uneven.

The scroll up and down arrows don't fit the rest of the theme. Maybe use the same arrow style as in the minimize and maximize button?

The texture used in the scroll bar is ugly and does not repeat well.

As someone else said, space remaining doesn't fit at all. It's square and everything else is rounded.


Drop the large border around the sidebar, and make the home icon a tab. If the work area is a different color there's no need for a border.

Choose a different smoother font, is anyone on KDE4 working on this?
Hopefully some of that was helpful :)

Lu! said...

It doesn't look nearly as good as the mockups, ha ha, but I know it still in development.

-In the mockups, windows aren't just a plain color, they are all gradient.

-The dropdown menus look (I know you didn't show it) very very plane, not even close to mockups menus.

-Why did you chose that horrible color for the taskbar, I know it isn't important, but... hell.

-The progress bars doesn't look nice, neither the scrollbar.

That's all I have to say

Cheers to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Just to prevent a lot of "the progress bar looks terrible" comments: the free space indicator at the right of Dolphins statusbar does not use the Oxygen progress bar yet.

We are currently discussing whether this is an option and how the free space indicator should look like to fit into Oxygen and also into other styles...

Best regards,
Peter Penz

Ivan Čukić said...

Only a couple of notes:
There are two things I liked about one of the previous versions more than the current - toolbar gripes had 3 small circles that became blue on hover, tab bar had a different look - now is too plain. And I miss all the configuration options it had back then (different button looks, transition effects when switching tabs...)

Cheers, and keep up!

Miha said...

It doesn't look nearly as good as the mockups,

-i think same as LU!
-Progres bars ang scrollers could be greeen.

David Miller said...

if it helps, for people that haven't compiled kde4/oxygen style, here is another screen-shot, showing the tabs, group boxes, checkboxes and push buttons. Also the 'Apply' push button is being pressed down in the screenshot.


Bernhard Rode said...

The Screeny looks pretty good.

I only think the space left and right of the scrollbar is a bit to big.
imho it could be zero space here

JoaquimLeiteiro said...

There's a small bug right on the big screen shot, the Home folder on the places panel in Dolphin cut's the surrounding line on both sides. A minor flaw nonetheless...

A small suggestion: this new goldie color scheme is nice but I really liked the metal one, why not include these two? Something like Oxygen Metal and Oxygen [This Color]

Anonymous said...

Am I correct to notice the used style colour is bit darker then before in these screenshots? I REALLY welcome this move! It looks much more calm.

Flavio said...

Very nice!
A suggestion: The text under the toolbar icons should be a smaller size and closer to the icon.

Anonymous said...

Good work!!! it looks nice, the only things I dont like are the open close minimize buttons(they seems a ugly copy of mac, IMHO), but the rest is very very nice!

v¹n©ënt said...

See carefully:

Anonymous said...

I liked the mockups much more. Probably you just didn't fully implement the style... I really liked the plain and smooth look without dotted grips, borders etc. The windows in the screenshots in cintrast 're looking much too stuffed, and not 'wow' at all like the mockups. Partly also because the metallic look was so much nicer than this brownish-golden color, looks a bit outdated and reminds me of WinXP. And will there be these wonderful greenish glassy looking tab bars?

The panel is still kicker i think? I really really hope there'll be the black-transparent centered look of the panel like in the raptor mockups. I trust you guys that - once all's implemented - you don't fall short of expectations raised in the outstanding mockups of the oxygen style, the style should be not just "yea, quite nice somehow" but really exciting.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I cringe looking at these rounded selection box...

Robert Knight said...

The panel background is still my poor programmer art. If you get a chance to do create better graphics for it please do Nuno. The current 'art' is a simple Svg graphic in the themes section in kdebase/workspace/plasma/

The theme is making progress, although I'd like to see a little more color and more importantly, sharper outlines around important controls (such as buttons, radios, combos) to make them easier to find with the eyes.

Anonymous said...

I really like this, but here is my comments:

- there must be some quick way to see whether a window is active or inactive
- it is something weird with the progressbar at the bottom of dolphin. think its too high or something.
- the pressed icon in the dolphin toolbar seem "cut off" at the bottom as its not round like on the top. Like the widget fell behind some other widget or something.
- I dont really like the scrollbar. Its too textured for my taste. it also seem a bit to wide.

Anonymous said...

"can we make oxygen somehow colorize inactive window or something? having only shadows to tell the difference between active/inactive window is not enough I'm afraid..."

Yes, this is my only real problem with the Oxygen style too! Please, please use some kind of colorization!

However Oxygen really rocks! Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

"can we make oxygen somehow colorize inactive window or something? having only shadows to tell the difference between active/inactive window is not enough I'm afraid..."

Here's the mockup for that:


Andre Santos C said...

Looks impressive. You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Looks good,
background window should get less shadow than the foreground window.

Disc usage bar needs different color (light green ?, light blue)

The selection (Icons) should be smaller in size and be aligned in a way to seperate the view selections from usual.

The switsches Icons/Preview/Common in fact are one group and belong together.

Shadows of the switch need to match the lights.

I don't understand the purpose of the icon left to the close icon in the places menu.

Menues need to be tested with translations as well. Some translations may not fit so well.

Anonymous said...

I like all the work that's going on around Oxygen.
The whole interface is so smooth and compact, but the open, close and minimize buttons seem to me out of place.
Why not use rounded-square buttons? I think they visualy integrate better, have a bigger area retaining the button height and they use the screen space in a better way.
Please take a look at my mockup:

FRAGIL3 said...

So ugly((

Daniel said...

Great job so far. :)

I like the rounded-square buttons that Anonymous just posted.

Anonymous said...

i would like to see a better taskbar, like in the mockups, and the better krunner too :)

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if there would be some dividers between the menus and toolbars. Removing them all doesn't make it clean looking. It adds confusion for the eye because all elements are 'floating' free in space.

What about adding a few slight gradients to give the elements their own space, but still keeping it as a whole?


(the gradients might still be somewhat too strong there)

ezTol said...

Well, there is too much space between the icons and the label in the toolbar, much better in the mockup made by v¹n©ënt: http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/584/hej1vo1.png
Also the location bar looks much better in his mockup (it's not so visably clear in the screeenshot)

- The rounded max/close buttons are much better the the rounded squares

- realy liked the gradient-style in the mockups, was not so boring (but even this real screenshot looks good)

- active/inactive window was better in mockup by anonymus

- too much space on on left/right of scrollbar

And by the way: I think, commenting the taskbar doesn't make too much sense, since it has nothing to do, with the one that will be shipping with kde 4.0

skunk said...

I love the oxygen style, I have been using it on my svn testing box for a few days now. The only issue I have come across is in konqueror. The buttons and widgets do not seem to size correctly and often cut off most of the buttons text(using 8 font size). The text entry widgets in Konq also are a bit sketcy when it comes to size(as are the check mark buttons). Anyway other then that I am loving the style.



skunk said...

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skunk said...

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Anonymous said...

As for the dock widget frame: Yeah, this widget isn't really styler friendly, but it its possible to style it if it is done with the event filter. You could set the PM_DockWidgetFrameWidth to zero and use the dock widget's setContentsMargins() (not the layouts) function to get the needed space instead. On the paint event clip the painting like: QRegion reg = QRegion(dw->rect())-QRegion(dw->contentsRect()); reg = reg.intersected(((QPaintEvent*)e)->region()); and draw the frame - check dw->isFloating() if you want a different floating one.
You can even track the tabbars: at the show event, if the parent widget is a QMainWindow check with bar->parentWidget()->childAt(bar->geometry().topLeft().y()-1) if it's a south dock widget tabbar. Check the move event for it's hiding: geometry.x+g.w < 0 means its hidden :/ This will allow you to draw different frames for the docked/floating/tabbed states (eg. sunken/raised/raised) or a different bar for the docks :)

Anonymous said...


I think oxygen is really shaping up, and I don't really have much to complain about. Just one thing about the post--maybe you should have used a better color scheme! It would make it look more snazy... more like-able.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I like a lot of the interface's style, but I prefer the style glass & black for the task bar.

I think that this new style for the task bar is very... simple. Definitely, I don't like this new. I prefer the style of your other mockups.

Good job in general.

John said...

Too much white space. Overall the menus appear to need some tightening up---space used more efficiently.

Anonymous said...

to get a cleaner look, remove the underline under the shortcut letter for the menus and show it only when the user presses Alt. (windows xp/vista does that by default, btw)

Anonymous said...

shouldn't the text under the toolbar icons be smaller?

Anonymous said...

heres my comments:

Anonymous said...

When are people going to stop copying OS X/Vista and mashing them up into their own bastard child style? If you're going to do it, be original!

Anonymous said...

Linux <= Shit

Anonymous said...

Replace the floppy icons with a more contemporary symbol.

Ruben said...

Simples, mas excelente!

Parabens, compatriota!

Jeff Goldschrafe said...

I think the arrows above and below the scrollbar are a usability nightmare. Where in any standard theme it's very apparent that they're buttons and that they're pressable, these just look like some kind of status indicator to a novice user. Please consider adding some kind of visual marker to indicate to the user that these are clickable items.

Alan Denton said...

I have a suggestion - make the active window dec a different colour to gray (e.g. sky blue), and make all inactive windows the current gray-white, so it's easier to distinguish them. Also, maybe color the active window's button's some light shades of blue/green/red?

Another thing, and I know it's not strictly your area, is it possible to change the "GiB" in Dolphin to the more common "GB"?

Overall, it looks great! Thanks Nuno!

asdx said...

Thanks for your hard work Nuno and for the oxygen team too, I love this :)

Anonymous said...

rather bland. Does look any different than a normal beige box.

Autumn Autist said...

the scroll bar is ugly as hell, and so are the minimize, maximize and close button

but the rest is great (as usual)

Satchmo said...

Things I don't like:

- The color is too flat, it lacks most of the gradients we've seen in some mockups (I'm sure it's only due to the early stage of the implementation)

- The grip in the icon bar is _so_ KDE 3.1. You should be able to hide it or lock the bar as in kicker.

- The scroll bar jumps out of the monitor, i see it as the single most evident widget in the whole screen, and I really don't think it's the way it should be.

- Inactive windows look the same as the active ones.

Joseph said...

I like the look of the min, max, close buttons.

redbread said...

In this mockup I concentrated only on three aspects:

-How to differentiate active and inactive windows:
Desaturate the inactive window borders and icons by 80% but don't touch the window content.
..and fade the window title.

-Change little panel buttons:
The panel control buttons are smaller than the window control buttons and their position is not expected everytime in the upper right corner, so to be perceptible they have to be more bidimensional and contrasted.
Inspired by an old Everaldo's mockup

-added some contrast to the squared window buttons.

I hope my suggestions may be useful to the Oxygen team.
Thank you for the great work!

Jan said...

Nuno no meu ecran nao vejo o gradiente da janela (frame principal). Há pormenores aí que só com ecrans bons.
Outra coisa, o press effect na toolbar e o select na menulist podias melhorar ;)

Va continua com o bom trabalho!

aaron scott said...

Wow. Spacing issues galore. Here's a quick mockup, pointing out some of the more glaring issues:


Anonymous said...

Pfff, again I'm not impressed. The problem with OSS is that coders have no idea about design. That's why kde4 is full of wasted space due to very large icons and buttons, and it is full of fail.

Anonymous said...

Why'd they change the interface color? It reminds me too much of Windows XP's default theme now. It's a similar grey.

Oxygen: #E9E9D8
Luna: #ECE9D8

These are almost identical colors. A general user would probably have a tough time distinguishing the difference in the colors. They removed a slight amount of red compared to the Windows XP theme, but it's still very close. Screenshot of Windowx XP's theme for proof. http://www.metatheme.org/img/themes/luna.png

Samu said...

When I saw screenshots of beta 2, I was really excited about oxygen theme. It was very consistent and color choices were pleasant for any kind of working environment.

Now if you decide to use the new non-white color, you should note the downsides which are imo:

-it doesn't match surrounding colors of desktop nor common displays (black,silver)
-its a very ugly color:D
-And have to mention the strange gradient on top, that imo does nothing more than distracts

so I personally consider that this is not the way to correct contrast problems

Anonymous said...

Wooohooooooooo!! KDE 4 beta 3 released!

tecnocratus said...

I much, much better liked the breadcrumb bar as displayed in this mockup:


It looks a bit out of place in Dolphin's current implementation. In fact, it doesn't look like a bar at all.

Also the style in that mockup allows for better pannel alignment. I might add that the "places" pane should be also aligned to the bottom of the icon view area, so as to allow for a left-to-right, undisrupted status bar.

I also agree that the text labels in the main toolbar ought to be smaller and closer to the icons.

Lastly, I also agree that those greyish/textured scrollbars are dull and boring. You could make them a bit more colourful (but not green, as that would start up all the trolls about the bars looking too much like Vista's).

Other than that, *terrific* job, folks. Looking forward to the final art.

Anonymous said...

black!! i need it black!! XD

Looks great :-)

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing image...
This to me is a modern KDE.


I just hope KDE/QT are powerfull enough to allow this kind of attention to detail.

Even the small things like toolbar separators that blend into the toolbars so smoothly are worth the effort!

Something this easy on the eyes is productive by nature.

Javier said...

Love the new color scheme, really nice on the eyes, before it was too bright in my opinion.
I agree some of the details still need touchups (like the free space bar) but it looks gorgeous. Hreat job!

Anonymous said...

well.. i think i'll switch to kde again :)

.ema said...

I don't know if this is the default color scheme right now, rather a personal one from Caspar Boeman.
I rebuilt my kde4 environment to the actual svn and there actually is the old color scheme.
But Color is finally adjustable, Hurray!
And I see, some issues are already fixed (someone seems to have fixed the dolphin free space indicator - but still looks kinda weird).
Really like the green and orange in the oxygen theme!

Jamms said...

First of all, much respect! and secondly I tend to agree with much of the previous comments. Not enough contast. Especially since much of your theming revolves around that blue-black. I appreciate the clean look, although I think what makes the oxygen icons so appealing is their efficient use of color and shading. For example, the oxygen "file", (sheet of paper), icons owe much to their dark outer glow. I think tying in aesthetically with the network and trash icons, keeping the "metal" effect more subtle and "gradient-y", might look nice. Also, I agree with anonymous about the round buttons. So much of the theme is rounded squares. Why round buttons? I don't mean for this to sound like a rant, I very much appreciate your work. Thank You, Jamms

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to remove the title bar underline as in the mockup?
I would like to learn how to create themes just so I can make one based on these mockups for gnome avant-engine. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=603348
Any assistance on that would also be helpful, unless someone better suited would like to make the theme.

brinkka said...

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