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One more extention to the clock

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One thing that we in in the open source world have some problems with is the bad concept the round globe is, different hours around the globe and that developer you need is sleeping, and you have no clue wen will he be up. without doing some world time zones math.
So and in the spirit of "I'm to lazy to do that" we are creating another extension to the clock so you can with ease find hot wen the blasted ping will work. :)
Now the pretty picture.

The border might be a good idea to be adjustable in size, specially in the panel and wen an app. ix maximized.

PS this are plasmoids not actual windows


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Dado said...

This looks just amazing! Great work!

Anonymous said...


Dave Taylor said...

Please Please create an alarm clock and a countdown timer. Kalarm is completely functional but it's the ugliest and least user friendly app I have seen.

superstoned said...

afaik, someone is working on that already...

Marcel said...

Yes, it looks cool. However, I hate the ugly fat borders. Please, make them go away or give us an option to "extra slim" them...other than that, promising! :)

dave taylor said...

Marcel, Got to admit I like the borders like that on plasmoids but extra slim is good for window borders.

nuno pinheiro said...

Dudes the windows DONT HAVE those borders at all, just plasmoids!

Anonymous said...

I assume clicking on the date brings up the calendar and clicking on the little globe gets you the timezone view.

In that case I miss a one-click way to go from the calendar view to the timezone view.

It certainly *looks* kick-ass though =)

cheko said...

Really nice!
Small note, in your current screenshot is the complete name of the month and the abbreviation of the month in the top left corner.

Anonymous said...

Very nice,
in the timezone-view, can you use the globe as a slider-button to switch the timezone? Is that the idea? Would be cool...

Anonymous said...

I want them all on my desktop, yet I don't need to see the actual hour 3 times.
Might be nice if that could be tweaked.

Anonymous said...

wow, wow, wow. that style looks so clean and modern. you are definitely a design god

Mirko said...

Whoaa.. simply amazing!

felipe said...

Very cool, I'd like it to be something like a default style for all plasmoids with similar widgets.

Definately +++

Dado said...


What about doing adding date events (to KOrganizer, for example) straight from the plasmoid? :)

Diederik said...

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

The numbers looked cool already, but the calendar and timezone look soo nice too! I like it! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing ! great job Nuno ! *clapping hands*

the timezone is beautiful and i always liked the way the calender looks...

and yeah would benice to be able to change border size for those plasmoids...

Also it's a total must to have the option to just setting it off so there is no border at all..

ow yeah and those options should probably be avaiable at some central spot like kconfig....

but ill repeat myself... great work.. i have great respect for the work the oxygen team has done...(and we didnt see the finished KDE 4 yet ;) )

Fra said...

I think you're the best...

(an italian fan)

André said...

It looks very, very nice. Great work!
I take it the little globe rotates slowly to indicate where in the word it is noon? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic! Will the clock change if an country is hovered?

Tyler said...

Is it possible to add events to this plasmoid like for rainlendar or it's just to display date and time?

Excellent job btw!

Hans said...

Yep, looks very nice. I have only one complaint: it's a little bit hard to see the current date (the one with a red border). Sure, I can see it when I look for it, but it's hard for me to detect with a first glance.
Maybe it's because I'm a slightly color blind (not really *blind*, rather defect).

And finally, two questions:
1. If I place the clock in a panel, will the world globe/calender grow out like "extenders"?
2. Will I be able to change "theme"/colors?

Keep up with the great work!

Louis said...

@ hans: I also have mild color blindness, and I had to look REALLY hard to see the current date outline.
@ nuno: Can it be changed to something with more contrast for accessibility purposes, pretty please? The rest looks awesome. As mentioned above, KOrganizer integration would be nice, too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. Thanks for your work on Oxygen.

Pinheiro said...

Well to most of the things hasked the anser is yes :) Riccardo aka ruphy man is coding this so most tectnical questions should be redirected, im sure he reads my blog :P.
About the red border i wanted to had a bit of coulor there but i think i will make the number bold to so its more distinguishable.

Marcel said...

Well, it doesn't really matter if it's a plasmoid or a windows...the borders are ugly anyway. Ever thought uf the users running 1024x768? Waste of space...just annoying.

Anonymous said...

but borders are nice for those who have a bigger resolution

Anonymous said...

just get a better monitor, there is no reason to make kde4 look like crap just because people still use a old 1024x768 resolution

Anonymous said...

i use a 1024x768 monitor and the size of the borders is fine imho. and they look great!

Kishan.Bobba said...

I think you people don't know the importance of PADDING.
Give some padding to the numbers in the calender. Decrease the padding of the glass around calender window.
I am tired of watching all the stuff with no proper padding including the window manger mock ups.
I am afraid we may end up with too much tweaking and no uniform layout.

I am really loosing hopes on this project.

Do check the apple people.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with the padding of numbers.

The glass borders, however, do need to be worked on a bit more because I can it looking redundant on every window, plasmoid and kicker itself.

Nice work anyways!

Kishan.Bobba said...

I may not be as wise as you people but please consider these observations:

Some of the important factors we are missing in the whole oxygen icons theme is need for a good FONT and PADDING.I believe these two things bring around 50% look to the desktop along with color pallet and intelligent use of them. People in open source missing these things and ending up creating a wild artwork except Mozilla.
Here are some of my observations case by case:

1.Reducing borders for the calender app does not harm much. For example considering the padding between border and actual window is 2px then reducing it for 1px gives it a good look. Infact having no border around them will give a widget like look.

2.Look at the numbers in the calender app. Have a close look at the number 25 or 30. They are ugly having no padding. Removing the squares around the numbers gives the calender a clean look.

3.Instead of red border around the 'current day' it would be good to use a white embossed border square gives a good look

4. Even the windows mock ups there are no padding at all. for example imagine this, select a word doucment in the window manager and look at the padding around the document icon. top and bottom padding is too much compared to the right and left hand side padding. Both the four sides should have equal padding.

5.Most important factor is font. I would like to see the oxygen icons team putting effort to create a new font or try to find out a decent font from the existing. one of the reasons for mac desktop gives us a refreshing feeling is mainly because the font.

Other than that I love the idea of using the black color for Desktop environment and the Icons are really good.

I would like to quote the comments by Jonathan Ive - Designer of Mac and Ipod.

The design we practice isn’t about self expression. I don’t want to see a designer wagging his tail in my face. I want to see a problem solved, and in a way that acknowledges its context

"It's all about removing the unnecessary"

I hope you people are open to ideas and Please consider my observation.

Kishan.Bobba said...

This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcel said...

"just get a better monitor"

yeah, sure. what an idiot you are.

"there is no reason to make kde4 look like crap just because people still use a old 1024x768 resolution"

bout 65% of kde users still run 1024x768 u moron. and the borders look like cluttered crap, no matter what resolution i use.

Temet said...

Very cool.
Good work!

Pinheiro said...


Well i don't consider myself wise at all, At best i might have some good common sense of prettiness and usability.

First good font, well we oxygen team cant tackle the entire universe of OSS problems, good font in the OSS world is a problem its a well know problem. I'M currently using the great fonts from RED HAT "liberation font". Also the font rendering as lot to do with is and not the font itself. And the opinions on the subject are all but uniform, some people prefer windows font some apple, i for one like the fonts one my mandriva box. Yes font creators of the world join our team to supply the best OSS fonts ever.

Padding, sorry i don't agree with you in most cases you pointed, using some kind of padding fixed rule will not make it look better the padding i have done there is common esthetic good sense padding.
Also this clock is inspired on a clock i seen in real life and a style used in the 70's there is a retro feeling to it. i agre that some numbers are not perfect but i have the not fix width problem with the fonts so some numbers are a bit to big... don't think the problem is that huge.

Windows mock ups, Those are mostly individualized widgets that i put in a window for context, yes the bg is there for that reason also... windows are done in qtdesigner. All of the widget padding we can do in the oxygen code will be done but its mostly the developer creating his app UI that has that power. Yes if we had the manpower we would like to do UI lift app for most apps in KDE.

Finally the white border getting tired of saying this, its has function not there just cause its pretty, its supposed to help group plasmoids and telling you they are grouped, in a nice clean visual way. also helps you to have clear area to move them arround wen overing the white border some option buttons might show up to give you extra function.

Want to help us? You seem to have good strong knowledge on several issues that are in our area so please join us in #oxygen for talk and work.

Pinheiro said...

1 please be polite no need for that.
"bout 65% of kde users still run 1024x768"
were did you got those numbers judging from my blog stats... its around 17.77%
most are using, 1280x1024 29,03%
1280x800 14,05%
btw 1920x1200 is 4,35% 1680x1050 10,86% and finaly
800x600 is now 0,56%.
so yes screens are geting biguer all the time, its a clear trend.

Anonymous said...

im using 1440x900 right now, but soon i will be using a bigger one

Iuri Fiedoruk said...

This looks very good, but the timezones lines are a bit off. at least in the case of brazil that I can tell. But as it is a very small picture of the timezones its no big deal :)

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea, it would be really cool when you switch workspaces like this:


and you click one, you get the workspace with more contrast and things like that, i know you will implement this, but just in case ;)

Anonymous said...

I briefly worked on an alarm clock using a much earlier version of your code base, and I planned to come back and work further, but if someone else is already going to do it, I might give up.

BTW, your screenshots made me drool.

Andreas said...

Nice! But the black line cutting through the big numbers in the clock needs some more love. It would look better if would cut each number in a slightly tilted or irregular fashion and with more anti-aliasing. That would make it look more "real". Now I can not decide if it looks good or like a bug :-)

The old story, I dont think this colors are good thing.
I don't now about the default color scheme from kde4, but... that color seems a lot with vista style, and that is not so good !


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