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Something different 2.0

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Ok, has promised some new images for your avatar needs.

Now were should i put this ones?


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Sebastian said...

Player images for KDE games?
Avatars for kopete, maybe?
User faces for kdm?

Sandra said...

These are great! I also loved the ones you posted the other day! Please post them on kde-looks.org somewhere, and tell us where!

DanaKil said...

Nice and funny :)

In another subject, I was wondering if there is a dedicated team for creating and choosing the wallpapers in KDE4 or if this is a task for the distributions ?

KDE really need some high quality photography (nature, landscape...) :)

Pinheiro said...

Well i taken a bit of that responsability, along wir our oficial photografer KWWII, we are still missing on a good defoult one, and i promised myself to d at least 2 good svg's.
if you guys ane outstanding photoas plees send me a bus or somthing im serachinf fora a good bananaleafs wallpaper...

Anonymous said...

they're really funny.

THEY OUGHT TO BE INCLUDED IN KDE; maybe for people to use in Kopete or for User Picture.

I love the orange four-eyed alien.

Lenita T. said...

Love them, my love!!!