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For the past days in have been working on an icon for Kolourpaint, and also a nice business card for KDE.
Well the card is coming along, but i think it has still has a lot of work to be done.
But the Kolourpaint icon is done.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My first idea was to make some splashed ink on the bottom, but some ideas really don't work ;).
Any way, i am now counting the days to the akademy.


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Anonymous said...

Hm, sexual context here

Anonymous said...

It's "Kolourpaint", not "Kolorpaint".

Pinheiro said...

Sory about that, :(
I have just fixed it.

philipptr said...

the brush looks great (especially the detail on the wood), but i would say that the blue drop looks too much like the green so i would change the hue a bit.. but anyway you did a great job on it :)

Anonymous said...

really good, and I second the 'make the blue more deep' mention :-)
also: would sorting the drops as R-G-B instead of G-B-R be more meaningful ?
cool work!

Bram said...

Great icons, but....

Boudewijn wrote that Krita had a new icon too. Also a brush. So both applications have a quite similar icon.

pinheiro said...

good idea on the changing the drops position.
that way i will not even nead to change the blue

everaldo Coelho said...

Hi Pinheiro!

Very nice work!
please contact me at MSN


MarcoGomes said...

Parabéns pela excelente contribuição com o Software Livre.

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