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A a litle fun.

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So its has been a long time since I published anything Oxygen-KDE related. Well been taking some time off from the extreme amount of responsibility/work Oxygen/KDE was. It was for the best and its great fun seeing Breeze develop its own little magic. They are just great.
Plus gets me the time to reinvent my design language and skill sets in a vastly different design language world from what we had just a few years ago.
I might start something new for fun that is a bit more structured, things are starting to make sense to me and more important its fun again.

Any way a picture in every post right? So here goes a new take on a wallpaper I did a few years ago, quadros2.


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Unknown said...

Hi Nuno. Nice you see you on planet! It has been a while :)

The wallpaper is great. Just set it as my default. Kudos.

very nice wallpaper!!!

Keith Z-G said...

Really appreciate the work you've done in the past; a lot of it I've now stared at every day for years! Looking forward to the output of the fun you have going forwards, you definitely deserve some fun after all you've given to the community :)

Roman Priesol said...

Welcome back! I am glad that I didn't removed your blog from my RSS reader :)

Baltasar Ortega said...

The triangles are death!!! Long live to the Squares!!! Great wallpaper.

右京样一 said...

Hope it can be the next default KDE wallpaper.
The present wall paper is weirdly twisted and not fit the other part of the desktop.

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