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Back to our basic desktop icon-s.

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This weekend I spent most of the time playing with one icon that will be really useful to present our desktop line of products... A laptop (ultrabook kinda)... I ended up overdoing it a little bit to the point were it only made sense to look at it in 2048x2048 pixels :) so hardly an icon, and that wasn't the point, the point was to make an illustration of a desirable product that could show our KDE main Desktop. The fact that We can use it as a device icon is just a fortunate coincidence ;).

Its still filed with multiple glitches (like the keys a bit  "off", or overdone contrasts) but I think it will do its joob, as will the TFT screen I plan on doing next week.

Cheers and keep on having fun.

PS (the icon versions will show as usual modified and simplified version of this illustration so it remains easy to recognize and not a smear of pixels, you can already see that in the 128x128 version up there)


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Mohammad said...

awesome icon !

I really love to see kde distro ship an ultrabook.

really awesome work I start to love you Pinheiro from watching your icons :)

ChALkeR said...

One thing i noticed: keyboard keys generally do not reflect things, because they are mat.

The keyboard on your image reflects the «oxygen» logo and the display.

Pinheiro said...

@ChALkeR i wanted the keybord to be more glossy than usual, so I could hint a very slight curvature in it, and make it look clean.
So yes I know its reflecting the logo and the display, it was not unintentional as I had to draw it there :)

Same goes for the body of the computer that is displaying nothing less than 3 reflections in order to create a more natural reflection gradient

Jos Poortvliet said...

1. Looks a lot like my Samsung s9
2. The tough pad would probably be centered with the space key, not the laptop center.
3. Awesome.

Pinheiro said...

@Jos Poortvliet yes it does dough some people keep saying it's a mac book pro.

Андрей said...


Having that "K" button on my laptop (instead of button with "some other logo") would be awesome!

Pinheiro said...

@jimmac thank you :)
svg rocks :)

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