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Back to basics

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What you see up there is a icon for a new KDE App Picmi, a kinda sudoku like game but more fun.. It's still a work in progress but I think its looking nice and retaining that level of fun that games like this have...

It was to me a bit of retro gaming style so I opted to bend traditional oxygen icon style a bit to fit what the game was all about.

And that served as a great excuse to talk about some of my personal plans for 4.10....
No mater what some people might say I don't think the Linux desktop is dead, I mean my KDE is  working wonderfully here, fits my needs as a work desktop that I mostly interact with with a keyboard and a mouse.
So for 4.10 I plan to work on that basic experience people know as the KDE desktop, you know the plasma-desktop shell, the oxygen theme a new wallpaper and a few more things I find time to do. 

That reminds me, do you have design skills?
Do you want to work on something brilliant?
Want to help define the desktop millions use?

Join us at #oxygen for fun and work.



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wryrych said...

Really cute! Nuno, you’re awesome designer!

Yoda said...

Cute indeed, just one thing: pixels are to dark, hardly noticeable in smaller sizes. Maybe brighter ones?

Pinheiro said...

@Yoda as I make the smaller icons i make sure contrast is good enough, 64x64 is already IMO needing some work http://6g6.eu/sih0-sem-ttulo21%0A.png

Hans Benker said...

This must be the best news I have heard about KDE in a long time! Someone cares about the basics and wants to deliver a desktop to simple users like myself.

Don't get me wrong. I really value the work of KDE developers. Very valuable research with a lot of innovation that helps move science to new levels and also helps to dampen silly patent wars when you can demonstrate it all existed before.

Unfortunately, along the way the desktop for ordinary users got out of sight and KDE became a pure research vehicle. I had used KDE for 8 years and dumped it for XFCE, when I fell flat on my face with KDE 4.7, mainly due to Akonadi.

Now if "back to basics" delivers something as stable and easy to install as XFCE, combined with the coolness of KDE, then I will come back immediately. The fact that I still hang around on the KDE blogs shows that I do miss KDE. So yes, I fully support the idea that the desktop is not dead.

And by the way, there is another concept, I don't think is dead, but which KDE equally ignores because it has come out of fashion: the traditional client/server architecture (e.g. NFS/NIS). That's basics to me, a desktop that works on NIS/NFS.

So I wish you well with your "back to basics" for KDE 4.10. I am sure to try it out (unless I am scared away by too many announcements of new features).

Hans Benker

josephk said...

Hi Nuho,

first of all, let me say that the default experience feels really mature, complete and elegant as of SC 4.9.

Anyway, here I'd like to offer few observations about theming in KDE:

- While "Air" is in really good shape, "Air-netbook" doesn't match up to par. Using a first-gen atom netbook, there's 0 performance gain with it. Just remove it.
- Same thing for "Oxygen" plasma theme: much better to create a new more coherent and easier to mantain "Air-Dark" version with dark backgrounds (what we find with Ambience/Radiance)
- Same treatment for a new Oxygen-Dark colour scheme (even if Obsidian Coast is perfect to me).
- Video players and image vieweers should default to that black colour scheme.
- I still feel that Oxygen Qt theme buttons need little more padding.
- Another unpopular basics are the neon-blue shades for highlighted windows.
- The decocaration button "Show in all workspaces" is really obscure thing for people that don't use them, shouldn't have all that highlight-position.
- Looking foreward to integration of App menu into decoration in 4.10.
- Above all, a new QML Oxygen decoration ready for 4.10?
- KDM greeter should be widely revamped, QML-fied if possible, always having an eye on lightDM, who's looking for official integration in the SC.
- Get ready with the new qml Kspalsh theme, a coherent design must drive KDM-Ksplash-Workspace transition.
- Making a new "Appearence" category gouping ALL application and workspace appearence, because current system-settings organization is a whole MESS.
- I stil feel a bit awkward the friction between workspace theme and the applications one. Maybe resolved in SC 5.0?

Hope you apprecieted it.
Great job, have fun!

blogit said...

Great design work and best of luck in your "back to basics" for KDE 4.10.

Unknown said...

@Nuno, will this be implemented for 4.10?

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