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In the beginning there was a screen.

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This is where desktops, exist. and its a part of my "back to basics" series to take a look at our traditional desktop, up there 256x256, 128x128, and 64x64 icon versions of a more modern screen in the same style as the laptop, and just like the laptop works in bigger sizes...
So probably you will see it used in other situations than just the icon use...  

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Back to our basic desktop icon-s.

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This weekend I spent most of the time playing with one icon that will be really useful to present our desktop line of products... A laptop (ultrabook kinda)... I ended up overdoing it a little bit to the point were it only made sense to look at it in 2048x2048 pixels :) so hardly an icon, and that wasn't the point, the point was to make an illustration of a desirable product that could show our KDE main Desktop. The fact that We can use it as a device icon is just a fortunate coincidence ;).

Its still filed with multiple glitches (like the keys a bit  "off", or overdone contrasts) but I think it will do its joob, as will the TFT screen I plan on doing next week.

Cheers and keep on having fun.

PS (the icon versions will show as usual modified and simplified version of this illustration so it remains easy to recognize and not a smear of pixels, you can already see that in the 128x128 version up there)

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Back to our basic desktop.

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In the last weeks I been spending more than a fair bit of time working on what I consider the basic desktop, you know what we usually know as KDE that will be reincarnated soon in 4.10...

The focus so far as been mostly in decluttering most of the visual junk that had no  functionality, In a way making our KDE more simple without making it more "dumb".

So far I'm happy with a new wallpaper still a W.I.P. (I for some reason hallways need to start with a new wallpaper canvas.)

Me and Marco Martin moved into clean air a "bit" and I'm really happy with the progress so far.

We are also trying to improve some fundamental aspect of oxygen windeco in correlation with how apps can use it, for example letting apps use some features of  oxygen automaticly.
The test app for this as been decided to be Gwenview. And if all goes well we get this on kde 4.10.....

Sooooo, I start to look at the app this week end and I notice that the Background is a solid dull colour, and I thought.....hummm... "a texture would be much nicer" sooo I get to do one..... Problem (there is always one right?) textures need to be tested....So I had to make a little demo QML app to test a texture.... The result (texture not the QML) is what you can see above, plus a black opacity mask on top so that one can make it more or less dark depending on what you like best...

But once I created the little demo I could not resit and expand it into including possible replacement for the thumbnail view in Gwenview. (don't like it much)
The result can be seen in the video down here ;)...


I'm not sure Aurélien Gâteau will be interested in using any of this (I'm sure my code is way to messy to be used in any way and he probably as a much more efficient code under the current gwenview) , hopefully the noise texture will be ok to be used and that was the point. But its fun what one can do in QML over a few hours of trial and error code/design.

Any way and more importantly 4.10 is looking like our best KDE Desktop ever ;)

More in the coming weeks....

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Back to basics

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What you see up there is a icon for a new KDE App Picmi, a kinda sudoku like game but more fun.. It's still a work in progress but I think its looking nice and retaining that level of fun that games like this have...

It was to me a bit of retro gaming style so I opted to bend traditional oxygen icon style a bit to fit what the game was all about.

And that served as a great excuse to talk about some of my personal plans for 4.10....
No mater what some people might say I don't think the Linux desktop is dead, I mean my KDE is  working wonderfully here, fits my needs as a work desktop that I mostly interact with with a keyboard and a mouse.
So for 4.10 I plan to work on that basic experience people know as the KDE desktop, you know the plasma-desktop shell, the oxygen theme a new wallpaper and a few more things I find time to do. 

That reminds me, do you have design skills?
Do you want to work on something brilliant?
Want to help define the desktop millions use?

Join us at #oxygen for fun and work.


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Time for a pause

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Call pause icon.... I'm biased in relation to this set as I think its overly detailed with to many features... there are many many missing, but its a WIP.

The idea here is mostly to try to use context, so this icons will only work if they are some how grouped or shown in a given context in this case a telephonic context. (so in the call-pause icon I dispense the use of the phone speaker visual element and trust the context.)
Its a good example of some of the problems we end up with with generic icons sets were we need to repeat visual elements as we don't have control over the context, this end up creating overly cluttered with information icons, and worse they look stupid as they repeat the same information over and over again.

Problems with looking stupid is that in a way we are calling our users stupid repeating the same message over and over again.

This type of analysis is something I have been doing a lot lately, I believe that the way we tell the story of our app is fundamental to establish a relation with the user. In a way I think we should think our UI's as a conversation with a user, were first we present yourself, what we do  and how good we are at it. And them move on in to inviting for interaction, and providing pleasant experiences for series of actions.

So and for this case wen looking at row of icons I try to see the overall message and how it will be interpreted by the user...


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The litle guys are icons 2

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So to complete my  Bug 252729 killing the little guys

Cheers... A new one tomorrow.

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One icon a day keeps the doctor away

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Or was it an apple?

Hummm think apples are bad for you, so it must be icons ;)

Any way since this days I been trying to kill of old bugs, I thought Bug    269484  was long overdue sooo...

Will try to keep up the current pace of blog post see if we can motivate more people into joining oxygen project, and to show what we been doing...

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yesterday today tomorrow

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Realy quick post, lets see if I can keep this up ;)

Yesterday I killed a bug that was complaining that oxygen had no smartphone icon....

Today i start to kill the one that says that we don't have tablets.....
Tomorrow I will try to finish this one :)

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Back from Akademy

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Really quick post just to say that I'm back from Akademy were I meet old friends and made new ones, (as usual), had lots of fun, made my presentation, helped in a training, and still managed to do some work :)

So I'm back home and not as stressed with real day to day work as i was in the pass few months, And this gets me some time for bug killing in Oxygen icons.... today's victim..... A smart phone..... 

So in the center I feature Necessitas Qt's port for Android Operating System:) ....

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Dot 8

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Or 4.8, is Out......

The reason I say dot 8 is that oxygen started with the 4.x series, so now with dot 8 its alive for 4.5 years, its not a juvenile anymore.

Looking back I must say that I'm incredibly happy with what we did over the years, I think its without a question a fantastic proof that OSS people can coordinate efforts in to creating huge pieces of coherent design made by many, for more.
And doing that with the single motivation of sharing the LOVE poured in to that work.

OXYGEN is a true work of LOVE.     

From the early days 6 years ago, when me Ken and David started with that ambitious crazy project of redoing all of the KDE icon set, (yeah we thought that was ambitious), when we were going to be sported to do that job by a popular Distro. To the moment the plug was removed from the project. Passing trough the days I thought the future was black (literally i made all the icons black :) ). And the days we thought  we could do a widget theme as well, and inviting Thomas L. to help, To the moment we Saw Oxygen explode into everything you see in KDE this days. There was a common element.... The LOVE, the love for a project, the love for a community, the immense fun it was to push the boundaries of what our users expect and appreciate in KDE from a design perspective.

I love working with people Like  Hugo, (must mention him for the superb amazing work he as done), were we can almost hallways complete each others sentences.
Must mention our Ruphy (ricardo) that was for a good part, oxygen soul.
Also can't forget Casper, that literally saved us when all seemed lost.
And Marco Martin, for being the amazing person he his.
Ooooo and  Martin Gräßlin and the kwin team he represents, you guys rocked the way we talk together.
And the other many many many many people that shared the love of/for Oxygen over the last years.
I know I'm being terribly unjust to not mention you, but you have my LOVE.
And Finally, the most important person of them all YOU, the user of Oxygen, the countless You's that moaned at a icon or a folder I did, that congratulated Hugo on his work, or that still use David's icons, You that LOVE/HATE Oxygen, to you my utmost, thank you.


Oxygen still as a long way to go.  KDE 5.0 is still a distant mirage and oxygen still needs a lot of work, I will keep making what I know best, Icons, I still have over 1000 to do, we now have this missing piece of the Oxygen experience being worked by Vernon, the Oxygen Font.
And we have new people joining in every day like Eshat that is doing all of the 4,8 specific branding Kudos for that.
And by the time the last 4,X comes out Oxygen will be I hope mostly finished... and also I hope dead...:)

And Tomorrow.

Please do not see it as a bad thing, its a good thing, its just part of evolution. And the reason I'm saying this is to start to stern the designers out there to Join oxygen NOW!!! to be part of its future, I can say its has been the most fun personal enrichment experience, of my life. I don't know what will be the future, nor do i think I should as YOU must  have a word in it, But I'm super exited about it.
Do you want it to be the good child of oxygen? using many of Oxygen's lines and elements, or the rebel kid that denies is father??? Its is up to you to be part of that amazing journey now!

The challenges Oxygen faced 6 years ago are vastly different from the scenario we have for KDE in the coming years... From a Desktop design paradigm we now have to face several scenarios, several gadgets we need to excel at, wile keeping the same design language, new design paradigms languages we need to keep up with, new generation of users with different expectations and desires.
Plasma helps allot by providing flexible desktop shells that adapt to several different user interaction paradigms, with QML components, porting desktop apps into more different from factors will become less problematic (but they do require massive redesign in most cases). Having a Font will help us a lot manage the increasing range of display DPI's, on the market.

But all of this needs to be fulfilled by a new project.. Oxygen is/was great, join in to be part of the Next great thing OSS does in design.....

Please tell-me if I'm wrong in my assumptions, is this a good bad idea?