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Stop me please!

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In a couple of weeks, I will need to deliver yet another default wallpaper for KDE's 4.8-49 desktop editions.

So my brain wile starting to go in to “crazy” mode to try to find that specif edge, design pattern, blue, that will make me happy and hopefully our users happy as well... decided to have a look at what we have done over that 4.x series and, I saw a pattern alright.

The most common element in all of them is.... some guy named Nuno...

This must stop NOW!!.... Please help-me....but how??

So I had this idea.... what if some one else can create something better???

We are starting a contest to be ended 4 of December to create a new default wallpaper for 4.8-4.9.

The rules.....

Send it to nuno@oxygen-icons.org subject wallpaper2011 (please use this)
The license for the chosen ones will be LGPL In case they are not selected, they will remain sole property of its creator (I will not publish them).
Minimum size is 1920x1200Bonus points for creating other screen ratios.
Photos are accepted.
Must have a defining element that can be used in kde branding (very important)
Jury, composed by me, Lydia Pintscher, and Ingo Malchow.

Prize..... Having your work used by millions (or close to that :) ). Not having yet another Nuno's wallpaper in your desktop.

Results will be visible in next KDE release, winners will be informed as soon as we know :)

We will chose up to 3 wallpapers only one will be default.

Some side notes..... KDE core branding values, revolve around Elegance, Freedom, and ease of use, we would love to see that in the default wallpaper.

Have fun :)


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burke said...

I think your Wallpaper in 4.2 and 4.5 are realy well designed and represend KDE very well. You just have to admit that your style and your taste shape the KDE brand quite big. So, I think you should do the next wallpaper.

And if you're not sure about that then just create several different wallpaper and let the users choose.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy Nuno is doing it very well ;)

JR said...

In my opinion what needs major revision is the default sound theme. The login and logout sounds are simply... not that good. They're not even harmonious.

They've been with us since the start of KDE 4, which in its own should warrant a rework/revision.

Pinheiro said...

@JR Nuno Povoa was working on a new one. we will see

BartOtten said...



It's an old one but it did the job very well (better than the current one imho). Looks good with many themes, widget-friendly and a color that gets noticed.

Whatever is gonna win, this one should be shipped until end 2015!

damipereira said...

I'd suggest something more minimal and simple, or some natural background

I specially liked this one:
maybe something a bit more clear, so it combines better with the air plasma theme would fit well.

Anonymous said...

This one
is probably the worst in all KDE 4.* cycle.

... Why not to use the stripes?

TGM said...

How is there not a crop circle version of your more recent wallpapers...?

burke said...

I also think that the default wallpaper of 4.4 (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4001/4374306464_d2eaf14812.jpg) was horribe. I don't like it at all. It doesn't fit into the line of the others.

But anyway. If you cannot decide between two good submissions, let the users decide ;)

damipereira said...

I second the suggestion of the stripes wallpaper, it looks very nice, and it's easily theme-able for each distribution.

PD: I also think http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4001/4374306464_d2eaf14812.jpg was the worst default wallpaper for kde 4.x.

What I'd love to see is more wallpapers that look good with widgets over them, a pattern, for example, looks good even if you cover it up with widgets.

Unknown said...

Go see perfecthue.com :)

m2j said...

I guess, I will not have the time to play around and try to create a nice wallpaper. But maybe s/o other wants to try and does not have I idea, where to start. So my thoughts about it:

A stylized cloud might be a good start. Think it might serve as a good defining element and could represents the branding values of KDE quite good.

Brillegeit said...

But, but, but. I love the current style. Although the latest was to.. in focus.

brot said...

Why should we stop you, your wallpapers are a nice default choice. And the other ones that KDE comes with are very good, too.

Your wallpapers are pleasing the eye and neutral :)

Anonymous said...


Its not mine. but set it for your wallpaper on default kde 4.7 and its like a christmas treat for 4.8 not really submitting for it to be used just really gives KDE 4.8 a present bright future look to it. To me anyway.

Anonymous said...


it's absolutelly impossible to work with such a bright wallpaper.
I don't know for you, but I have not yet intention to wear the glasses.

Anonymous said...

I have a tent screen, so yeah I see your point lol. but its pretty easy to modify the brightness and still get the clarity and style of that wallpaper:)

poletti.marco said...

FWIW, I still use this (old) one:

It's a green version of the Atra Dot wallpaper, shipped with openSUSE.

IMHO, it's not too bright or noticeable, so that you can see your desktop icons and get your work done instead of having to notice the screensaver every time.

Anonymous said...


Not "OK", not "nice", but EPIC.

Last one was OK, nothing more.


Windows has great wallpapers.
In fact graphics is the only thing that is good in Microsoft's Windows.
Marketing people at microsoft know that simple truth: nice and consistent GUI is 20% of the success. And great wallpapers are a big part of it.

papa said...

Maybe ... Should we ask to non-KDE users ! Submitting the challenge to other "artists" on the web ;)

Could you imagine it ? If somebody would give you the possibility to design a whole desktop finely, that would be used by so manys ? Nowadays there are so much artists on the scene already doing their best with restrictive tweaking tools on their proprietary platform... So why not tempting them, and see the best they could deliver ?

Anonymous said...

I would like to have a photo like this one as "epic" background.

Sadly it is not mine but, maybe, the author will agree to let kde to use it as a wallpaper.


Gustavo said...

very nice! How is there not a crop circle version of your more recent wallpapers...?

eshat said...

I worked on two minimal wallpapers, that I've already proposed.

Anonymous said...

www.math.uni-bielefeld.de/~eshat/kde_wallpaper/ariya1.html is OK, but that's all. Just OK.

I don't like www.math.uni-bielefeld.de/~eshat/kde_wallpaper/ariya2.html at all.

Anonymous said...

As much I hate to say as photographer, but wallpapers can not usually be photographs as they include too much small details what does not look good.

Every photograph can look great alone. But when you place icons, widgets, panels or even windows top of it, they start looking bad and hard to read and see and wallpaper is reason why so happens.

The default wallpaper needs to be a very plain, without distraction of small details. Example what the Eineki suggested, it just does not work as clouds has too much details.

But even that wallpaper would be plain and without small details, it might not fit at all as wallpaper.

Getting a great wallpaper isn't just about the image itself, but the usability point as well. Colors, motions... everything.

Anonymous said...

Will you please change the default icon for "Recently Used" in Kickstarter as well? :)

Anonymous said...

I mean kickoff

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Sofa said...

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