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Desktop Sumit or paper planes

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In a couple of hours I will be entering a slightly modified version of the example up above in direction to Not so Sunny Berlin, Hoping I will meet some old friends and recent friends, and make quite a few more along the way.

I will be giving a talk about a very Hot topic also involving paper planes.. QtQuick and its language QML, how I feel about it and how i think its a great thing but also a terrible one, if in the wrong hands.

O BTW have you noticed that 4.7 is out of the door including some new folder icons ??? :) more interested to know if you hate them I'm interested in all the people that after a period of disliking them now think they are better than the old ones.


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Anonymous said...

these folder icons are the best ones we had so far
for 2 years i used the first versions you developed for kde 4.0 but never released (with the curved sides), but now i stick with these new ones

Anonymous said...

I do like the new icon^^
there is a small problem though:

e.g. in Dolphin, when you fully zoom out, the folder icons suddenly change to the old ones, which have a different color. this kinda looks weird IMHO.

another problem is, that the new “open file icon” looks ugly IMHO. I prefer the old style icon in that case.

BajK said...

At first I didn’t like the new folder icons (but you know, Humans, they always dislike what’s new and/or different :P) but now I really got used to them.
But I think they don’t fit into the rest of the icons. The files are all with washed-out grey colors and then we have intense blue folders. Also, the overlays which you basically left untouched, don’t fit in my eyes. And for the documents and pictures, I find them hard to distinguish from the rest (especially in the Dolphin Places panel) because the pictures are now stacked inside the folder (which is logical, sure, and a nice idea as well) but I find the picture thing hard to spot.

Anonymous said...

don't like new icons...

Damage Inc. said...

You are one of the best designers but this time I think the new icons are one step back, it seems taken for GNOME 2 ..
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to express our opinion

Stefan Buller said...

My first reaction to the new folder icon (haven't used it, just saw it on a blog) was one of disgust. It reminded me of everything I always hated about gnome's appearance. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt - maybe it'll grow on me. You definitely have a track record of success; KDE's icons have been beyond excellent for quite a while now.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work as always.
I didn't like the new folder icons at first, but they have grown on me and I now largely prefer them to the old ones (however, I still don't think they look so good at small sizes).
Thanks for helping to make the KDE desktop so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the new icons; especially when there are a lot of folders to look at in the "icon view mode". My eyes go cross-eyed trying to read the names with the horizontal-lined icons trying to steal attention.

My preference is for subtle elegance rather than loud noise. Though, that said, these new lined icons could server very well to, dynamically, highlight a folder or folders for whatever reason.

To sum up, for me, the lines in these new icons have highlighted each and every folder as important, when that is not the case.

Andrew Skripshak

Anonymous said...

"It reminded me of everything I always hated about gnome's appearance."

My *exact* sentiment (and I largely moved from Gnome to KDE because Gnome looked so mind bogglingly hideous at the time). Square. Blocky. Cartoony solid colour. Random blue stripe that really doesn't seem to exist for any reason. Did this really come out of team Oxygen?

I love virtually every other icon I've ever seen the Oxygen Team create and I've been using these for months, but I actually dislike them more now. Especially the whole blue stripe thing.

I just wish I had the time to release a derivative icon set that was basically the 4.7 Oxygen icons with the 4.6 folder icons instead.

damian said...

@last annon: There is already a theme with 4.6 folder icons (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=142662)
Personally I don't like how the icons look in small sizes, specially notable in dolphin's places side panel, In big sizes I do like them more than the old ones.
Maybe the stripe should have a little less contrast with the rest of the icon, just a very wild guess as I'm not an artist.
Another things that annoys me a bit is how folders for different types of media are made different, pictures are in the folder, videos out in the middle, almost everything else out on the right, etc.
But it is still a very good work, I love the other icons, the new ones seem to have a few rough edges, but I'm sure it will get better.

Victor said...

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Victor said...

I don't like the horizontal line on folder icon - it's stealing attention in small sizes.
Otherwise - thank you for your work.
I think every year you become more experienced and make better and better graphics.

SexyMimi said...

Ok, I confess : indeed I stopped hating them.
Well, let's say I don't don't like them. But something keeps puzzling me when I watch it : what's that stripe on the bottom of the folder ?

mofux said...

hi nuno!

the new folder icons are cool and i think more mature than the old ones but:

i had to clean up my home folder to make them work!

why is this? -

i think they steal too much attention and inside a messy folder with lots of other files inside something just doesn't seem to fit right. maybe it is the colors and the hard outlines.

apart from that on a tidy folder i think they look great :]

keep up the good work!

Xeno said...

I liked old ones more. New icons aren't bad themselves, but seems to not fit well with rest of the oxygen theme.
While oxygen theme is rather bright, high contrast one, new icons feel a bit dull.
Ont the bright side they'd perfectly fit the Gnome desktop. :D

T_U said...

It took a couple of hours, but now I definitely prefer the new icons too :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a KDE user for several years and I like the new icons, in my opinion they are clearer than the older and have better contrast.
And i personally don´t think they are looking like gnome icons. (i don´t like gnome default icons either).


Anonymous said...

Nuno, I adore your work and the looks of Oxygen, but I ,too, am not quite happy with these new icons.

I initially really _hated_ the new folder icons. Over time, I did get used to them a little bit, but I still don't like them much and think they don't fit with the rest of Oxygen. I second the sentiment uttered repeatedly that this icon resembles the old Gnome style, which is considerably different from what Oxygen does. I hope this development is not a new trend on Oxygen. I did not know about the Oxygen icon set with the old folder icons on kde-look.org until I read the other comments here. I am going to install it now.


Autumn Autist said...

The line bugs me because it has no use, and they are stronger than the normal icons...

Unknown said...

In the end, I got used to it and now I like them. I like the old ones better but I don't hate them anymore. The problem is: they are perfect for a nice GNOME icon theme but they don't fit with the rest of Oxygen icons. They seem to be completely out of place.

Anonymous said...

I really like them. They look much more elegant.

toddrme2178 said...

I've been using them since somewhere in 4.6 and my reaction is still the same, they just don't fit in with the rest of the oxygen icons in my opinion.

The oxygen icons are almost exclusively fairly brightly colored, with a glow, reflective, or transparent effect, are curved, and have a nice feeling of depth or perspective to them. The old folder icons had that, and practically every other icon has that, but these new ones don't. They are fairly flat in their shading, darkly colored, have no shiny or transparent feel, don't have any depth or perspective, and have fairly sharp corners.

I honestly don't so much mind the line particularly, it could be made to fit in with the rest of the oxygen themes. Part of the problem with it, though, is that it is used inconsistently. Some of the folder icons use overlays, some use an image embedded in the folder, and some use a variant of the line (like "Home"). It makes it harder to know what you should focus on.

Anonymous said...

I was taken by surprise by new icons, at first I wanted old icons back but I was busy finishing a project and did not have time to tinker with my system. Now after a few weeks I do not mind the icons at all, I kind of like them. Thanks for providing us with nice eye candy.

Anonymous said...

The new folder icons look good, but do not fit to KDE and the rest of the oxygen theme. To ´toonish´ for my taste, the rest of the theme looks a lot mature.

But it´s half as bad, if you do not like them, you can simply use another.

if{} said...

Don't like, no coherence with KDE, don't fit to Oxygen Theme, don't fit to Plasma Theme, are a big step back. :-(

Maybe with another theme can be good!

Anonymous said...

The new folder icons are great. I really like them :)

Hfc said...


I do have a small problem with the overlays on the new folder icon.
On my system, most folders in my home directory are actually links to folders on a separate data partitions. This means that there is an additional "link" overlay that is now on top of the folder overlay now that they have been shifted to the right.

Here is a screenshot of what i mean : http://imagebin.org/166553

Don't know of this has already been reported on the bugtracker or something but, since you asked... :)

Thanks for all your work anyway and cheers.

Anonymous said...

The new folder looks nice at the size like in your image, but at smaller sizes and specially at 16x16 it looks too simple and appears thus gnomish. The colored ones doesn't also match the color of the rest of the set.

Pinheiro said...

Not going to comment on all of your great feedback.

Just one comment about the line, its not my original design and i tried removing it but the folder looks to empty and makes its wird,,,

Most of the other comments make sense, will work on it a bit more for the next release :)

Anonymous said...

Why do we need folder icons at all?

Make a hybrid view of folders as if they were in "List View" (Nautilus) but without any graphical elements except text and files as if they were in "Icon View" (Nautilus).

Our default file manager view would then look something like this:

/folder name
/folder name

FILE.mp3 FILE.png FILE.wmv

Autumn Autist said...

IHMO I think the line should be on top of the carton folder as a decooratiive line, not something that seams like you have cut the folder and made levitate the upper part... make it a decoration strike maybe, and take it off were you have a folder with icon on top. Then again remember this is a very Humble Opinion

jamms said...

Thank you, for the opportunity to give feedback. The new folder icons seem to show up better against a background, than the old ones. They look a little more inspired by OS X folder icons. To me, that is not a bad thing. The folders seem to deviate from the slight gloss, highlighted aesthetic of the rest of the theme, and look as though they would look at home in GNOME. I know that you've commented on the stripe, but you asked. I don't like the stripe for two reasons:
Firstly, it draws focus, at a glance my pictures, home, etc. folders are harder to distinguish; the badges aren't as easy to see.
Secondly, they are folders. They are instantly recognizable, yet detailed down to the flecks of white. The stripe has no real analogue and detracts, not just aesthetically, there is a weirdness to it that takes away i.e. the "door" in the "home", my brain for an instant goes "what is that?". Have you considered a Moleskine style elastic band? Finally, thank you for your awesome contribution to KDE.

Fri13 said...

+ New icons fits better as they are not made "glass"

+ The colored directory icons are very nice, example the red, green and especially orange folder. Those are no colors what looks great (much better than 4.6 version colors).

+ The "sharpness" of the icons now fits to rest of the oxygen style

+ I like the idea of etched home icon.

- The folder icon style does not at all to Oxygen.
They look too much Gnome and especially Mac OS X folder icons.

- The special folders (Pictures, Videos, Downloads etc) does not fit well with the Home icon. (The small icons on special folders are great but folder itself does not fit to them).

- When resizing icon size, there is too many steps what cause icons to blur badly (not actually problem of icon set, but the lack of great SVG engine what could give as true scalable icons in use).

Conclusion & opinion:

They do look better than older Oxygen directories because non-opaque feeling.
But personally I would not take folder what is in shape of that or colored as blue. I would welcome more the orange colored icon.

So far I see more problems with the current "icon engine" than with the oxygen style.
I want to make own special folder icons just by tagging wanted special icons top of the chosen base folder. Without editing icons itself or doing MIME-type icon changes.

Personally I ended to do my own icon set for folder. In idea of "drawers" instead "folders".
Some how I find it "stupid" to have a "Folder inside a folder" instead "directory inside a directory" (Yes, I am old school person about Directory vs Folder naming) so I used the wonderfull Dolphin icon as base to build own icons for directories.
Result was this kind (not perfect):


I would love to see the Oxygen folder icons to be developed more but now it felt the change was done only because change and not by real purpose.

And I think my critisism can be connected to comments what people say when they see new Oxygen icons first "You have customized your Mac OS X to be very different" when using the default (pure) Oxygen (KDE SC 4.7 release installation) style.

We can have better icons than Mac OS X, GNOME and Windows offers? Right? RIGHT?
I dont want to copy their identity for files.

One folder icon what I really like (by style) is the nuoveXT 2 icon set. http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/nuoveXT+2?content=62630
And thats why I like the current Oxygen orange folder icon as it looks similar.

To get a great directory icon is hard and there are lots of opinions. Good thing is that it is possible to switch the icon theme if wanted. But I can think most will like the new folder (4.7 versions).

KPeter said...

I prefer the old folder icons, the new icons do not look good and do not match with the rest of the style oxygen

Anonymous said...

I quite like the new folder icons, but I'm not sure what the darker blue stripe represents.

Synergy said...

Thanks for your work but, I really feel the texture and dullness of the Icons makes me feel like I'm on an old Windows NT Box or someone slapped lipstick on some old retro icons and called them new. Unfortunately fair or not I agree with most here that it reflects what I didn't like about Tango, Dull and bland. Not something I have come to expect from KDE but I'm sure it would be great Icon set for KDE Desktops replacing OpenSolaris workstations (a step up from the look and feel of CDE and maybe one notch higher than early gnome).

Anonymous said...

Still heavily dislike the folder icons. Doesn't match the rest of Oxygen, looks like GNOME, the blue stripe is uninspired and distracting, and the logic you used to justify it of "let's make it match the minified version more" is pathetic - if it doesn't match the minified version, don't create a horrible scaled up version, instead _fix_ the minified version!

Change for the sake of change. Disappointing.

Pinheiro said...

@all if you have a desire to vent all the biter arguments you have against me please do so here, its probably good for you as a cathartic experience.
I don't mind all that much, I do believe I'm "Pathetic" in many ways so making pathetic excuses would part of the turf, as long as you get your little personal venting fun even if it is at the expense of one, that is making all of this just out of fun and weird sense of responsibility.

Cheers and keep on having fun :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like the color of the new icons. Shape-wise they're cool (maybe a little too flat), but the brighter color of the old ones was blending more with the rest of the experience.

Anonymous said...

Well I tried to leave them a bit but I can't stand them anymore.
Even the elementary icons feel better (and provide a solid experience).

Oh, I kept a package of the old oxygen icons by the way. I'm never going to upgrade to these incoherent folder icons.

Thanks for everything but that's not what I want on my desktop

Sven said...

Really like the new icons :). Just had to get used to them.

SyoN said...

Thanks for the work on Oxygen! However, I really really dislike the new folder icons. While they look nicer in huge sizes, seeing them in dolphin's folder view, makes them look like 8 bit hand pixelated. The smoothness and style of the previous ones is lost ;-(

Have looked at this for approx 2 weeks now, and still find them really bad :-/

Sorry 4 the bad news.

Anonymous said...

Oxygen is my favourite icon theme EVER on any OS, but I am sorry to say that I don't like the new icons :-( too flat and "dingy" looking, and reminiscient of old GNOME from 6 years ago!

valueerror said...

i definitely prefer the NEW icons .. the one thing about them i like most is the color.

the new colors look much more elegant and mature - i do not feel like i'm in toys'r'us anymore...

thanks for your work..

Anonymous said...

After some time using it, i like the new icons more than the old ones. When they came out, i thougt they were gnomish, i don´t think that anymore. The new ones are just better. Thank you Nuno.

Anonymous said...

The new folder icons don't fit to the overall look of the oxygen theme.

They look like gnome - not kde4 & oxygen.

I really was shocked after seeing these for the first time yesterday. I don't want my kde folders to look like gnome.

For me, it's not because I wouldn't want to get used to something new - it's just the fact that the style of these new folders are totally different from the look of the rest of the theme. They just don't fit.

These new folders require a whole new icon theme. They cannot be a decent part of the current oxygen theme.


Anonymous said...

Please dont take me wrong but

Mac OS X had a folder icon which Oxygen looked like a copy of it.

Now Mac OS X have a new folder icon --> Oxygen have a new folder icon --> again it looks like a copy of the new one of Mac OS X.

Would be nice to see something which doesnt look like a copy of Mac OS X

Anonymous said...

Just updated Debian Wheezy (testing) and found the new folder icons. Initially I thought it was some kind of bug swapping Gnome icons with KDE ones. I don't like them but I can live with it, maybe it's just a matter of time and I get used to them.


RJSC said...

I can't stand them.
I finally deleted windows when I saw the flat colored style windows 8 was going.
It seemed like I had backed 15 years in time and made me decide to leave windows for good.
Now the same flat color style came to the folder icons on KDE.
I was very disapointed.
I thought Flat Colored GUIs were a thing of the past and don't know why they are comming back.

BrokenCanoe said...

I really wish there were more options for the old Oxygen folder set. I've tried to like this, - but sadly it just doesn't fit.

Hoping you're able to give users a choice going forwards.