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Work as usual.

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Its safe to say that the 4.6 release was great. Overall the impression and feedback I received was that this is our "best release ever", I agree with that... Kudos to every one involved..

So I'm back to work and right about now I been sorting out stuff that I had on my HUGE to-do list in oxygen icons.... for example the Digikam face recognition feature for which the icons above belong to.

Other than the same old stuff that I do, I have been spending allot of time playing with Qt Quick qml, tool that I simply love by now, and that enables me to start doing stuff directly for apps... and doing the UI experience without a middle man...
Qml is simple great but is not to be used lightly its in essence a designers tool that gives you incredible control over the UI but with great power comes great responsibility, its incredibly easy to create absolute terribly bad UI with it, so if you plan on using qml for your app be sure to find a designer to help you. Try to motivate him to actually do the UI himself... I guarantee you he will love it.

Showing qml is not as easy as showing icons dough, and it usually requires a video... Will try to sort out a way to post videos here without losing quality.

Till then have fun and keep on rocking.


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Anonymous said...

Designers (and very good ones, like you, especially) being able to directly create UIs using QML is indeed very good news. I hope KDE will exploit this opportuinity as much as possible.


Fri13 said...

I think the background on two (middle) icons for digiKam face recognizion should be different. It would make it easier to notice on smaller sizes and when giving a support via phone/voip you can say "click the yellow one" or "the red background".

Verandi said...

Somehow shadow and gradient on these make them look dirty.

Love your work ;)

Ian Monroe said...

wow, I honestly thought thw "artists using qml" thing was a bit hypish. glad to be proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

Man, you (and the entire KDE team) made a wonderful job with KDE 4.6. It looks better than Windows7 or Leopard. Linux has just had a facelift :)

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