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The California Gold Rush....

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"brought a flood of treasure seekers...in 1848 " To San Francisco.... in 2011 people are still flooding to the valley in search of .... treasures....  or, well something like that :).
 (end of silly introductory text)

I'm not going to try to go against the wave, so I will be attending the  Qt Developer Days San Francisco were we will be giving a training on Designing UIs with Qt Quick I like to call this training Qml for designers as it is IMO the main focus of this training. This will be the second time I'm doing this training in just one day, First time was in devdays Munich just a few weeks ago.., and the feed back was good.
Given that I expect that just like in Munich most of the attendees are Developers, and that the full training is over 4 days, we will try to focus a bit on the social/management aspects of dealing with designers that try to do code, we will also do some examples of design techniques that can be used in QML to provide the users with better experiences... 
So if you are in the bay area, and have an interest in design and Qt Quick, stop by DevDays2011 to attend our One day training... 

Also for the full length of DevDays I will be doing a UX/UI clinic. So if you have an application that you feel could do a bit of UI review, if you have a new project and you are not sure how to start the UI/UX, If you just want to talk about new/old UI design paradigms, You area sure to meet me During DevDays2011 San Francisco... if you want to set up an appointment already send and email to ui-doctor@kdab.com We will see you there...

P.S. Designers do code 2 :D and I published my first application to the OVI store, it is for the most part the same app we used in the Desktop Summit to show the remaining time to the presenters, with a few adaptations/integration with harmattan components. (latest version is 0.2.0 not 0.01, should be up soon) 
Must find some time to create a version of this for Plasma.  

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Stop me please!

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In a couple of weeks, I will need to deliver yet another default wallpaper for KDE's 4.8-49 desktop editions.

So my brain wile starting to go in to “crazy” mode to try to find that specif edge, design pattern, blue, that will make me happy and hopefully our users happy as well... decided to have a look at what we have done over that 4.x series and, I saw a pattern alright.

The most common element in all of them is.... some guy named Nuno...

This must stop NOW!!.... Please help-me....but how??

So I had this idea.... what if some one else can create something better???

We are starting a contest to be ended 4 of December to create a new default wallpaper for 4.8-4.9.

The rules.....

Send it to nuno@oxygen-icons.org subject wallpaper2011 (please use this)
The license for the chosen ones will be LGPL In case they are not selected, they will remain sole property of its creator (I will not publish them).
Minimum size is 1920x1200Bonus points for creating other screen ratios.
Photos are accepted.
Must have a defining element that can be used in kde branding (very important)
Jury, composed by me, Lydia Pintscher, and Ingo Malchow.

Prize..... Having your work used by millions (or close to that :) ). Not having yet another Nuno's wallpaper in your desktop.

Results will be visible in next KDE release, winners will be informed as soon as we know :)

We will chose up to 3 wallpapers only one will be default.

Some side notes..... KDE core branding values, revolve around Elegance, Freedom, and ease of use, we would love to see that in the default wallpaper.

Have fun :)

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Lets keep it short and to the point!

If we managed to to do all of this in 15 imagine what we can in 15 more?

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Back from the Future!

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So I'm back from the desktop summit, were like usual I had good fun meeting up with all my old and new friends.
Had the chance to give a talk about QML, and how I think it can be a major "game changer" for the way we work together and how Designers can be part of the processes and not some one you ask for "this is my app its great, now make it pretty".
Also noted that QML olds lots of dangers, and its not trivial at all to create final polished integrated applications, aka takes more than a decent designer to make it work, ( I repeat coders are designers 2).

Apparently (I have been told) I talk to much and should show more demos :) next year I promise I will tray not to talk ;), (evil idea in the making)

Any way the videos of the talks should be up soon so :)

Also participated in a couple of Bof's about some new exiting stuff Björn Blazazs is hading to his great platform and another called UI clinic were me Björn and Aurelian served as general practitioners to several patients (apps) was really allot of fun for me, I focused on zanshin and scroge and I hope my aspirin tablets caused more good than bad ;), any way I hope we can do it again for future meetings and do it for more hours.

Now I need a random picture of an icon to finish tis post..... hummmm.
Yeap one of the demos was of K3B (3B stands for burn baby burn) fast links screen done in QML

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Desktop Sumit or paper planes

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In a couple of hours I will be entering a slightly modified version of the example up above in direction to Not so Sunny Berlin, Hoping I will meet some old friends and recent friends, and make quite a few more along the way.

I will be giving a talk about a very Hot topic also involving paper planes.. QtQuick and its language QML, how I feel about it and how i think its a great thing but also a terrible one, if in the wrong hands.

O BTW have you noticed that 4.7 is out of the door including some new folder icons ??? :) more interested to know if you hate them I'm interested in all the people that after a period of disliking them now think they are better than the old ones.

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Icon fun....

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After mostly finishing the great folder redo in oxygen, and wile trying to achieve an effect in QML (trying to do a shutter like open/close animated effect), I ended up with a to fancy svg to let it rot on my hard drive, so, and if you have the shutter part done you can do the remaining bits, and that gives you.....
A icon, tadaaaaa! instant Fun :D.... or should I say instant DSLR fun :)...

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Qt Quick and QML

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Been wanting to do this post for some time now, but mostly because I never did got decent recordings of the desktop I postponed it, until today....

First the video...

Ok so its fairly simple demos of what you can do with QML one kinda of a design cliché, but in this case they serve the propose...note# they run way faster/smoother than this its just that the screen capture program is not perfect..

the first one is really an example of how easy it is to create a OSX like thing... the core logic of the demo is around 80 lines of code :). wen I actually made it the first time, the way I implemented had each of the icons having its how independent and overlapping hit area just to see if it was possible, It is, but I don't recommend :).

The second is something I'm working on with Sergio to replace the diary view in Kontact.
Bottom line.... I love QML and By "love" I mean I LOOOOOVE it :D.

Its the freedom it gives-me to create completely new interface and interactions, (yes I have been doing stuff a bit more complex that those little silly demos), its going to the pixel level and fixing that millisecond animation till its just perfect, and then deciding the idea sucks and redoing it another completely different way, its working with it much like I work with design tolls by applying layers and filters, is all of that and the fact that its not hard to code with once you get in to declarative way of code.

BUT... (there is always a "but") with all this freedom great dangers come, To me this is designers tool not to be used by developers* you can make stunning UI's with it but its also easy to fail spectacularly.... The main obvious target for it is the touch interfaces, but that does not mean you cant use it on other places....

For a good time I even thought that the use of it in traditional desktop should be banned :) I don't think this now, and am tempted to say that you can use it any ware.......BUT ok this "BUT" is extremely important the way you can fail are huge and if you are gonna use it pleeease find a proven good designer to help you, heck if you manage to convince the designer to do it himself I will guarantee you that the designer will love it...

I think we can in the future provide some sort of well defined use cases, solutions and elements from QML land that you can apply safely in your app. I also hope that we can attract many more UI designers to OSS/KDE land with this tool. Time will tell.

*not saying developers cant do design I know many that do fantastic design. The problem is if you are not an experienced-maniac-pixel-perfection-zealot chances of failure are big.

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Work as usual.

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Its safe to say that the 4.6 release was great. Overall the impression and feedback I received was that this is our "best release ever", I agree with that... Kudos to every one involved..

So I'm back to work and right about now I been sorting out stuff that I had on my HUGE to-do list in oxygen icons.... for example the Digikam face recognition feature for which the icons above belong to.

Other than the same old stuff that I do, I have been spending allot of time playing with Qt Quick qml, tool that I simply love by now, and that enables me to start doing stuff directly for apps... and doing the UI experience without a middle man...
Qml is simple great but is not to be used lightly its in essence a designers tool that gives you incredible control over the UI but with great power comes great responsibility, its incredibly easy to create absolute terribly bad UI with it, so if you plan on using qml for your app be sure to find a designer to help you. Try to motivate him to actually do the UI himself... I guarantee you he will love it.

Showing qml is not as easy as showing icons dough, and it usually requires a video... Will try to sort out a way to post videos here without losing quality.

Till then have fun and keep on rocking.

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Elegance is the new word.

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A new version of our desktop experience is out :), as usual I'm extremely proud to be a part of it, I hope all of you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it :)

Now its Party time :) I will be attending the KDE Release party in Porto, hope to see you there ;).

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This post, is short but its about something that started out as something that should be very quick to do, (replacement of the paper in the mime-types), into a complete remake of all of the mime-types this time in all sizes.
Representing something like, +/-244 icons, over 3200 files, many hours of work, this is a work I'm proud to have done, but I hope I don't have to do any time soon.... Overall I'm very pleased with them. And tomorrow, I should start to fix some minor bugs in the set. And get back to action icons doing, applications, etc etc.
The new 4,6 desktop release from KDE is coming in very soon, and we are very happy with all the improvements we made into it.... I hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it....

I leave you the last icon I did for the set......
Its the news mime type in glorious 16x16 pixels very different from the 256x256