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Done with 256 hey 128.

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Today I mostly finished the 256x256 versions of the mime-types, and already started with the 128x128... only 161 to go meaning that today I made (scaled) about 80 icons, a complete record for me.


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Anonymous said...

I usually try to make constructive critics to your work, but this time I can't think of any. They are just right! Is the central icon for object .o files? I think your abstraction is perfect!

Thank you for your work!

Carl said...

Just in case I haven't said anything for a while...you do incredible work. Beautiful and intense.

Anonymous said...

Very nice work. There are two things I wanted to mention though:

1. The flame around the disc has a strange color in my eyes, the color red is too dark, like blood. I think it would look more like fire if the red was brighter, and some orange/yellow color would be used.

2. There are two applications, KMag and KMouseTool which are installed by default with Kubuntu (I’m not sure if they’re included with KDE itself). It seems the icons of these two applications haven’t gotten the Oxygen treatment yet, so they look quite out of place when you see them in the menu. Hopefully you could fix them?

Pinheiro said...

@Alexander van Loon
to 1 well the red is the red of power and also the red of K3B, i kinda like it like that I agree its a bit of a statement but sometimes I think its nice to be a bit edgy.

to 2 only one of me and 1500 icons to do :) kmousetoll not sure its a kde thing. kmag sure need a new icon yes.

@all thank you so much for the kind words

Anonymous said...

1500 more? Whoa, I’d instantly be craving for vacation if I’d have so much work to do. But 1500 is hard to imagine, the iconset already looks very complete, which icons still need work or are missing?

Pinheiro said...

@Alexander, well the lists are available in playground oxygen.... but on a nutshell 500 for OpenOffice + 400 koffice+ I still how around 100 to scribus+..... many many more its all sorts of software. and obviously oxygen is needing a refresh to the ones that exist now, the best software deserves the best artwork.

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure whether this is the right place for this, but may I request a mimetype icon for Lilypond? It’s a music sheet engraving program very similar to LaTeX (www.lilypond.org).

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