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Bye bye 64 hello 48.

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The size 64x64 took me more time that what I was originally expecting, not because they were particularly complex to make but simply because I was to busy with other more important KDE related things, with a new release of our desktop in its 4.6 incarnation coming out, we get extra amounts of work to do, plus given the relative success of the oxygen project all projects want to look good and request our assistance, so I end up juggling a lot of subprojects at the same time.

I'm not complaining or anything, its great, and very different from the way things used to be not so long ago, think this change is probably the greatest accomplishment of the oxygen project.

But getting back to the subject of this post, yes 240 icons later the size 64x64 is done and next (now) we will move on to size 48x48., so i think I'm still on time for 4.6.

They look much better than they did IMO but the improvement for the sizes 16x16 22x22 32x32 will be less pronounceable as the ones we had were made for size 32x32.... still its worth the effort.....

In 4.6 i hope we can improve the animation of scaling the icons is rendered in dolphin its just a nitpick but I think it can be better...

Because of my modus operandi now I need to leave a positive message...... so here it goes......

My next post should have icons in size 48x48, lots and lots of them.

incredible no? :)

Cheers, and remember, have fun!


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Tomaz said...

They look lovely.

Lookin nice Nuno, like walways! I think I subscribed to the planet because of you and a couple other interesting blogs in there! Totally worth it!

Out of curiosity... what would these "other projects" demanding your attention be? Other KDE related software looking for some UI love?

Andreas Demmer said...

Great work! Are you planning to make special tray versions for KMail, Kopete etc. when you are working on 22x22px sizes? This would improve the new unicolor look of the tray very much! :)

Fri13 said...


I have such understanding that Kopete, Kmail and so on will not get chromi icons for systray as they are not part of the KDE Plasma Desktop like nepomuk, klipper, kalarm, device notifier and so on.

Kopete, Kmail and others are KDE applications and will not get chromi icons.

Idea for that is to separate the application programs from desktop services.