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As long as the last, but better.

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Just another small post to show progress on the new mimetypes for the KDE 4.6 :).
I have done about 150 in the 256x256 size and there is about 87 to go....
My original idea was just to update the "paper" but ended up doing a bit more. Hope you like the result.


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CTown said...

I do like the result, great work!

GregKoval said...

Great job, when we'll see the folder icons?

solard3ity said...

Hi Pinheiro,

looks great, nice work!!
One thing though, the mimetype for Database somehow dont look right, compared to the others.
The faded (larger) image in the back is darker than all the others and could need more fading and put more in the background, that would be less distracting.. If you know what I mean?

But like always, all in all a fantasic job! :-)

Peter Penz said...

Really great, thanks a lot for your hard work!

Num83rGuy said...

I too think the database icon is a bit darker than he others but, no complaints.

I do like how the java and subtitle (srt) icons not only visualize file type but, also show category. I think this is the way you need to go if possible in the future.

I have not seen any icon set that compares to Oxygen yet. It's not perfect but, it comes damn close.

Naproxeno said...

Gorgeous. Thanks for your work!

Pinheiro said...

Thanks, yes you are right the database is a bit to strong, thasts what you get wen you work late, to late :). will fix.

Psychotron said...


Anonymous said...

Stunningly beautiful. Thank you for your enormous efforts for KDE. We love you!

Looks really nice.

Obviously .deb should be done before .rpm :)

Pinheiro said...

@Richard Hartmann don't remember witch one I did first, but deb is done :)

toddrme2178 said...

Looking good!

A slightly off-topic request: you have a python script mimetype, would it be possible to stick the logo you used there under "applications"? I know it is possible to get the logo from their website or something, but since it already being used as part of an icon, would it be very difficult to also include it on its own?

Anonymous said...

Very nice icons. However, I miss characteristic red color in the rpm icon.

Anonymous said...

Nice icons! A few requests though.

1. The icon with the down pointing arrow (download?) seems to be in a bit different style then the others.

2. Could you please give the folder icons a style update? The current ones are "ok" but looks so simple and boring. Your new icons on the other hand look very nice and nearly "alive"

André said...

Very nice!

I really like this work.

Pedro said...

Incredible! Thanks for all your hard work!

Moult said...

Absolutely wonderful! FOSS would be completely lost without their artists :)

Anonymous said...

Great work! They look really good!

I have one question: For PDF documents you use the symbol which is associated with Adobe, why? IMHO it would be great to use something from pdfreaders.org (http://pdfreaders.org/graphics.en.html).

It's similar enough to the Adobe logo to make the connection to a PDF document but doesn't advertise one company/product. PDF is an open standard you don't need the Adobe Reader to read PDF documents.

gerlos said...

Very cool icons!Kudos!

david said...

I'd like the mime icons that are opaque over opaque, specially the cad, acrobat, colours, vector, and calendar icons. For my point of view, the shiny mini-icons over the opaque sheets don't match (like the database, graph, download, or extension for example). I see inconsistency in these mix.

Anonymous said...

hey, these icons looks fantastic! ... I really like your art work. Thanks a lot.

Please, never stop to collaborate with KDE :D

Anonymous said...

I really like the oxygen theme, the only thing I don't use from it is the cursor theme, I'm too used to the default theme.

But anyway, a sort of off-topic/"bug" report about the oxygen theme, I guess (I don't know where would be proper to do it, so I'll try a few places... I think it's not quite a matter of a "real" bug report, like on kde bugzilla...)

The icons to sort things by size (or by anything, but the issue is with sizes) is not used consistently in all applications. For example, in konqueror, to sort by size, by "largest first/on top", the "arrow" (more like an "^") will be pointing up, but in ksysguard, to sort anything by "largest first/on top", the arrow will be pointing down.

This is not only counter intuitive, it's "contradictory". I'd suggest to solve the issue by making a poll somewhere where people answer whether they "feel" that the arrow pointing up or down means (increasing or decreasing order from top to bottom), intuitively, without actually knowing, and set it universally, somehow.

I didn't realize it until some time ago, I just thought it was "counter intuitive", but perhaps I was unconsciously remembering the two different standards from different applications.

I'm using debian, by the way, perhaps that's also a matter of subtle differences on different distributions, as, if I recall, oxygen on Arch looks just a little bit different on some icons (the expand/collapse folders is a ">" instead of a "+", I guess).

Other than that, oxygen is probably the nicest looking theme I ever saw. It's a shame it does not get adequately handled in gnome applications, even with gtk-qt-engine, lots of gradients don't exist on gnome, I guess.

Anonymous said...

The java icon should show the globe centered somewhere around here: 7°30′10″S 111°15′47″E

Thanks to share!