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4.5 is free!

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KDE is a lot of things, today we give you new versions of the KDE Development Platform, the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, today we give you 4.5.0.

There are as usual many small, and big improvements that you can read on www.kde.org. I feel honoured to be a small part of it.

Its wonderful to see that, the efforts we engaged few years back are starting to pay off, that Artwork and Branding cooperation with the distros is really shaping up, special kudos to OpenSuse, Kubuntu, Mandriva, and many countless other distros like Caixa Mágica, for sharing the work, cooperating and becoming part of KDE.

I would like to send a special thanks to the people at Mandriva, (neoclust, and mikala rock!) for providing-me and others, with constant builds of the most recent KDE in trunk that I could test and work on, there are many ways we can work together and help each other mutually, this is one of them, thank you :), grab your build now from one of your kde mirrors.


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Tomasz Dudzik said...

We all thank you, for this amazing release. And as always we're excited for the next one ;D

alvanx said...

Awesome to hear! Getting it as soon as I find packages for openSUSE.

I'd be really interested in examples of how the artwork cooperation is shaping up. Why don't you post some samples of how all these distros have their own unique KDE look? :-)

Pinheiro said...

@alvanx one of the things I have discovered is that all this success completely destroys free time, the time i used to have for bloguing...
But I will try.
2 small examples the last 2 openSuse releases were done in cooperation with the opensuse artwork team. The release 4.5 banner i stole the idea from a kubuntu artists that spends most of its time in oxygen

Mohamed Malik said...

Thanx Nuno, I very much like the word done by the KDE team. Your Contributions as a graphics designer is awsome.

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