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Akademy 2010

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It as passed a long time since I last blogged, but the reason for this is the best reason of them all... I really cant find the time for blogging as I'am very busy with all the fun stuf we been working on.

As a kind of resume.
1. KDEmobile PIM work is great, the applications are really shaping up and its fun to work with such brilliant people.

2. Oxygen work as done yet more fundamental steps into provide a immersive and polished experience to the end user. (tons of bug-fixes in oxygen and a lot of pixel polishing gives me the confidence to say this is the best oxygen ever)

3. Preparing a lightning talk with my old great friend David, about some really easy and simple tips about UI design, and how to make applications a more fun experience to the end user. Also we will do a BOF were we hope to do some real app's Ui's improvements (every one is invited)

4. Helping the KDE e.v. foundation along with Eugene (Eugene did most of the work :) ) in the great join the game. Its a great idea and I hope all of you join the game as-well. Also provided a bit of help in the artwork for Akademy.

5. Doing icons, (yes that never stops), and I found again the pleasure in doing them. After spending the last years of my life mostly doing icons I have to say that for a moment I was fed up with them :)

The last icons we did (yesterday and today) its a couple of status user icons in regard to meetings.

So see you all in Finland


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Andreas said...

So... what's the difference in meaning between the man with the hat and the same man without the hat? :)
The icons look great, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the difference is because the sun is shinning :)
I would also like to know what the real difference is.

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

If I am to take a guess (since I am not going to Finland :-) the man with hat is the meeting organizer.

In SAP a hat is used to indicate an organization unit's manager. Although, with a less stylish hat!

1052 said...

Is that faceless man supposed to represent the user? Only white guys use computers? I know it is not an easy task to account for all potential users, but I'd rather have a metaphor than an icon that tells me I am not the user this software was designed for.

Pinheiro said...

@1052 you have a point about that, and I hope we can enlarge the spectrum of options specially in the regards of gender, but this makes the icon much more readable than say generic abstractions.
For gender I think we can manage something I mean asking if you are boy or grill is not a bad thing is it.
on the mater of being, non Caucasian all we could do I gess is create a generic UI with such specific options were one would be able to chose the type of user icons he wants to use.
Note the UI that uses this icons uses them in 16x16 so most of this issues are non issues. the Reason I made them in all sizes is they they as usual can be of use for other apps.

@rest the hat I made it to be the chair of the meeting, the guy looking like a butler is the organizer.

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