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A very small post!

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So KDE S.C. 4.4 is almost out there, and we in oxygen are very happy with our work, there is a lot of polishement in it and we think the its one step closer to what we hope to be a complete experience.
The drawback of it is that "busy" is the word we most pronounce in a day to day basis, and it as been undermining my attempts to blog or even to make more icons for oxygen.... Still here is a couple of icons made in the last days, it is mostly koffice icons.

Oooo and Happy new year :)


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Fabrice said...

the "tools-rip-video" is not obvious ... I do see that there are some videos, but the rip action is not shown. An arrow, or a video icon flying outside the cd could be a good pointer

Pinheiro said...

@Fabrice this icon comes with context it show along side a group of other rip options soo context will help.
+ one good looks hint, wen making icons if you can avoid the use of more than 2 elements then you are wining, 3 elements make th icon mostly unscalable, and had clutter.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

hey Nuno, are you working on the systray kmix icon??? It looks like a fish out of water.

Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous IMO all of the systry icons look like fishes out of water. lest see if for 4.5 I can redo them all, in a theme specific way...

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