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Time for fixing :D

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Today Björn Balazs published the results from the last survey an the results point out that I should do a new "send mail" icon, the old one was very nice IMO it avoided the use of an arrow, that we end up using in action icons way more that I would like to. But against facts there is no possible argumentation. :)
So I think this might work a bit better.So, better? worse ??? What do you think?
I would like to avoid mailboxes and stuff like that as they scale pretty badly.

# P.S. in the last days I have been working on encrypt document, sign, and lock, type of icons (as you can see in my identi.ca thingy) and probably the icons in Kmail that deal with that issue will be a bit restyled mostly encryption that right now uses the same metaphor that "lock" does and causes some confusion.


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Hans said...

Much better! However, how does it look in smaller sizes? Maybe the arrow could be colored to make it easier to see (yes, I do think the arrow is important).

Anonymous said...

Very nice icon. But - like Hans said, I wonder how does it look in smaller sizes.
I also think arrow is important and should be easily noticeable.

Anonymous said...

I too don't like arrows in all places that much.

I totally agree with you that a complete mailbox does not scale good on small icon sizes, but what works really good on small scale is a letter (which merly a rectangle) is just beeing inserted in the slot of the mailbox a little bit diagonal.

On small sizes you will still clearly see a rectangle with a cutoff edge and you will interpretate that as a partly inserted letter.

Pinheiro said...

As usual I will fix it for small sizes, the trick is making sure there is enough contrast between the several elements....Me should really documents all of this stuff one of this days.

Anonymous said...

Definitely better :)
I got used to the old icon so I knew what it meant, but I think it might have been a bit confusing for some people.
As always great work. KDE would be nowhere near as good without your icons!

my2ct said...

i'd suggest to make the arrow green like the one from the "check for mail" icon.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to use an arrow, try playing with other elements present in physical sent mail in addition to the stamp.

There's the usually circular(sometimes with a wave) markup.

There's also the "by plane" markup, etc. Do you see the idea?

Obrigado pelo trabalho, melhorias e esforço continuos.

Vladislav said...

much better, however the arrow is very lightly colored and may be invisible to those with difficulties seeing

Anonymous said...

vote for better

Anonymous said...

vote for a green arrow

Anonymous said...

too white, I guess it needs more contrast...

karolus said...

barely readable, sorry but contrast its just to low, especially on white BG

Uniq said...

This icon is an improvement, thanks for you work.

I would suggest to replace the arrow with a moving envelope. Just make little horizontal lines on the left side of the envelope. Maybe this doesn't fit with the rest of the icon theme.

Anonymous said...

Very nice icon. if I can give you a hint ....I would "give color" to the arrow

luca said...

Much butter! I like it very much...

pilat said...

vote for more contrast; green arrow(just like in Check mail) looks like a good idea.

other ideas:
- a dove;
- a plain;
- an envelope with a trail of semi-transparent envelopes (like it moves)
- same as above, but a car or a plane instead of an envelop;
- a post box (the one, which is used by the general public in order to collect outgoing mail).

Ralf said...

what do you think about the envelope without the arrow but a radio tower, like the wlan symbol, in front. The radio tower symbolize the meaning of sending.

Pinheiro said...

1) Making the arrow green wont make it much better, just a bit more of visual clutter I think, (if we can avoid putting to much different stuff in an icon then we should try it in the end there are more icons in your desktop, if you manage to keep them discrete but understandable enough you end up creating a much more enjoyable experience)
+ we have green arrows in oxygen and they are used in a next, previous, up document context, not send receive.

2)To low contrast again the same issue, (#note some monitors (cheaper ones) are really bad wen it comes to shades of gray, playing with the contrast values on your graphical card will improve the experience not only for the icons), the trick is to balance the contrast to the best point not to much not to little.

3)moving envelope, the idea is used in various icon sets, but we avoid it in oxygen for several reasons.

4) radio antenna overlay, radio goes in 2 directions in computers :D.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The concept is much better than the old one!

However, this icon lacks contrast and is barely readable. From a ~1.5m distance, all I can see is a gray rectangle with a blue dot and a gray something on top. Even from the normal ~0.6m it is not very clear. All those gradients and soft lines may be "cool", but they kill readability. I know you want your icons to be pretty AND usable/recognizable, but I have a feeling that when you have to choose, you choose the pretty before the usable. Or, to put it another way - the Oxygen icons make my eyes hurt a bit after a longer period, because I have to either constantly move closer to the screen or squint. I had no such problems in KDE3 days, the icons were more colorful and sharp, I could recognize them easily.

I really appreciate your work, but I feel it goes in a bit wrong direction sometimes, at least for me.

Fri13 said...

The Arrow could be blue. I think we should check that green arrow + down, means receiving and blue arrow + up, means sending.

This icon does not have so good contrast on whiter background, on dark background it works great.

The idea is better than the current one. Even that I liked the stamp, it was not so clear.

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