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KDE what it always was

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To me KDE was never Software, it was the people, so I'm very happy to be able to say today "I AM KDE" :)

I hope I can find some time to do a secreencast of all of the new goodies in the oxygen theme. 4.4 will be in my opinion the best desktop the KDE people has ever produced.


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Nece228 said...

Someone should give you Nobel prize :)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the banner Nuno, great work.

I was going to send an email to kde-promo suggesting someone should make something like this, but you were already there :-)

It sums it up perfectly - I am KDE/We are KDE only makes sense when KDE is the community.

Any chance of a tiny version (probably just with "I am KDE") that can sit as a badge on blogs etc?

Anonymous said...

Great design as usual, but why did you make "we are KDE" smaller. For me it should be bigger. Together we are stronger !

Pinheiro said...

@olingerc I should make a new one :( not overly happy with it

I am KDE too... :D

Myself said...

I'm a PC,I'm a mac..............I'm my self thanks

otak-komputer said...

I'm wondering how to use KDE for my purpose every days.

Fedroza said...

I love Open source..


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