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What have I been up to?

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So much stuff.
First thing first, icons yep that what I do mostly, one of the nice aspects of working in KDAB is being closer to people that work on several other stuff in kde that you tend not to talk in a regular basis, like Pim people for example, so after work latly I have been doing lots and lots of pim icons, its a total remake of the ones we had, basacly making them look a bit better on a new color sckeam im prepping up for KDE 4.4 and Oxygen.
(nothing major just a fix for low quality screens that make oxygen widget theme look like "snow white", no no preview yet I'm still testing some solutions and maybe we will need to tweak oxygen main gradients a bit, btw hpereira as been working on several aspect of oxygen as well, and the new oxygen windeco looks great).

Any way back to icons, so this is just a snapshot of what I been up to as oxygen and icons goes since last post.
P.S. not all icons are mail icons obviously.


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Mark said...

Hi Pinheiro, if I see an icon missing: Do I write a mail or does the icon set have a section in bugs.kde.org? Or do I report it against the application?

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff, as usual! :)

vespas said...

Hi Pinheiro,
All of them are clear for me, except the view-calendar-holiday one, what does the "medieval shield" mean? :)

Paul said...

They look great Pinheiro. Loving list-resource-add in particular.

Robert said...

Excellent work, I would just ask...

Would there be a mnemonic advantage to showing the backs of the envelopes for received mail and the fronts of the envelopes for sending actions (forward, reply, replay-all)?

Would the shield more imply protection: like encryption? Would holidays/vacation be better represented by beach-ball, sombrero, aeroplane, bucket & spade, sea-sun-sand, skiing? Would holly-days/saints-days/bank-holidays/labour-days be better represented by a coloured in calendar cell, a generic saint, stained glass window, a holly leaf, a crossed out bowler hat/top hat?

Would signed be better represented by a full or partial seal (to prevent tampering)? Would full or partial encryption have a whole or half padlock?

Carlos Martins said...

Yep, also felt that the Calendar-Holiday "shield" didn't quite make much sense (made me think of some scheduled security procedure or something.)

As for the layers on/off... It would be great if the "off" could be a closed eye. :)
(it would also make it more "accessible" for color blind people that might have trouble distinguishing the colored/grayscale eye)
And if anyone thinks color-blind people shouldn't be using this kind of software, you'd be surprised by the number of color-blind designers out there. I myself know 3 such cases. :)

Pinheiro said...

@Mark any of the solutions you talked about work but i gess bug against the application works better, that makes the developer and in a next phase me aware of it.

Pinheiro said...

I will probably replace the shield in holiday by a flag :)
@Robert signature works (as good as it gets) in small sizes using this shape, its not perfect but.... (it works TM)
@arlos Martins the eye shut loks weird because this icon does not have context so a shut eye is just a line I would have to do a much more complex eye to make it work specially the eyelashes.
And still I'm not sure it would work on 16x16......I will see what I can do .

Carlos Martins said...

Yep, I thought a perceptible closed eye would be hard to draw... But hey, you're the designer, if anyone can make one, it's you. :)

As for the holiday calendar,I still think a beach motif would look better: sand, sea, sun, parasol, etc.

A parasol, for example, could be made to work fine even at small icon resolutions.

Pinheiro said...

@Carlos Martins actuality its not holiday in that sense, its more anything, like political/religious holidays so it needed to be very generic I think a flag will do.

Carlos Martins said...

Oops... sorry for messing up the "holy day" :)

I think a flag could work, if it was kind of "pin-like" flag you stick in maps and calendars.

Just as suggestions: you might also try out some other forms of "pins" you place on calendars.

Or... how would a "post it" yellow note placed over the calendar? (though that would more likely be noticed as a "to-do/tasks/etc.")

Just suggestions... of course.
As a designer I'm sure you're tired of hearing everyone offering their own! :)

Anonymous said...

how about a palm tree with a little island instead of the shield for the holiday icon.

Flags are more associated with language or country settings

Gallaecio said...

Neither a flag nor a shield brings the word "holyday" to my mind. In a calendar, holydays are normally represented just with a different color from the normal day color.

Since different color is not really symbolic, I guess I can't imagine a good icon to represent holydays, but I wonder if there's is an internationally recognized symbol out there for holydays.

Anyway, if "flag" means "bandeira", I don't get how can that mean "holyday".

Anonymous said...

@Pino: Done,

here are the reports

Anonymous said...

My suggestion for holiday icon: a calendar on which a day is marked with a big red X or circle (or maybe a sun or a smiley).
Holiday doesn’t necessarily mean "vacation" on an island, holidays can be just what the word says - single days where shops don’t open and you don’t go to work. :)

PS.: How can I see the date of a comment? So I know I’m not necroposting.
PPS.: OpenID identification for comments doesn’t work.

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