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A small post for a not so small screenshot .

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If you are that type of user that uses KDE from trunk them this might not be new to you, but for the rest of the world here goes a screenshot showing some of the stuff Hugo Pereira and I have been working on in Oxygen windeco.

Anew color theme that might work better on some less optimal screens, the windeco is now much more configurable and you can set its to be extremely thin or bigger if you so desire, the active glow as been improved, we have new windec buttons that have better contrast and great animation effects.
If you can build oxygen windeco from trunk please have a test go with it for a few days and tell us what you think of it.


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Anonymous said...

"new color theme that might work better on some less optimal screens"

- I am interested in technical stuff (how it works better? what awful quality displays are we talking about? and the shortcomings of oxygen default grey color scheme on said monitors?) and if it's demonstrated on the screenshot?

I have always thought that if you want something to look less shitty on a wide range of displays available to consumer you go with more neutral tones, no?

Pinheiro said...

@k from the ones I tested the problem was that the gray tones became blueish whites, so this tries to a bit brownish so its can compensate that without making the entire experience bad on better screens, its not the final word on this i would like to do some more extensive testing...

Anonymous said...

This looks really great! Congratulations to a job well done. KDE is so lucky to have you!

Btw., when you put up that poll on your website about what you should focus on for 4.4, I voted for windeco, because I was hoping for exactly this: smaller title bars and slicker windeco buttons.

I am so happy! :)

Unknown said...

Oxigen is moving more and more in the direction of being the most apealing and realistic window decoration I've seen . Very nice work. The glow on the active window, however, looks fake. I don't really know why but it makes me feel unconfortable. I think that the fact that it ends so abrutly makes it look not like a glow at all. Does anyone else share this feeling or know what could be done to improve this?

Pinheiro said...

@jc thanks we do try, the glow is still under heavy work, its a bit compleicated as its need to be composed of more than 1 color to work and the colors need to be born out of a single color selected by th user...

Unknown said...

cool i like the thin borders and overall hte look of the whole oxygen deco and and qt theme now i was on bespin for a while because i didn't like how big everything was on oxygen but i may switch back

Anonymous said...

Awesome work. Small, pretty and efficient, this is what I've been truly waiting for!

I, however, strongly support JC's comment regarding the blue glow. IMHO the bright blue line around the window is absolutely perfect, but the rest of the glow ends in a strange and way too harsh way.

I've never really like this air-clock either, especially compared to the gorgeous black one that was used before, but that's not really the subject of this blog post I guess :p

Great work anyway! I really have to talk about you to my head of marketing, our company's logo needs some love.

Daniel said...

Love the champagne-like tone you've chosen for the background. It makes the window appear calm and heavy - more like metal, not plastic

The buttons look much smoother than before, which works quite nicely with the rest. Will have to check out the animations anytime soon

Oh, and it does look better without the racing stripes in the title bar..

Augusto Leite said...


Oxygen is looking already incredible.
I think the new buttons are awesome and really gives more contrast. Why not making it with the buttons of the theme itself too?

I know hugo is working on some nice animations (already great on nitrogen theme). Keep up the excellent work guys.

One thing I think really need some love is the "blue" glow, but not of the window, but on the widgets themselves. Now it is not that polish yet (On some widgets,like an edit box, they are just a blue line). Take this mockup of yours as example:


If the glow was half this beautiful, that would be great.

Guys, you rock, oxygen is a very beautiful theme and will be even better when those animations are ready!

Hans said...

Yay. The window decoration is the thing I dislike most about Oxygen - glad to see that you work on improving it. The new buttons are much better than the current ones in 4.3, but I think the inactive ones can look a bit strange. How about making them look more flat?

The stripes are gone by default now? They're the absolute most ugly part of Oxygen, in my opinion. :P

Anyway, great work!

@Anonymous: [off topic]
I prefer the Air clock to the Oxygen one, but the hour hand should be made shorter (slightly shorter than the radius of the white, opaque circle) methinks.

hias said...

I'm not sure about the windeco buttons. they look like hovering over the windeco and not beeing part of it. this effect is bigger with the inactive windwow.

as a side note. a frient of mine admired the air clock, but noticed that the knop from 10 o'clock is wrong illuminated. the light comes from the left instead of the top.

Anonymous said...

So far, I had liked Ozone and Nitrogen windecos over Oxygen. However, this one is definitely an improvement over both! Great work.

The only complain I have -- and I've seen many encores on the internet -- that KDE4 now needs a common theme setting for plasma and styles. So, if plasma has transparency, so should the windeco automatically etc.

Fri13 said...

I like the buttons how they pop-up. But same time I like when they are embedded to windeco.

And to get different sized windeco and buttons, I have used the Nitrogen windecoration from http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Nitrogen?content=99551

And what I really hate on Oxygen, is that there is no good way to actually control the shadow. The KWin Shadow effect plugin works great all other decorations. But with KWin it really is bad loogin because the shadow is forced to active decoration.

And I have get answered that the shadow plugin is being removed and get all other windecos forced the Oxygen decoration format where the decoration itself takes care of shadow independently and not by the KWin effects.

Fri13 said...

@Anonymous "So, if plasma has transparency, so should the windeco automatically etc."

I do not like the idea at all. I like to control the Windeco transparency myself, not by the plasma theme.

I do not like partically transparent windecos but solid ones, like on Oxygen/Nitrogen/etc.

But what I hope, is that we get the ARGB support soon for KWin and KDE styles so we can get class themes if people wants. More like Windows Vista/7 Aero.

Unknown said...

Really beautiful work! What font are you using?


Pinheiro said...

@Izo liberation sans size 8 hinting medium

Pinheiro said...

@Augusto Leite glow in inner stuff is more complex because sometimes we only have 1 pixel to do it :( there is some work on the qt side to make us able to pain on top of other widgets without interfering with their functionality.

@hias the svg's used in the clock are still static to wen they revolve the glows revolve also.

eldarion said...

Really nice! You people are going in the right direction. Great glow effect. And i also like the windeco buttons.

So, thanks to your screenshot i installed that oxygen windeco on my KDE 4.3.2. I don't know if it was supposed to work on KDE 4.3, but getting the files from svn and building didn't work for me. So i had to hack some things to make it work.

1) downloaded the windeco from the svn (svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kwin/clients/oxygen

2) changed all the oxygen and Oxygen references to nitrogen and Nitrogen (i mean, the class, methods and file names). That way it will not conflict with the KDE 4.3 default oxygen windeco files.

3) Build the windeco as usual. I got an error during 'cmake' on the CMakeLists.txt (i don't know why), so i replaced this file with the CMakeLists.txt of the Nitrogen windeco (from kde-look.org).

4) I got an error when doing 'make' on nitrogenclient.cpp ("SettingCompositing" not defined), so i commented out everything inside the "NitrogenClient::reset( unsigned long changed )" method.

5) make && make install. Done :)

I just have one question: where did you got that nice wallpaper? :)

Pablo said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Ev0luti0n_ said...

Os meus parabéns por o teu trabalho e faz chegar também os meus parabéns e felicitações a quem tu conheças que seja responsável pelo KDE. Está simplesmente espéctacular! já uso Kubuntu á quase um ano e não volto mais para o windows! :D


Anonymous said...

Hy Pinheiro, I like what you've done, it looks really nice, now all that's lacking is that mac-style bar with integration of taskbar and/or raptor :P

One thing that I always felt about those buttons of the windeco is that the minimize should be (suppose this way -> is up) >< instead of just < and maximize should start has <> instead of > because, when you have your taskbar on the top of the screen, has I usually have (and probably will untill the mac-style bar or raptor appears), it gets very confusing to press a single up arrow to maximize and a single down arrow to minimize. It just feels wrong :P

Thanks for making it this far,


Anonymous said...

Hi Pinheiro, regarding the problem with the glow, I don't really understand the issue. Can't you just create the glow with a flat color and an alpha gradient? I.e. the glow itself has a transparency of 0% while the shine caused by it has a transparency from 50% to 100%. Or doesn't it work that way? Keep up your good work!

gp said...

Can I find the new color theme to try it? Where?

Pinheiro said...

@gp im still playing with it and we need the tweak the gradients in oxygen but http://pastebin.ca/1610551 here you go...

hias said...

I think you missunderstood me. I don't mean revolving parts. just look at the illumination at 10 o'clock and at 11 o'clock.

industrie13 said...


I really like the new Glow, looks very decent and integrated to me.

At the opposite I now find the new windeco-buttons somewhat strange and displaced looking, something as they wouldn't really belong to the windeco.
I think its because they are not embedded anymore, they seem to be at an different layer ... at least from a visual perspective.
So I would like to see these buttons reverted back to the current ones whicht seem perfect to me. Or, if not possible or wanted, please add at least an option to the windeco-configuration with the current (4.3)-buttons as an option.

Btw. did you change the gradient from windeco to window? It looks so 'flat' now .... :(

gp said...

@Pnheiro: thanks for the link. I think you're doing a great work.
The new look is more nice and user friendly.
Keep on work...

Unknown said...

Any chance you also redid the Sticky button (i.e. window on all desktops)?

In the current KDE-4.3 oxygen it's almost impossible to see whether it's on or off. Which makes the whole windeco unusable for me.

Pinheiro said...

@industrie13 no we did not :( actualy I want to make it a bit more steeper so its less flat, It looks perfect on my screen but not so much in other screens.

Pinheiro said...

@Jani-Matti Hätinen its fixed in trunk, thanks to hpereira brilliant idea on how to solve that.
If you can go and test it think its brilliant fix, simple and effective....

Tian said...

Gorgeous - as usual. Oxygen deco is perhaps my favorite windeco on any system to date, and it just keeps getting better. Thanks Pinheiro.

^Nikos^ said...

Nice work.
I believe Oxygen heads to the right way!
But air is still weak.
The colors on the panels just don't fit well... :-(.
I believe that still Oxygen plasma theme is better...

Anonymous said...

are you using kwin? if you are, why your panel doesn't have the transparency? if you're not, how do you get the drop shadow?

Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous thats the thing about transparency it only work if you have a texture to show if you don't it does not look transparent :)

^Nikos^ said...

My wallpaper on the side has ony one color http://windows7wallpapers.net/thumbs/planet_tux_wallpaper_linux_the_world_is_free_like_open_source-t2.jpg

leading to an ugly transparency.

I think if you remove the diagonal white strips from the panel, it would be better to this occasion as well as when you are not able to activate special effects.

Instead it would be nice to have the circles there. - Just a thought.

yman said...

What you said about the buttons on the titlebar is exactly what I wanted to say.

Anonymous said...


you're my hero :)

Anonymous said...

The blue glow doesn't work, change it for black glow, or something less harsh.

The blue glow looks unprofessional and blue doesn't really combine with white or gray.

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