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More office icons!

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Lately, like for the last 2 months or so I have been doing 1 or 2 icons before going to bed for one of the list of icons I have in my todo, and that work's! Those lists are gueting smaller and smaller, Scribus list for example is completed in what was the pure freedesktops extended list. (I'm now doing the other ones).
Also the list for kdevelop is going well and should be done soonish.
But we have another list that we are just starting to make, the koffice list, me and mostly Dario Andres (known for is work at bugs.kde.org the bugtracker and the crash handlert). And just because oxygen is such a complete theme we found out that about 50% of those icons are already done without moving a finger or in this case a cursor :).
But some times its does not work like that.
This night was doing some office icons for Scribus, this ones....
The first one is crop and the second is a updater of text frames via external to the document a text element.
Because crop is also used in koffice I decided to mark it checked in that list, but it turns out we didn't had it in that list we completely missed a folder that had nothing less than 60 icons :( and we might have missed more, so 2 more done 60 more to do is todays total :).


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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Looks like all those questionmarkt place holders are finally going to disappear from my system. :-)

Anonymous said...

are you gonna make a new widget theme? please do make one..

Unknown said...

Might just be me, but I'd suggest making the dark edge of the scalpel (?) a bit lighter? I got confused as to how it represented crop for a minute or two as I initially thought it was a fountain pen.

purple-bobby said...

I like the crop icons.

The "update from external text into a text frame", not only is this quite a difficult concept, the nicely executed image implies "inserting something blank/empty into existing text". There are four basic things you can do with an object: Insert into (+), Delete from (-) or (x), Update from (+/-) or (o) circle with arrow or mix-up, and Fetch/View/Find ([]) square or binoculars or finger. Objects also have a factory/template/form (or class) and a product-of-the-factory/filled-in-template/filled-in-form (or instance). That leaves an icon to represent the external text - open-folder with text-document, arrow to update mini-icon, all over an icon of the thing that is being updated (the container).

Pinheiro said...

@Robert I agree with you 100% but i also have more problems 1 the text frame is like that i want people to recognize it as a text frame.
the other thing is something you can type text in so with the given space I went for the cursor thing, on now the arrow I could do a update arrow that would be more meaningful.

any way thanks for the comments

Splash said...

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you are doing!!! Keep on going!!!

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Anonymous said...

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