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Just wanted to say that I am.

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And I think any one that works with the wonderful group of people KDE is, as to feel inspired too.
Congrats KDE for 4.3.

P.S. If you don't like how it looks, be sure we do our best. Some people like it personally I love it. But there is no fits all solutions, for starters screens have a deep influence on how the entire thing looks and most screens out there are rather bad.


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Anonymous said...

You're inspired to use a powerful desktop with a crummy UI. I appreciate all your work but when you boil it down most negative opinions about the UI are still applicable.

Pretend for a second you were Steve Jobs or Gates/Ballmer. Would you allow this UI to be publically released? I wouldn't.

But thanks for your help. Each of the individual elements of the KDE UI (icons, wallpapers, theme) by itself are great. Excellent, very good. But together - it just plainly sucks.


Anonymous said...

@poster above

Then don't use it, shut up and piss off!

Fabien said...

I like it, but the circles make me think of the ubuntu logo.
I hope this was not intended ;)

good job !

Anonymous said...

Why do you think these screens are bad?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuno
First of all I'd like to say that 4.3 is an excellent release and I'm very impressed - one of the very few disadvantageous changes in my opinion is the kdm-theme - there is no list of users anymore, what's up with that? other than that i love the new look excellent job! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuno!

I am so glad you have become one of the central figures of KDE. Your contributions have elevated the quality of the desktop (in which I would certainly include artwork as we have to look at it all day) by a very considerable margin.

I am even more impressed by your ability to deal with all kinds of negative feedback like the one above. Trust me, everyone I know, whether they use Linux or not, simply loves your artwork. You have created a vision, starting with something as small as as consistent colors for icons and ended up providing us the most pretty desktop. Surely, it does not have to shy away from comparison with other, even professional desktops.

So, let me express how thankful I am for your work... not just now, but every time I look at my screen (which is a rather bad one ;).


Pinheiro said...

@mutlu_inek wow thanks think you greatly exaggerated my influence in KDE, but I'm a strong believer on moving a mountain stone by stone, and that if other see you do it they will help you, think that as been happening with KDE.

Anonymous said...

Looks Great! Keep up the good work. To the guy who said Jobs and Gates wouldn't relase this? Are you kidding? Look at the CRAP they have released over the years.. This blows it all away! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Personally I do not like the new minimize/maximize/close buttons from kwin oxygen theme. Those are way to sharp and IMHO not go nicely with the theme. Old ones from 4.2 were/are softer and were perfect.

I really tried to get used to them. I got used to new tabs which at first also looked strange but those buttons still look strange and I still prefer the old ones...

Air theme on the other hand is very nice though I'm one of those people who liked the dark oxygen plasma theme.

Anonymous said...

Personally I really think that style wize kde4
is a huge step in the right direction.
The whole air thing is just what linux *nix needs.

I mean, windows has glass, apple has "aqua" and
now, linux has air, which (to me) resembles lightweightness,
and room to breeth (not sure if I spelled that right
as my english sucks).

I was using gnome before... some years ago...
and I created many themes and crap for it as
I was never really happy with it's looks.

Then I tryed kde4 and pieces started falling into
place, You really know what you are doing man.

Love the blog too, I check in here on daily basis.

*thumbs up*


Anonymous said...

I love your work!

Oxygen is great, but maybe you should consider making Bespin default for 4.4 :) I like that it's more textured and smooth (animations and all) and therefor looks more modern. You're one of the people responsible for it aren't you (you're in the credits)? Consider giving it more love because there're still few nasty bugs here and there in it that I think you know of. :)

Bespin has huge potential IMHO and when finished I think it would shut all the doubters and whiners once and for all. :P

Ben said...

I agree. Bespin is really slick and much aesthetically pleasing than oxygen/air. Maybe it's worth re-hiring that guy so KDE can look 1 bar above shit.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that the new Air plasma theme looks great.
The Oxygen style also looks very slick and modern.
And I just want to say: To everyone who worked on Air/Oxygen, Keep up the good work!

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