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We are getting there.

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Around 4-5 years ago, the appeal project project created Oxygen, original people in the creation of oxygen are my good friends David Vignoni, (The wonderful master of nuvola), and Kenneth Wimer, (the man behind all of kde 3.x artwork management).
I just joined later on on a invitation, over time I grew fond of this 2 guys, and discovered, much of myself in them, also there were my teachers. David as a master in checking for details and always trying to overcome ourself, and Ken in the skills one as to acquire to produce something meaningful in OSS.
I somtimes forget to say thanks to this 2 persons, you guys ROCK, you changed my life.

Now all of this to say that 4.3 is around the corner, 6 more hard working months have passed and oxygen is more alive than ever. And we could not have done it without the help of KEN and David.
3 dots looking into the future, yes this is dot 3 . IT seams just yesterday we started making "prettier pictures".
Maybe tomorrow I have more icons to show, the ones I did today are boring :)


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zak89 said...

This is not exactly related, but would you be able to give a link to the "new" Air wallpaper that you used on some of your screenshots a while back? It was a lot like the current "Air" wallpaper except that the white dots were replaced with circles similar to the ones used as the widget background in the Air plasma theme. I love that wallpaper but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

By the way, is KDE 4.3 shipping with the same wallpaper as 4.2?

Dread Knight said...

That wallpaper is awesome. Source file anywhere? I'm interested in a version without the silly dots that go against the whole thing.

DanaKil said...

I love it, thanks :)

Pinheiro said...

@zak89 don't think so no, i reviewed that wallpaper way to many times, so the source of it is a complete mess all over the place.
Yes KDE 4.3 is shipping with the same wallpaper as 4.2, you guys will have to trust me on that to be the best thing for us. We need to build a brand and if we change our look every 6 months its very hard to maintain ourselves recognizable. so now we only change the wallpaper every 2 releases.
@Dread Knight sure just send-me an email so I can answer it with the source... (BTW they are not silly, they are naif/surrealist)

Augusto Leite said...

Nice to read the story behind Oxygen. These kinds of things change our life forever.

Loved the wallpaper and I would like to have the source too.

Good luck on building the new KDE brand!

Dread Knight said...

@Pinheiro my email is displayed in my profile (click my nickname, to the left side). Thanks!

Hi, i'm really interested in this post...I want to know more about "We are getting there.".

Thats exactly what I was searching in this time...


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