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What Money Can't Buy!

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I started playing around KDE so many years ago I can't even remember.
Well I can't wen but I do remember the how. How I felt, wen using something that made a revolution inside my head.
And the revolution was not because it was a great piece of software, or because of the wonderful graphics, but couse of the instant feeling I had that this software was made by people, not a corporation but real people! The fundamental Idea that common people one crumb at the time can and make a difference, is something that I never forgot.
Over the yeras I got to know and admire some of those people, the timed passed and I started to help what little crumbs I could to this wonderful cake KDE is.
But today I got the Icing on my KDE cake, the mail brought me the KDE Akademy award along with something that that made my day (scratch that) made my year, a Document signed by many of those people I admire for so many years.


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Anonymous said...

big congrats and most important, many thanks to YOU :D

Anonymous said...

But you know that you deserve it? Do you?

Thank you.

a Oxygen fan

RedTuxer said...

E um OBRIGADO meu tambem!! Está um trabalho excelente!


sebas said...

A huge thank you, you've done a hell of a job in the Oxygen team :)

Paulo Cesar said...

As a huge Oxygen fan I have to say: Man, you rock!

Parabéns pelo prêmio!

mofux said...

you really really deserve it mister!

when i started to look over the kde4 development, there were only a few people i noticed, and your name was very quick on top of the list. and it's not because someone told me so, it's because you (among others) really have the power, the fascination and the inspiration to keep a project like kde ahead.
what people see, and what people think about kde4 is a big part of what you have created and might have had in your mind a long time before we could be in the position to consume all this glory... and i have to say, it realy is a big masterpiece. keep on rocking the free world, mister!

DanaKil said...

Congrats, I love your work and the passion you put in KDE is the proof of a great community

Thanks to all people devoted to KDE :)

Autumn Autist said...

Obrigado por todo o teu trabalho!!!!! É muito fixe saber donde vens e donde a tua preseverância, trabalho, e teimosia te levaram...

um abraço de um aliado fixe.

Anonymous said...

It is very important for me to know that you are being rewarded and appreciated for the work and by the community that is taking away some of my quality time with you!

I'm very proud of you my love! Congratulations!


Pinheiro said...

I love you soooo much L.T.

Anonymous said...

You mean a lot to users all over the world. Thank you

Petri said...

Amazing work with KDE, keep on rocking :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I admire your skills and think it's a big gift from you that you contribute to KDE.

Parabéns Nuno e continua com o excelente trabalho...

opensourcecat said...

Nuno, i liked so much what you said about kde in this post that i'm quoting your first 8 lines in the last slide of my presentation at the italian LinuxDay. I's so good to see how much love someone can feel for our KDE!

Anonymous said...

Muitos Parabens!
Também sou um profundo aficcionado do Linux e do KDE... Sendo progrmador profissional ando há anos a pensar em como ajudar a comunidade. Para ja vou dando umas dicas aqui e ali para salvar os novatos que entrar neste mundo maravilhoso. Pode ser que um dia consiga encontrar um Grande Ideia e ajudar os programadores do KDE. Grande abraço e novamente PARABENS!

Tiago said...

Parabens pa. O Oxygen está um espectaculo!

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