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A planet filled with people

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Well the new planet KDE is up and yesterday we committed the last most obvious bug fixes. Major thank you, to Riccardo, Jonathan Ridell, Luke Parry, Wade, Felipe, and everyone else that helped create the new planet.
What is your opinion on its look? does it look "KDE" enough ? Is it usable enough? does it represent the peoples personal view on KDE? Or does it all look the same?


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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this new Planet ! Thanks for this great work!

Thomas said...

It looks awesome! Please can you also make a new design for the KDE main site (www.kde.org)! The old design looks not much like KDE 4.

Sorry for my bad english

peter said...

i would prefer the fontsize to be slightly larger and the content to be left alignend. besides that: good work!

maninalift said...

Excellent. I was looking at Planet Gnome and noticed they use a Google custom search to allow searching of all of the syndicated blogs - that might be a nice feature.

Anonymous said...

Font seems to be too small and I love the planetplanet software, so it is shame that you dropped it.

Anonymous said...

the new design is sweet, though i feel that the friendly gray in the background is a lot less friendly than you might think. gray looks so sad, i d prefer a lighter colour. other than that, thumbs up

m4ktub said...

It's certainly matching the style for KDE 4 but somethings feel strange.

I think that the links "planet rss" and "dot" would be better grouped with the KDE icon at the top right.

I also think that each toggle should hide the other and be presented with a visual clue that shows this content is different from the list of posts. A background maybe? Or a floating div ;-)

Anonymous said...

If the body wasn't fixed width, it would be basically perfect :)!

Flo said...

Ahhh...now the planet rocks! Thx!