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Some times, all you need is peace.

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Wen you work on something very visible, on a extremely popular project as KDE is you get a lot of unfriendly comments, about your effort, and the thing that hurts the most other than the comment being rather effortless to get the full extent of the problem, is the lack of support one gets from the peers.

Very often oxygen was a victim of this problem, sometimes there was an actual problem some times there was not, and there are still many many problems. But the thing we always could count on was the support from our peers, like Aaron, he many times as supported us, trusted us, and did that effort to say, "there are problems we are here to fix those problems".
Rome was not build in a day, nor was it ever the perfect city for every one, it was the joint effort of many people creating something new every day.

So this time is the time to say, We SUPPORT you Aaron, Plasma is one of the most vibrant and dynamic groups I have the pleasure to work with, and its all cause of you, we might not always agree on everything, but Aaron, you rock you really do.

Big gigantic THANK YOU.

Now relax your eyes in the typical image that I usually post...


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nathanael said...

I agree

Though there are probably bigger fans of aaron than me over here, I have to recognise that he does a good job.

Pinheiro said...

Its not a mater of being a fan or not its a mater of being a partner in common effort. we should all make this a fun and productive experience, and too much negative rather inflammatory comments don't do that.

nathanael said...

I agree again pinheiro

Sometimes I think that it's quite difficult if you have visions, as traditionalists want to stop you

Pedro said...

Please Nuno forgive me for using your space to give a message to Aaron, and for writing with an horrible English.

I am just a simply user but I want to give him my THANK YOU for the work is doing for KDE4.

I am not a developer and I am not a useful user (no bugs signaled, no translations, etc. ...) but I am loving this project and what it is becoming day after day.

Thanks again for the things you're doing.


DanaKil said...

"and its all cause of you"

I think it's thanks to all of the community... well, the active members of the community at least (aaron, you, and all the others devs and promo guys...)
but you're right, Aaron seems like a really good members of this whole

Cheers and thanks to all of you, you really contribute to make my life a little bit more enjoyable :)

Troy Unrau said...

Nuno, as usual, that image is stunning. I wonder if we can use it as a backdrop in some of the kdegames?


Anonymous said...

@Troy: It's one of the new wallpapers of 4.1.


Anonymous said...

As a KDE user - a big thanks to all involved in making KDE4 awesome! - especially Aaron who has lead the way. KDE 4.0 / 4.1 now is super - and a year from now it all the criticisms will fade into wonderful kudos - as KDE 4.2 and 4.3 emerge with even greater features, applications, plasma applets, etc..

p.s. And kudos to Oxygen too !

parena said...

As soon as I saw Aaron Seigo's blog go 'offline', I sent him a mail asking why, though I kinda knew already. I perfectly understand it, getting all the trash thrown at him. It's not the way to help Aaron see the user's perspective or the help the entire KDE project. I, too, support you, Aaron. You are doing a great job and together with the rest of the KDE devs and hopefully plenty of good and helpful user feedback KDE will be the next step in the evolution of desktop use and beyond that.

Anonymous said...

hi nuno
i think it doesn't get said enough (obviously) so here's a great THANK YOU to all the people contributing to KDE. of course that includes aaron! the vision of a new revolutionary desktop takes time but it's shaping up great in my opinion and it's sad to see that visionaries such as yourself and aaron get a lot of foul comments and feedback. after all this is free software - nobody's forced to use it! kde 3.5.9 is perfectly fine if they're so opposed to kde 4! but noooo it's much smarter to rant! and so much self-fulfilling ...

so in short: thank you nuno, aaron, and everybody else for contributing to this great project, thank you for your time, your energy and the awesome result that so many of us just love :-)


Anonymous said...

Aaron did the most stupid thing on the history to block his blog.

Now how the fuck are we going to keep track of plasma progress.


Anonymous said...

Aaron should just have ignored the bad comments... we used to give him good comments also and feedback for plasma.

Aaron = weak guy.

jramskov said...

I agree Pinheiro. Thanks a lot Aaron for all your hard work on KDE. Even though I'm sad that I'll not be able to read your blog anymore, I completely understand that you've grown tired of all the stupid trolls. I hope you get some peace and be able to continue working on KDE since you are an amazing asset for KDE.

A humble KDE user.

yman said...

If Aaron == weak guy, then weak guy == human and you've got to be a machine in order not to get seriously hurt from what people have been throwing at him, and you've got to be a masochist in order to let it continue as if nothing is happening.

I sure wish he'd continue blogging, but make it for invitees only. Then I hope he'd invite me.

Anonymous said...

I hope he will free up his blog again... when everything is in peace again.

There is a lot of people that likes his work, it's a bit unfair that we can't keep track of it anymore...

nitrofurano said...

Well, i can understand your concern, specially when i'm mostly of the side of those people think KDE4 went in a wrong direction, maybe me as worse, believing even the wrong direction were took from KDE2. As far, i must confess i'm having huge difficulties on running KDE4 on 512mb-ram computers (and i'm starting doubting KDE4 runs on i386 architectures...), and i'm really curious about a QT4 window manager being even lighter than LXDE - i deeply think KDE4 needs harder challenges, like simplicity, strenght, and lightness. It's just my very humble oppinion.

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