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Nepomuk. Today a logo tomorow the..........Site :)

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Full color version and monochrome version of the brand new version of the NEPOMUK logo.


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Jo said...

I won't miss the chance to be the first commenter :-) This looks really great.

Only one thing disturbs me a bit: The spacing between the words in the subtitle (The - social - semantic - desktop) seems a bit wide (Nepomuk is about *connecting* information, after all =) Maybe the subtitle font should just be a bit bigger.

These are just my two cents, everything else looks really awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love it, it's a very original logo

litb said...

i love it too, very nice

Anonymous said...

Actually I prefer the monochrome version - for some reason the colors (specially yellow/purple, I guess) doesn't appeal me.

I think a red orb would fit very well.

just jeff said...

I’d vote for increasing the subtitle font size a TINY bit and increasing the inter-letter spacing a TINY bit, too. But then, I’m too lazy to test how that would look myself right now, so it might actually be horrible. :)

It would be really nice to have a plasmoid based on the logo - clicking one orb could make the rest recede, and more little orbs extend for, e.g., your favourite contacts. Is anyone planning anything like this?

Anonymous said...

Are svg files coming & under what license have these logos been released under?

gskbyte said...

I think they are very original and beautiful. The idea of the plasmoid is really good!

Thanks for your great job!

nuno pinheiro said...

licence... jesus :)
lgpl ofcourse has the logo goes couse its in the oxygen icon folder in apps.
the fonts and other decoratons will probaly be in the site, but that is trivial stuf :)

stephen8881 said...

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