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Two Years, Six Months and a couple of days ago...

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Oxygen was created, well officially for me it was :).
The first members were at the time was Me, David Vignony ,and Kenneth Wimer.
It was set with, (what we thought at the time) an ambitious task, create a new icon theme for the upcoming KDE 4.
With time the first icons were created and step by step an icon theme was born. But we did not liked it much and we redid it. and then redid it again, and again, and then we thought it was a god time to show the world our work and we did it all over again. From the initial set of icons i think none remains the same.
Opening our project to the world brought new challenges.
And we started doing more KDE related artwork like the web pages. and then We started wondering if we could try to do a widget theme for KDE.
and so did we:)
And a cursor theme, and a sound theme and a new entire look for kde 4.0, and new ideas on how to interact with the desktop. And icons for applications that are not even on KDE. And this and that.
And like the icons theme we did it and redone it several and countless times.

Today marks the end of the first phase of our work. Toady we are Oxygen, Nuno Pinheiro, David Vivnoni, Riccardo Iaconelli, Kenneth Wimer, Casper Boemann, Johann Ollivier Lapeyre, Nuno Póvoa, David Miller, Jakob Petsovits, Matthew Woehlke, Urs Wolfer. and much much more people.

The plans for tomorrow?

Word domination, what else!
If not, well keep on redoing what we have done so far its been great so far:)


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parena said...

So, you're after word domination? I'd go bigger: world domination! ;) But serious, looking forward to using Oxygen when KDE4 as a whole is 'production ready' as they say. Great work, you all.

RedTuxer said...

Great, great work! Congratulations to you and all the team!


Anonymous said...

Eu confesso que prefiro ícones, temas, etc, mais simples, mas o projecto Oxygen está brutal.
Mal posso esperar para ver o KDE4 nos repositórios do Debian Lenny. Viva o Benfica! xD

nuno pinheiro said...

obviusly word :) i can never get them right:)

Kushal Das said...

Thank you all for Oxygen. It works just like the name :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your contribution to the open-source world. KDE has never looked so polished, professional and pleasant.

cb400f said...

You know.. if you guys need something to do.. we openSUSE people could really use an Oxygen icon theme for YaST2 :-)

KAMiKAZOW said...

Thank you and your co-artists for Qxygen. IMHO there's too much sound going on in KDE 4.0, but I'm not the audio-feedback person, so whatever. You guys did a very nice job. Keep up the good work.

spstarr said...

Thanks so much for the hard work, It's really going to make KDE 4.x+ rock :)

bluescarni said...

Thanks guys, you rock!

You guys did a great job on Oxygen, my thanks for all the hard work!

When I take a look at the current state of Oxygen - http://jlp.holodeck1.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/kde400-slo.png - I really see something unique. The widget style doesn't use that ugly, boring shade of gray, it looks great and is easy on the eyes as well. Although I can see some elements which are inspired/borrowed on Mac OS X, like the scroll bars for example, you really managed to create something unique for KDE. The icons are excellent as well, more realistic, and not those bright (some people would call it 'kiddie') colored icons which were default in KDE 4. The only thing which looks out of style to me is the all black taskbar, but I think it's an excellent job altogether.

Concerning the plans for tomorrow, I'd like to suggest giving the Dot and the Planet an Oxygen-style makeover just like kde.org received. The Dot and the Planet are important websites for PR, but they still look so 90's, with a plain and boring layout.

nuno pinheiro said...

@alexander van loon

the planet is alrady made not sure the new vrsion is not up...

P@trick said...

You guys have done a realy great work.

Thanks a lot. =)

Anonymous said...

>if you guys need something to do..

A good idea. Dear Nuno, let me bring your attention to the Kile icons. Those related to latex/pdftex/quick build/dvi calls do not look very well, imho. May be you could improve them to be more consistent with the overall look of Oxygen?

Gabriel Hurley said...

It would be interesting if you showed a comparison of the evolution of the Oxygen theme.

g.campbell said...

hi Nuno,
i love your site design, did you make yourself or get it from somewhere else

nuno pinheiro said...

@ g.campbell
I based it on http://cinexl.net/blog/?p=63
but I redone it from scratch, the css in my site is mostly the work of my good friend. Luke Parry.

g.campbell said...

thanks for that nuno,
do you know of any way i could use that wordpress theme on my blogspot site