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Its out!

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KDE 4.0 was just released today, Congrats to us all :) (400 pixel banner version here for people with small blog's :P)

Next on my to do list:
Making Planet kde restyle work. Dot kde restyle. (ideas more than welcome, ongoing brainstorm going on on #oxygen). Make the Raptor-menu. org site..... Start finishing the Scribus icon set. Begin of the open-office/koffice icon set
This should keep us busy for the next month or so :).


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Milan said...

Yeah, some days ago I want to suggest you, that planet needs some oxygenification.. ;)

Raptor will definitely rock! ;)

xpete said...

the "Leave" and related icons are much worst that the ones used in the beta versions.
The "Recently Used" icon is also a crap.
that's the only ones that i didn't like ant that i can remember now.

You have done a great work.

SVGCrazy said...

First, congratulations!!!

Second, the icons are awesome! The leave, recently used, logout and other icons I can´t remember now are even BETTER than before! For those who didn´t like it, open the svg and take a look.. it´s awesome! And the colours to make them visually diferen t is VERY VERY important.

Third, what about oxygen style Nuno? Aren´t you going to make any changes on that? (like some animation, bring back the old tab style that was REAAAALLY awesome).

Well, I only have to thank you and the other designs (and developers)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I will help KDE project in the future, now, I just can´t, but... it´s very exciting the work you´ve all been done!

atanasio said...

é desta que vou deixar o gnome ;)

Anonymous said...

ofcourse we are gona work on the style to keep improving it.
But in the next months i want to give more atention to the stuf that has been geting ess atention latly.
i like them bowth but alot, and i meen alot aof people didnt liked the old ones and they had clear usbility issues.. so...

xpete said...

Most of the icons are awesome!
That's not just me that didn't like that icons.
I really liked the ones used in beta versions.

Anonymous said...

You guys absolutely fucking rock!

Amazing work. You are an inspiration to me and to all of my students. Each of you, artists, developers, translators, is making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of our students and I want to thank you for it.


Marc said...

Great to hear... you rock ;-)
Please give some love to the awesome progress bars and the menus from your mocks, too!

Congrats, it's your big day

Anonymous said...


From screenshots, I notice the highlight color is blue again. What happened to the yellow idea, out of curiosity?

Feng Shaun said...

I just hope to see Raptor earlier than KDE 4.1, to be optimistic, I want to see it around March!

Icons are amazing and sound theme is calming. Thanks for your amazing work! Keep up!

autumn autist said...

obrigado pelo vosso trabalho impressionante!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm really sad about the missing raptor. I hat Kick-off. I first saw kick-off on OpenSUSE. I hate the new menu I prefer raptor!

Anonymous said...

Raptor owns.

With this article you offered me got a chance to know about this, anyway i say Great Article! and waiting for you next article about this interesting subject.

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